Chapter 530: Father Appears

‘So,’ thought the clone, ‘Queen Dream-Devil finally finished conquering the Gyroscope planetary system. What an immense power of faith and destiny. I think I'm already twice as strong as before! My genes are essentially perfect and will soon break past the level of a hundred million times normal. I’ll be close to having the bloodline of a god.’

Using spirit stones or immortal stones to practice cultivation couldn’t lead to a dramatic increase in the strength of one’s true energy. Nor could it drastically transform such true energy and increase its level.

But with the faith and destiny that Yang Qi could absorb, it was possible to control true energy to a much higher level, including forming nascent divinities and other profoundly mysterious things.

It was at this point that the voice of his mother reached his ears. “Qi’er, your plan worked perfectly. Now that Queen Dream-Devil has conquered the Gyroscope planetary system, I can already sense the increased power of faith. Given some time, the mystical network of laws there will stabilize and you’ll have access to ten times as much faith as the old Titan Emperor planetary system. After all, the Titan Emperor planetary system was a withered and faded place, thanks to the invasion of the Hell of Euphoria. If you add the power of faith and destiny into the Exalted-Celestial God-Dao, your true energy levels will rise so high that it will border on immortal energy.”

Holy Mother Greensura, Yang Qi’s own mother, was advancing by leaps and bounds. After acquiring god blood, her cultivation had reached the highest of levels; she went from Revered Demi-Immortal to Universal Demi-Immortal to Paragon Demi-Immortal and all the way to half-Demolishing, smashing through all barriers like a hammer crushing an ice cube. None of the tribulations had done the slightest thing to her.

As of this moment she was extremely close to becoming an immortal, to the point where a breakthrough was just around the corner.

However, she was in no hurry to achieve that breakthrough. Using her perfect genes, she planned to build up even bigger reserves of true energy first. Then, when she succeeded, her cultivation base would be much stronger than the average immortal.

The Demolishing level was a major gateway to pass through. If the proper preparations were made, it would lead to immense benefits. However, if the task were rushed then one's path of cultivation would end up being filled with impassable obstacles.

“Qi’er, on the path of cultivation, the boundless Demolishing level isn't a destination, it’s a starting point.” The Holy Mother sighed. “You definitely can’t rush the matter. From what I can tell, the higher level your genes reach, the more you should slow down. Push them to the perfect level, then step into Demolishing. Only then can you acquire more of the essence of heaven and earth and the quintessence of great daos.”

“I know, Mother,” his clone replied. “My true self is currently in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and has acquired immense benefits. He’ll be out in a few days, and when he's back he’ll be able to slaughter immortals with the snap of a finger.”

Not even the Holy Mother could have ever guessed that her son would be this strong. And he was only a fifth order Tyrant Demi-Immortal; what would he be like as a Universal or Paragon Demi-Immortal?

Her eyes suddenly gleamed with an intense hatred. “Qi’er, I hope that you can quickly reach the point of being able to slaughter that certain heartless man.”

“I’ll eventually conquer the cosmos, Mother,” the clone said. “Don't worry. I’ll definitely kill that heartless man. You know, I’ve come to a realization. If he's a Future One, and I'm a Fateless One, it doesn’t seem likely that he’s really my father.”

Yang Qi was slowly coming to realize that Fateless Ones didn’t have the blood of humans in them. After all, they were individuals who had never been fated to exist.

“Mother, what exactly happened back when I was born?” Yang Qi asked.

She let loose a long sigh. “I suppose I should reveal the truth. Although I tried to convince myself otherwise for many years, in the end, I don’t think that heartless man was responsible for your birth. You see, on one particular day during a session of meditation, I experienced cultivation deviation. My mind was cast into chaos and I slipped into unconsciousness. There, I dreamed that the legion of gods was falling from the sky. Within the boundless kingdom of gods, they experienced nirvanic rebirth and the entire universe was cast into an age of darkness. All living things experienced the most horrific of torments. However, after the gods experienced nirvanic rebirth, a new civilization rose that brought hope. It was a new epoch. A new hope. When the dream ended, light shone from heaven above, falling down onto me. I awoke, and much later realized that I was pregnant.”

“After the gods experience nirvanic rebirth, a new civilization rose and brought hope? And you became pregnant with me after some sort of dream?”

He had first heard of the term ‘Fateless One’ from the yellow-garbed young man with the buzz cut. And that young man had also mentioned something about a new civilization gradually rising up after the gods experienced nirvanic rebirth. Now his mother had said almost the exact same thing. It seemed like some sort of profound, mysterious principle pertaining to all heaven and earth.

“Yes, I remember that dream like it was yesterday,” the Holy Mother replied. She sighed. “Back when I first realized I was pregnant, that heartless man accused me of being unfaithful. He even tried to kill me, although I escaped. Luckily, you changed fate and made it impossible for him to divine my hiding place. With you in my belly, I had the strange sensation of being innately invisible. From what I can tell, it was your manner of conception and birth itself that led to you acquiring the God Legion Seal.”

“Who would have thought? So what exactly does it mean to be a Fateless One? I wish I could think of some way to search for answers.” The more he thought about it, the more he came to the conclusion that his identity probably didn’t have anything to do with a blood relationship to the Holy Mother. It was more likely related to some secret aspect of the dao of gods from ancient times.

As for his so-called father, the man obviously had nothing to do with him.

Unfortunately, considering the current level of his cultivation base, it wasn’t feasible for him to perceive the deepest aspects of the workings of heaven. Therefore, it was not possible for him to understand what Fateless Ones were.

However, he did know that, as his cultivation continued, he would get an answer. Eventually. Eventually, all of the secrets would be unraveled and explained.

“Mother, don't worry. I’ll take care of everything for you. I'm already strong enough to face any enemy in the mortal world. I’ll soon expand, conquering one planetary system after another and spreading my mystical network of laws. With each system that I conquer, my cultivation base will grow stronger and my reserve of faith power will increase. Eventually, it will be with the snap of a finger that I slaughter immortals. Then I’ll ascend to the immortal world, and nothing will be able to cause problems for me.”

“Of course, Qi’er. You’re already invincible in the mortal world. Although, you need to be careful. That heartless man is not to be taken lightly. He’s a powerful and mysterious person, and he’s probably strong even among Future Ones. He wants you dead, and won’t hesitate to plot against you to achieve that goal.”

“I'm not worried about that,” Yang Qi said. “I'm always on my guard.”

It was in that very moment that a voice drifted down from heaven above. It started out quiet, but was soon booming with deafening loudness.

“Oh really?”

“Who’s there?” Yang Qi’s clone said, looking up. He wasn’t anywhere close to being as strong as his true self, and couldn't use the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. He had three godly-class energy arts, those being the Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao, the Prodigious Proto-Epoch, Invincible War-Steppe, and the Asiryangguk Sauvastika Devil Grand Infernal Energy. Considering he had cultivated them all to the highest level, he was definitely able to kill immortals.

However, this voice resonated in a way that filled him with a profound sense of danger.

“It’s you!” the Holy Mother snarled. She recognized the voice, and it caused a feeling of near-hysteria to rise up in her heart. Looking up into the void, she said, “What are you doing here? I thought you went back to whatever high-level immortal world you came from? Why are you back among the mortals? You shouldn't be able to pierce through the paramount magical laws that protect the low-level planes.”

Turning to the clone, she said, “The heartless man is here! Retreat to your immortal kingdom in the Hell of Mahānata!”

“What?” Yang Qi had long assumed that he would become an immortal and travel to the immortal worlds before he would have a chance to meet that ‘heartless man’ his mother had talked about, that so-called ‘father’, who was no blood relation of his.

As of this moment, he could clearly sense that this interloper was extremely powerful. In fact, he was too strong to fight against. Thankfully, all of the strongest individuals from the Sage Monarch planetary system were already in the Hell of Mahānata.

“You’re not going anywhere.”

A burst of power spread out to lock down the entire area, and at the same time a figure appeared.

He looked human, and was obviously a top expert from a very high plane of existence. He was surrounded by strange and mysterious energy flows that were azure, like the sky itself.

His features became visible, revealing a young man with a high-bridged nose who was handsome to the point of being pretty. He didn’t appear to be any older than twenty years of age, yet his eyes sparkled with the life and death of billions of planes of existence. His fingers were long and slender, yet were filled with power. And he pulsed with an aura that made him seem like he was billions of years old.

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