Chapter 538: Epic Battle

This fight was guaranteed to be like something from an epic saga and would be as climactic as when the Hell of Euphoria invaded the Yore-Wilds of old.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Qi wiped out over a dozen immortals by sucking them into his Heaven and Earth Furnace. Instantly, he felt massive power brewing inside the furnace. After all, although these immortals didn’t have immortal bodies, they had lived in the immortal world for years on end and were fully suffused with its aura. Thus, their power surpassed any Demolisher that existed in the mortal world by a long shot.

People like Lei Jiuzhou and the assembly chiefs of the Devil Sauvastika Assembly couldn't compare at all.

Immortal power coursed through Yang Qi’s body, and as he sacrificed it to the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, and especially the God Legion Seal, he felt himself growing stronger, and his Hell Portals also grew larger.

Although this battle seemed extremely dangerous and almost impossible to win, to Yang Qi it was actually a big opportunity.

In what other circumstance in the mortal world would he possibly have a chance to kill so many immortals? If he went to hell and started slaughtering Demolisher fiend-devils, it would attract too much attention from even more powerful and dangerous devils. Comparing the Titan Emperor Heaven to the Hell of Mahānata was like comparing a grain of sand to the ocean, and the latter had suzerains of hell who were comparable to the legion of gods.

But now he could slaughter immortals left and right without a care in the world.

Considering he had defeated Immortal Officer Fallen Red, these fiendslave battalion soldiers with no immortal bodies weren’t even worth mentioning. The God Legion Paradise spread out as he advanced, flanked by armies of fiend-devils. As the godlight shone brightly, it made him look like he was leading god-devils into battle.

Meanwhile, even more of the fiendslave battalion soldiers and generals began streaming in his direction.

He sang the Eternal Heavenly Aria again, and in the briefest of moments, his fiend-devils were blessed, becoming fiercer and stronger. 

At the same time, his enemies were all hit with halos of damnification. The Light of Torpor. The Light of Sluggishness. The Light of Hemophilia. The Light of Vertigo. The Light of Weakness. The Light of Decay. The Light of Degeneration. In the shortest of moments, the victims of the halos dropped down to a state weaker than Paragon Demi-Immortal fiend-devils. The Eternal Heavenly Aria was a perfect weapon for large-scale conflict, as it augmented allies and weakened enemies.

In fact, it had the potential to completely change the tide of battle. After all, primeval god skills were based on the dao of heaven and had been created by the ancient legion of gods to fight the fiend-devil armies of hell.

In those times, fiend-devil armies had numbered in the trillions.


Hundreds of immortals were weakened by the primeval god skills and began screaming in terror as they realized that not even their immortal skills could counteract the effects. They were forced to watch in horror as their movement slowed, their quintessence energy was drained, and their lifespan was eaten away.

They even had trouble circulating their true energy.

Then they began exploding into clouds of blood. Obviously, Yang Qi was not showing a scrap of mercy! The Heaven and Earth Furnace flew forth again as hundreds of fiendslave battalion soldiers were sucked inside and converted to power for Yang Qi. Suddenly, the ancient halls of heaven appeared above his head and he began glowing with holy light as his quintessence-blood was rapidly converted into Blood of the One God, a stronger version than before.

After all, considering what assimilating hundreds of immortals could do was a terrifying thought.

Meanwhile, Eldest Brother, Elder Second Brother, and the others were waiting down below. Although they were strong enough to kill heaven-immortals, that only applied to small-scale skirmishes. Considering there were thousands upon tens of thousands of immortals in the advancing force, there was no way they could wade into the fighting without being immediately killed.

Instead, they remained in the Sage Monarch planetary system, powering spell formations and watching as the fiend-devils tried to hold the line of battle.

Without the fiend-devils, the Sage Monarch planetary system would have been wiped out within a few breaths of time, from the Four Wilds to the Central Planetary River.

Thankfully, Yang Qi had long since set up powerful devil formations down below to prevent incursions. Although they couldn’t stop immortal soldiers and generals for long, at least they could buy time. 

After more fighting, Yang Qi finally made a decision.

“Eldest Brother, Second Elder Brother, forget about trying to fight. This fiendslave battalion is nothing to take lightly, so I’ll hold them off up here while you take everyone into the Hell of Mahānata. Start with the key figures before moving on to everyone else. There’s no way this immortal army would dare to go into the Hell of Mahānata. Forget the Titan Emperor Heaven, not even the Tusita Heaven would dare to do that! That said, be ready to destroy the passageway behind you at a moment’s notice.”

Instantly, Eldest Brother, Elder Second Brother, and the others began to oversee the retreat.

All of it had been planned out in advance. As the evacuation began with the most important figures in the Sage Monarch planetary system, more fiend-devils were summoned by Yang Qi up above. Halos of both blessing and damnification sprang up everywhere, and Yang Qi himself was bathed in godly light that shone with dazzling brightness. More and more immortals were falling!

“How dare a mere mortal kill immortals like us! This is an outrageous rebellion!”


Eventually, it reached the point where Yang Qi had killed fully a thousand of the heavenly soldiers and generals. 

This fiendslave battalion was made up of countless smaller squads and teams, none of which were particularly inclined to cooperate with each other. In fact, there were a whole host of such smaller groups who wanted to kill Yang Qi on their own and keep the reward for themselves.

Some of them were even fighting each other in the hopes of getting to Yang Qi first.

Suddenly, a particularly tall and burly general appeared, thrumming with saber energy and holding a three-pronged great saber. He led a force of seven or eight hundred immortal soldiers, who powered a spell formation as they charged toward Yang Qi.

“Ah, a heavenly general. A top expert among the immortals here. Excellent!” Yang Qi flicked his finger and power swirled into a rice-sized expression of flame that shot toward the general at a hundred million times the speed of a comet.

Obviously, it was backed by deathless godliness!

This was a new transformation of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, an aspect of the Wheel of Fate called the Flame of Hope! Unfortunately, just like the wheel of Fate, it was not complete. Even so, it was incredibly powerful.

It had come thanks to Yang Qi killing so many immortals and using them to build up Blood of the One God.

He was massacring immortals to his heart’s content and using their power to improve himself. There was no purer form of power in the mortal world than the Blood of the One God, and now was the perfect opportunity to augment it.


The rice-sized flame shot through the commander’s saber light, whereupon the man just stopped in place right in mid-air. He was dead!

Suddenly, a godmammoth appeared above Yang Qi’s head. It inhaled, sucking in the dead general and the rest of his troops and depositing them in the Heaven and Earth Furnace.

Once again, Yang Qi’s blood was purified and sent toward the God Legion Seal.

Thanks to the power of the immortals, the God Legion Seal shone with the glory of the halls of heaven and pumped out a complete drop of the Blood of the One God.

As it emerged, Yang Qi heard a voice speaking in his soul, a voice that was profoundly ancient and bleak. “The Blood of the One God! The paramount Sovereign Lord! Weak at first, but bolstered and purified by the sacrifice of the souls, flesh, and blood of immortals!”

Yang Qi looked at his blood, and saw the Blood of the One God within it. Surprisingly, the blood actually had the text of the legion of gods in it, showing how strong it was.

One ten thousandth.

His blood was currently one ten thousandth as strong as the complete Blood of the One God.

The Lord existed above the legion of gods, and one could only wonder how many drops of blood he had. He could create immortal worlds! Right now, Yang Qi’s blood was one ten thousandth as strong as the Lord’s, which was still incredibly powerful.

It was only after absorbing deathless godliness, as well as numerous immortals, that he had succeeded. This new drop of the Blood of the One God was filled with the power of actual godliness! Comparatively speaking, the previous Blood of the One God that he had formed might as well have been the blood of pigs or dogs.

From this point on, producing Blood of the One God would be incomparably difficult, but also vastly mightier.

Hand of the One God! Immortality!

With this new strength, Yang Qi was more powerful than ever!

In the blink of an eye, over a hundred heavenly soldiers and commanders were flattened and absorbed by the godmammoth projection.

Ten Hell Portals!

The Hell Portal improved again, adding another gate that belched boundless devil energy. Now, even more fiend-devils poured out into the open, even stronger ones than before.

Within the planetary system, there were hundreds of billions of planets, all of them filled with people who were looking up in terror at the chaotic battle taking place. As space shattered, ruins from ancient times became visible.

After all, there were plenty of ruins in the Yore-Wilds and the magical fluctuations and shockwaves of the battle were causing many of them to be revealed. Sparks flew and primal-chaos reigned.

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