Chapter 534: Returning

Yang Qi had borrowed the powers of King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallion to break a hole in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and escape from inside. Because he had fled, the young man in yellow was unaware of that fact. If he knew the truth, he likely would have coughed up blood from fury.

Of course, it was better for Yang Qi to have the young man unaware and wasting time on further plots and schemes. Besides, the spell formation that Yang Qi had used to enter the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart was still in place, which meant that he could return to the chart any time he wished.

That said, once Yang Qi reached the Universal Demi-Immortal level, his Wheel of Fate would become even more true and real, and he might be able to break his way into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart on his own. Perhaps he could even wrest control of it away from the young man in yellow.

If he had the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart as a weapon, it would mean Proud Heaven’s end days had come.

Even if Proud Heaven were stronger than he was, there was no way he could rival King Immortal-Slayer, the creator of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. After all, the chart actually surpassed the power of its own creator.

As soon as Eldest Brother and Elder Second Brother were back in the mortal world, they began pushing toward breakthroughs. In fact, tribulations began for all of Yang Qi’s Elder Brothers and Sisters.

They had all gained significant enlightenment in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, but were bound by the limitations therein and had been unable to improve their cultivation bases. But now, they were free.


Heavenly tribulations of all sorts formed, causing massive seas of lightning to spread out that actually destroyed numerous nearby planets.

It lasted for several days. Some of the Elder Brothers and Sisters experienced three or four successive tribulations, resulting in massive improvements in their energy arts and divine abilities.

Especially noteworthy was Eldest Brother, who radiated the sensation of an immortal body, although he had not yet begun to actually form it. After all, when he found out that Yang Qi could tap into the power of the Tusita Heaven, he became dead set on using that particular power. An immortal body powered by the Tusita Heaven would be particularly strong among immortals.

When everything was said and done, Eldest Brother said, “Junior Eighteenth Brother, we wasted a lot of time with our breakthroughs. We need to get back to the Sage Monarch planetary system as quickly as possible.”


With that, the entire group shot with lightning speed toward the Sage Monarch planetary system.

As they approached, it was obvious that the system was not in a bad situation of any sort. The mystical network of laws was still in place, and the patrols made their way constantly from one place to another via the wormholes.

After all, no one knew of the situation with Proud Heaven, nor did any of them have any clue that the immortal world above might arrive at any moment, bursting with rage.

Obviously, Yang Qi didn’t intend to make an announcement about it; that would only serve to incite panic. The more faith and destiny that he could acquire, the further his cultivation would advance.

And panicky, nervous people couldn’t provide a steady, burning stream of faith and destiny.

Of course, word had long since spread that Yang Qi sent a huge army of fiend-devils to conquer the Gyroscope planetary system. As a result, the inhabitants of the Sage Monarch planetary system felt more devoted and pious than ever. Everyone who was in the know realized that Yang Qi’s power kept growing and growing, and that he was not a person anyone could resist. As a result, their prayers grew even stronger than before.

Yang Zhan had led many other key figures into the Hell of Mahānata to kill fiend-devils as training. Because of that, many children of the Yang Clan had advanced by leaps and bounds. They were now intrepid warriors with vast experience in battle, capable of unleashing rains of blood wherever they went.

They were now elites among elites.

Of course, Yang Qi’s clone had long since passed information about the Holy Mother to those who needed to know. Thus, as soon as Yang Qi returned, Yang Zhan hurried out of the Hell of Mahānata to meet him. Looking very anxious, he said, “Qi’er, is it true that Greensura was kidnapped by that animal?”

“Don’t worry, Father, I'm going to kill Proud Heaven and get mother back. Right now, we need to worry about reprisals from the immortal world above. As long as we hold strong, I’ll continue to build up more faith power, getting stronger as a result. Father, please focus on the training in the Hell of Mahānata. We also need to start production of large quantities of immortal pills for healing and resurrection. Distribute them to all key disciples so that they’re prepared for the fighting to come.”

“Alright,” Yang Zhan replied.

Thus, major preparations began.

Eldest Brother and Elder Second Brother were Yang Qi’s top assistants. They went about identifying the most consummate geniuses in the Sage Monarch planetary system and using the good fortune they had acquired in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to help them advance by leaps and bounds. It was just like the old saying, when brothers act as one, they will be as powerful as a sharp blade that can cut any metal.

It was all handled very systematically. Immortal items were doled out to loyal disciples, as were masses of medicinal pills, power reserves, spirit stones, and the like. Then the disciples were sent to the Hell of Mahānata for training. They would go out into the wild to hunt fiend-devils, training with sword techniques and martial disciplines, honing themselves into powerful weapons.

And Yang Qi continued to summon hordes of fiend-devils from all sorts of hells.

He also connected to the Hell of Mahānata and the Hell of Gloom and Darkness to successfully pass the tribulation of a fifth order Demi-Immortal. As a Tyrant Demi-Immortal he was stronger than ever, and his Wheel of Fate seemed like a daoist technique of the most ultimate level of perfection.

Of course, he still had plenty of room for growth; he needed to cultivate the path of the most powerful of the infernal deities.

The God Legion Seal was packed with information from hell, including magical techniques from the primeval infernal deities. Unfortunately, many such techniques were not only difficult to use, they were one-use only.

That said, Yang Qi didn’t overthink things. Working together with his various allies and using the fiend-devils as fuel, he created a dao of gods originating with the primeval infernal deities.

In the blink of an eye, the Sage Monarch planetary system was filled with devil energy and the constant weeping of ghosts and wailing of gods.

Among the millions upon millions of planets that made up the planetary systems, the members of countless organizations and clans could see what was happening and trembled with both fear and anticipation at what their lord was doing.

The Heaven and Earth Furnace appeared, as did nine Hell Portals.

The Hell Portals were as large as planets now, and they trembled as they ejected masses upon masses of fiend-devils, all of them at least fifth or sixth order Demi-Immortals. There were even some who were in the eighth or ninth order.

They swarmed like locusts into the Heaven and Earth Furnace, where they were melted, their vengeful souls and devilishness posing a sharp contrast to the godliness that was already present. In the blink of an eye, magical symbols formed, covered with the script of the dao of devils in the shape of primeval infernal deities.

Slowly but surely, numerous magical items formed from the dao of devils appeared.


Fully ten billion Demi-Immortal fiend-devils were transformed into devilishness that swirled around Elder Seventh Brother Meng Shafan, who was currently muttering a primeval devil curse. As the devilishness surged into him, his blood transformed, until an enormous śarīra of the dao of devils took shape above his head.

In the end, as the śarīra was completed, a devil-god appeared inside of it. It had pitch black scales and a thousand arms, all of which were covered with devil-eyes. Shockingly, it was none other than a primeval infernal deity.

Meng Shafan had finally completely cultivated a secret magic of the dao of devils!

“Elder Seventh Brother, this is a boundless aspect of the dao of devils in which ten billion fiend-devils can be used to form a devil-dao śarīra that is subsequently converted into a primeval infernal deity. It can be an out-of-body incarnation for you, and will allow you to slaughter heaven-immortals. Now I’ll summon some more fiend-devils and turn them into devil items for the infernal deity to use! Keep in mind that once the fighting starts, the infernal deity will slowly lose power until it completely dissipates. In fact, it will probably fade away after you kill a heaven-immortal.”

With that, Yang Qi began summoning more fiend-devils, which he then converted into a variety of devil items, including hooks, pitchforks, lances, nooses, and more.

Each of them was built with immense amounts of devilishness, and they were all incredibly powerful.

Next, Yang Qi went on to make infernal deity incarnations for all of his seventeen Elder Brothers and Sisters. By the time he was finished, the Invincible Society was easily in a position to slaughter immortals and kill buddhas.

Afterward, he sacrificed countless fiend-devils to set up numerous deadly devil formations. He even connected with the Hell of Gloom and Darkness and the Hell of Mahānata to make preparations for an invasion. If the immortal world above sent forces down, it would result in a scene the likes of which occurred back when the Hell of Euphoria invaded the Yore-Wilds.

When all the major preparations were done, Yang Qi began working on his own cultivation. After all, helping his Elder Brothers and Sisters build their infernal deity incarnations had pushed his Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth to an even higher level.

“God items! Chiliocosm Mirror! Golden Wheel of Nirvanic Extinction!”

The two god items flew into the Heaven and Earth Furnace, where they began to bubble and hiss as Yang Qi attempted to extract their godliness and use it for his own purposes.

It was something he had thought to do after seeing the young man in yellow doing something similar with his legacy medallions. Of course, the young man in yellow had been using the legacy medallions, whereas Yang Qi was using an energy art, which was vastly more difficult in nature.

Although the two god items would be ruined after their godliness was extracted, the fact remained that Yang Qi’s Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth actually had a ‘god’ aspect that would greatly benefit as a result.

If the immortal world above really sent an army down to exact punishment, he couldn't hold anything back in his attempts to get stronger. Time was of the essence, and ruining two god items was a price he was willing to pay.

Hopefully, he could become an eighth order Universal Demi-Immortal before the invasion began.

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