Chapter 537: Fierce Fighting

Of course, the decree passed down by the immortal world caused many to tremble with anxiety. And many of the initiators and powerful society chiefs immediately betrayed Yang Qi in their hearts. Luckily, the fiend-devil army had everything locked down tight and were keeping a close eye on potential rebels. Otherwise, the invasion of the immortal world might have caused the Sage Monarch planetary system to descend into chaos.

Thankfully, Yang Qi had been prepared for that to happen.

Right now, his cultivation base was almost unspeakably powerful. He could casually send his thoughts and divine will to spread from the Central Planetary River to the Four Wilds and beyond.

Even when he was only a fourth order Potent Demi-Immortal, he had still been able to dominate all heaven and earth around him. He had defeated the second stage Immortal Officer Fallen Red and taken her god item and godworm.

But now, Yang Qi had absorbed deathless godliness and achieved successive breakthroughs. Now he was a seventh order Revered Demi-Immortal.

The ‘revered’ character in that level was the same character that would appear in words like paragon, respect, and honor. And such Demi-Immortals commanded levels of power that were astonishing within the mortal world.

If he ended up fighting Immortal Officer Fallen Red right now, he would be able to kill her with the snap of a finger. Not even a discarnate soul would be left behind. In fact, at the moment, he wasn’t sure of the limits of his fighting abilities when it came to dealing with immortals.

As his divine will spread out through the mystical network of laws, he touched the hearts and minds of all living beings, who heard his voice speaking in their sea of consciousness.

“I am the only true god… I am the only true god… I am the only true god….”

Considering he had taken faith from all these people, he could use the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, and of course the Wheel of Fate, to influence their thoughts. In their souls, he really was the only true god.

In the blink of an eye, the emotions of everyone in the Sage Monarch planetary system calmed and everyone stood united against the invasion of the immortal world. Not a single person abided by the edict which had just been delivered.

“What gall you have, mortals! So you're dead set on working for this monster? Since you cannot expunge your inner devils, there’s no need to leave you alive. Immortals of the fiendslave battalion, listen! You shall cleanse this lower world by killing everyone in it! Don’t leave anyone alive!”

It was a harsh decree, and it caused fear to fill the planetary system. At the same time, a cruel and brutal aura fell from above.

Yang Qi opened his Lord’s Eye and looked up, in the hopes of finding out how many soldiers made up this fiendslave battalion. Unfortunately, they were too numerous. They were like a horde of locusts that would bring calamitous destruction on anything that got in their way.

Nine Hell Portals!” Yang Qi didn’t hesitate, and began summoning endless waves of fiend-devils, which shot up and began to fight the immortals of the fiendslave battalion.

As for the fiend-devils he had just blessed with the Eternal Heavenly Aria’s primeval god skills, he had them set up enormous spell formations, or in some cases, squads of fighters.


Heaven and earth shattered and space collapsed on itself in numerous locations.

Enormous, planet-sized holes opened and erupted with destructive energy arts, smashing into the advancing fiend-devils.

Some of the lower-level fiend-devils immediately fell.

Yang Qi was summoning fiend-devils in the Demi-Immortal level, whereas this fiendslave battalion was made up entirely of immortals. The difference between the two was just too vast. Unfortunately Yang Qi was not able to summon half-Demolishers, who, upon being blessed, could vanquish immortals. Right now, he was limited to Tyrant, Prime, Revered, Universal, and Paragon Demi-Immortals.

In the mortal world, such fiend-devils could crush anything in their path, but not so when dealing with the forces of the immortal world.

“Plunder! Attack!”

“Kill all the men, but leave the women alive!”

“Our fiendslave battalion might be weak in the heaven above, but here in the lower world nobody can stand in our way. Although there’s not much worth taking here, I don’t mind having some women to take back as pleasure slaves.”

“Ah, this is going to be great!”

Unfortunately, the immortals of the fiendslave battalion were more devilish than actual devils.

Swarms of villainous, evil immortals were approaching. In fact, they didn't seem like immortals at all, but more like wicked bandits.

After all, not everyone in the immortal world bore the demeanor of a transcendent being.

The soldiers and commanders of the fiendslave battalion were not equipped with uniform armor, and not all of them had immortal items. Most of them were criminals, and there was no way such people would be given high-quality equipment.

But they were still immortals. And they were like a swarm of hornets that descended onto the Sage Monarch planetary system with destructive intent.

Compared to immortals, the greyspaces in the mortal world were weak. Almost immediately, everything was thrown into a state of primal-chaos.

Even the Dark True Void rippled violently and began crumbling in places.

Crack! Snap!

Immense force weighed down everywhere.

Yang Qi looked up, saw countless soldiers of the fiendslave battalion heading toward him, and shouted, “Attack!” 

The immortals had already been met with various patrolling fiend-devil armies, and now the fighting was beginning in earnest. The intense combat on display was already like something from an epic saga of the past.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom! Boom! 

Explosions rang out everywhere and corpses of fiend-devils began falling left and right. Some of the fiend-devils were even reduced to powder.

That said, the spell formations formed by the fiend-devils were also enough to cause casualties in the fiendslave battalion, and immortals began perishing.

In the end, though, the fiend-devil forces were just too weak. Not even being blessed by primeval god skills put them in a position of being able to deal with so many immortals.

Heavy casualties were almost instantly inflicted on the fiend-devils, whereas only a handful of immortals had fallen.

If things went on in this fashion, there was no way the immortal army could be resisted! They would win with overwhelming force of numbers!

“Profound school of heaven and earth; union of hells! Path to Mahānata, darkness and gloom in hell! Nine Hell Portals, open wide! Endless fiend-devils, I summon you!”

Yang Qi blurred into motion, heading directly toward the immortal army. Nine Hell Portals opened wide and more armies of fiend-devils swept forth.

These were elite troops from the Hell of Mahānata and fiendish monsters from the Hell of Gloom and Darkness. Yang Qi was holding nothing back, calling on every tool he could to win this fight to the death.

One million!

Ten million!

One hundred million!

With every moment that passed, more fiend-devils poured out of the Hell Portals. Hundreds upon hundreds of millions of them, all blessed with the primeval god skills of the Eternal Heavenly Aria!

This time, the fiend-devils did not come as a disorganized horde. They were organized, and as they swept forth they created countless primeval infernal deity devil formations that could unleash shocking fighting prowess.

There were all species of fiend-devils in the armies, and they could cooperate in a way that the immortals of the fiendslave battalion never could.

All of a sudden, it seemed as if the tide of battle might turn.

By this point, many of the leaders in the fiendslave battalion had identified Yang Qi, and began shouting, “Kill him!”

After all, Yang Qi was so powerful that he was like a torch burning on a dark night.

Besides, he was flanked by nine enormous Hell Portals that were belching out endless streams of hell-born fiend-devils. It was no surprise that he became the biggest target on the battlefield.

The first of the immortals approached, transforming into a stream of immortal light that headed directly toward Yang Qi. 

“Brothers! Let's kill him! He's the traitor Yang Qi, who's summoning all the fiend-devils! Kill him, and we’ll get a huge reward! Then maybe we can finally stop being soldiers in the fiendslave battalion. Maybe the immortal world will reward us with immortal bodies! This is our chance to be approved!”

In the blink of an eye, over a thousand immortals all began charging toward Yang Qi.

Despite the fact that they were all Demolishers, Yang Qi didn’t seem worried at all. After all, none of them could equal Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend. Thanks to the information from Titan Duelbringer, Yang Qi already knew that not all immortals in the immortal world actually had immortal bodies. And those who tried to forcibly form one without permission would be severely punished. Usually, one had to perform services first, before the magical laws of the immortal world would permit one to form an immortal body.

As for the low-class soldiers of this fiendslave battalion, how could they possibly have immortal bodies?

“Heaven and Earth Furnace!”

In the blink of an eye, an enormous furnace appeared, which the first handful of immortals ended up flying right into before they realized what was happening. And that was when the horrified screams began.

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