Chapter 533: Killing Chief Beastmaster

A primal-chaos elder-snake formed from one hundred and eight imperial snakecharms swirled around Chief Beastmaster. His original group of imperial snakecharms had been taken by Yang Qi, but now he had even more than his earlier collection. Clearly, he had experienced a very successful search for treasures in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

As for Chancellor Demi-Immortal, he was in the process of fusing with an ancient magical device resembling a sailing vessel. It was covered with a dense array of eyes, making it look particularly freakish.

That said, it radiated a godly might that indicated it was an ancient god item.

“The Multi-Eye God Schooner!” he said. “This thing is amazing. According to the stories, it was created in the primeval age by God-King Multi-Eye.” Suddenly, his voice thrummed with hatred as he continued, “I'm not weak anymore, Yang Qi! You just wait! I’ll get my revenge. You killed my daughter and I’ll never let that go. My heart won’t rest at ease until you’re dead!

“Calm down,” said the young man in yellow. “There’s no hurry. We’ll kill Yang Qi, eventually. Arrogant and despotic people like him always die, beyond the shadow of a doubt. I can’t believe he had the gall to set up his own system of teachings and doctrines. And he’s already started harvesting faith. That’s a big taboo, from the perspective of the immortal world above. It won't be long before they realize what's going on, and they’ll definitely punish him. If a war breaks out, it could be just the opportunity we’re looking for.”

“That's right,” Chief Beastmaster said. “I can’t believe he actually destroyed the Titan Emperor Collegium. All of the disciples and elders from my Beastmaster Society were killed, and he even wiped out my clan. Damn him….”

The mere thought of what had played out caused hatred to bubble in Chief Beastmaster’s veins.

He was a mighty society chief from the Titan Emperor Collegium, with an enormous clan. It was impossible to say how many offspring he had sired over the past million years, yet after Yang Qi established his new mystical network of laws, they had all been wiped out.

How could Chief Beastmaster not hate Yang Qi for that?

Right now, this group of three was scouring the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart for magical treasures that they could use to kill Yang Qi. Chancellor Demi-Immortal and Chief Beastmaster both hated him deeply, to the point where nothing could ever remove that animosity.

“This legacy medallion can actually absorb godliness!” the young man in yellow said coldly. “This level of power is incredible! We’ve found godrelics and god items here in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and I've collected plenty of leftover godliness from them. Soon, the legacy medallion will be able to sense the location of the fourth piece I need. And godliness can also help me to purify my body and perfect my genes. Yang Qi’s genes are already a hundred million times stronger than normal, which is something that only people with the bloodline of a god can achieve. However, I won’t be defeated at his hands. I'm going to surpass him!”

Snap. Crack.

A moment later, the last of the godliness slipped out of the godrelic, which subsequently crumbled into pieces. Godliness was deathless, thus, any object sustained by it was also deathless. Unfortunately, when the godliness was removed the object would collapse.

At this point, the young man in yellow stood up. “Let’s get out of here and find more treasure hoards. We might even be able to find the core of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.”

“Alright!” Chief Beastmaster said. Gritting his teeth, he continued, “Even if we only control a hundred millionth of the power of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, we’ll still be able to wipe Yang Qi and his clan out of existence. I can’t wait to see how he screams when I get my hands on him. I won’t let him die a quick death, that's for sure!”

If words could kill, Yang Qi would already have been dead ten thousand times over. But….

“Oh really?”


An enormous hand appeared above, locking down space as tightly as an iron chest. It was none other than the Hand of the One God.

When the Hand of the One God was in action, it was like a new civilization that spread and wiped out all old civilizations, exterminating everything in its path and reducing it to nothing but dust.


Chief Beastmaster was a powerful individual, but there was no way he could match up to Yang Qi. After all, Yang Qi had defeated Immortal Officer Fallen Red and taken her primeval godworm. He possessed two god items, and had produced his Heaven and Earth Furnace. He could already defeat second stage Space-Demolishers, and could probably even hold his own against third stage Thought-Demolishers.

On top of it all, he had attacked without any warning, resorting to a very vicious move.

After Proud Heaven had shown up and stolen his mother away, a fire had been lit in his heart. Every single attack he unleashed was designed to kill, to the point where even the young man in yellow would have difficulty standing up to him, much less Chief Beastmaster.

“Fall back! Quick!” said the young man in yellow, his eyes flashing with terror. Not bothering to try to save Chief Beastmaster, he grabbed Chancellor Demi-Immortal and turned into a stream of godlight that flew out of the path of the Hand of the One God.

Sadly, Chief Beastmaster wasn’t as lucky as the other two. He had just acquired a hundred and eight imperial snakecharms, making him stronger than he had ever been. And he had just been ruminating about his future revenge against Yang Qi. But before he could, Yang Qi came for him!

One attack.

The Hand of the One God was so powerful that before it even hit Chief Beastmaster, his true energy was shattered and his primal-chaos elder-snake exploded into a mass of snakecharms, which Yang Qi immediately absorbed.

Then, the palm smashed into him and blood sprayed out everywhere.

“Damn you, Yang Qi! What are you doing in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart? How did you get inside? It's only supposed to open once every ten thousand years!” Eyes filling with madness and despair, he looked at his two retreating comrades and screamed, “Help! Save me!”

“Nobody can save you,” Yang Qi said in a cold, expressionless voice. The Heaven and Earth Furnace descended and the burning flames immediately covered Chief Beastmaster, causing hissing and popping sounds to ring out.

“Yang Qi!” he screamed in terror. “I'm sorry! I was wrong! Forgive me! I'm already a Demolisher, don’t kill me! You already wiped out my clan! You’ve gone far enough! Don’t commit more evil. You won't be able to turn back after this. When people beg for mercy, you should grant it!”

“When people beg for mercy, I should grant it? But are you a person? I think not. You’re a dog! A greedy and cold-blooded son-of-a-bitch!” Yang Qi waved his hand, slamming shut the lid of the Heaven and Earth Furnace, whereupon the screams of Chief Beastmaster rang out as he was transformed into ash.

Within moments, he was wiped out of existence so thoroughly that not even the legion of gods could have brought him back.

After slaughtering Chief Beastmaster and taking his quintessence energy, Yang Qi was poised to achieve even further cultivation advancement. However, he wasn’t done. Opening his Lord's Eye, he sent beams of light shooting out in the space-time labyrinth around him until he found Chancellor Demi-Immortal and the young man in yellow.

“Not good!” the young man said. “How did you reach this level, Yang Qi? And how did you get back into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart? It doesn’t make sense!”

“It doesn’t need to make sense,” Yang Qi replied coldly. “Consider yourself lucky to be so stupid! Hand over King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions and I’ll let you go. You sit around all day and night plotting against me, but in the end I just beat you like a stray dog. I actually feel bad for you. In fact, maybe I should just put you out of your misery!”

All of a sudden, he drew on the nine stances of the Hand of the One God, and as his power levels built, the Heaven and Earth Furnace suddenly appeared above his head, focusing the attacks.

In that very same moment, enlightenment poured into him regarding numerous divine abilities he had never thought of before. Taking the power he had just acquired from Chief Beastmaster, he sacrificed it and poured it into the Heaven and Earth Furnace. 

Sacrifice an Immortal! Dao of Immortality![1]

The move Immortality was the ninth of the set that made up the Hand of the One God, and it was the most powerful. For most people, practicing cultivation for an entire lifetime couldn’t unlock secrets like this.

But now, Yang Qi understood how to sacrifice an actual immortal to power one of the fist technique’s most deadly moves. Every immortal that was sacrificed in that way would lead to a higher level of power.

The instant the move was unleashed, the young man in yellow knew that he couldn’t defend against it. 

“Yang Qi!” he howled. “I'm going to destroy you or die in the attempt! You think you have what it takes to deal with me? In the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, I'm invincible! I can’t die here! And I ensconced my nascent divinity here too! Even if you somehow manage to kill me, I will be reborn. Worldly Immortal-Slayer; Cycle of the Sun and Moon; Invincible Paragon; Hope of a Great Dao!

All of a sudden, his three legacy medallions appeared, creating a bright halo around his head.

The halo instantly connected with the essence of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, causing the power of monarchs to surround him. Then, as fast as lightning, that power turned into a swirling black hole that swallowed up the young man. 

He vanished, without a trace left behind.

Snorting coldly, Yang Qi used the Heaven and Earth Furnace to grab the black hole, which left behind a tiny rift in space-time.

“I just need the power of King Immortal-Slayer to open a way out of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart,” he said. “You think I was trying to kill you, boy?” He knew full well that the young man in yellow would not be easy to take out. His attack just now had been a ruse, and had worked perfectly. Now that he had a rift to work with, he could expand it into an exit, and get his Elder Brothers and Sisters back into the mortal world to prepare for invasion.

The fury of the immortal world would soon begin raining down.

1. Oof. Here there is some “terminology crossover” that I usually try to avoid. The “Immortality” from the Hand of the One God does not contain the character for “immortal”. The characters from the move literally do mean “eternal life” a.k.a. immortality. That said, the characters that make up “immortal” actually don’t have anything to do with long life. Remember that in Chinese “immortal” is a word to describe a supernatural, quasi-divine being, and inherently doesn’t have anything to do with the concept of immortality. That’s one reason why I will use “dao of immortals” as opposed to “dao of immortality”. So technically, “immortality” and “immortal” are two completely different concepts.

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