Chapter 529: Heaven and Earth Furnace

In the end, Immortal Officer Fallen Red chose to flee.

Thankfully, Yang Qi had made out with plenty of benefits. Not only did he get the godworm, he also gained another immortal-level god item. And the godworm’s belly was a kingdom of layered space-time of its own that had the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace halls, as well as other treasures.

Immortal Officer Fallen Red had been raising that godworm as a pet for a very, very long time, and cherished it deeply. But in order to escape with her life, she abandoned it; that alone went to show what bad shape she was in.

Once Yang Qi had the godworm suppressed in his Heaven and Earth Furnace, he began assailing it with the molten copper energy flow. The godworm howled and trembled, then exploded with a flow of thoughts and will that resembled magical laws.

Slowly but surely, Yang Qi wiped out the warding spells Immortal Officer Fallen Red had placed on the godworm’s genes, then took control of the worm for himself.

‘And now for the thirty-six halls of the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace!’

He sent his divine will into the world inside the godworm and found an enormous collection of treasures. However, what first drew his attention were those thirty-six halls. Without hesitation, he sent a stream of true energy into them, causing them to shrink down into thirty-six motes of light that flew over to his palm.

‘So many treasures! It seems Immortal Officer Fallen Red used this godworm as her personal storage location!’

After taking the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace halls, he branded the godworm with his nascent divinity, fusing with its thoughts. Then it opened its mouth and exhaled, summoning an enormous kingdom that Eldest Brother, Elder Second Brother, Sword Seventeen, and everyone else flew into.

When they saw the hoard of magical treasures, medicinal pills, talismans, and the like, they were completely stunned.

It was almost like an entire planet filled with wealth.

Most of them were immortal items, immortal pills, and other such things, items that would be given as gifts and rewards by an immortal world.


Eldest Brother, Elder Second Brother and the others all flew into the middle of the treasure hoard, where they found a palace with a crystal pillar in it that resembled the type that would prop up heaven. Within the pillar were eight compartments, all of which contained dazzling treasures. It seemed this was the true location of this area’s most valuable items.

“Heaven-Bracing Godwood?” Eldest Brother said. “It is. This is Heaven-Bracing Godwood! Supposedly, there are certain immortal worlds that are propped up by pillars such as this. In the primeval age, even one such pillar of wood would give rise to a storm of blood and destruction. It’s a god item made from the most spectacular of materials. I wonder what this thing is doing here.”

“Such immense godpower!” Yang Qi said. When he sent a blast of energy onto the crystal pillar that was the Heaven-Bracing Godwood, all it did was cause a wisp of smoke to rise up from the warding magics protecting it. If an ordinary person tried to physically force their way into the pillar, it would likely kill them.

Thankfully, Yang Qi had his Heaven and Earth Furnace, which was able to absorb the backlash and negate its strength.


He performed some magical incantation gestures, which caused the pillar to begin vibrating loudly. Then the first of the compartments opened, unleashing one of the treasures, which was none other than a command flag. It was impossible to say what it was made of, but it was decorated with heavenly wind and flame lightning.

Eldest Brother was the most worldly-wise of them all and instantly recognized what it was.

“Greater Immortal Thunderbolt's animadestiny command flag! According to the legends, Greater Immortal Thunderbolt was a Godmyth who very nearly reached the Deathless level, which would have made him part of the legion of gods. This treasure of his is definitely filled with profound and mysterious power. It should be possible to absorb it and use it to become a heaven-immortal without any problems.”

Unfortunately, even though it was a god item it was not very powerful when compared to other god items.

“Eighth Junior Brother, you have a Heavenborn Violet Lightning True Body and the bloodline of a lightning spirit. Greater Immortal Thunderbolt’s animadestiny command flag would be perfect for you. Assimilate it and you’ll advance by leaps and bounds. Once we're out of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, it should only take a hundred years of cultivation for all of us to step onto the boundless immortal dao, and accomplish everything Junior Eighteenth Brother wants us to.”

Hearing this, Yang Qi waved his hand and sent the command flag over to Eighth Elder Brother.

Next was the second treasure, which was a green bottle gourd that contained millions upon millions of streams of dazzling saber light.

It was a treasure created by a greater immortal many years in the past, the Myriad Sabers Gourd. It had been created from a vast collection of preheaven saber light, and boundless empyrean-baleful true energy. When unleashed in a fight, it couldn’t be recalled until it drew blood, and it had been used to kill countless experts throughout the years.

That particular item went to the ruthless killer that was Elder Seventh Brother Meng Shafan, the very same one who had suggested sacrificing the Quake-Dawn Continent to help Yang Qi.

Although Yang Qi had never intended to follow through with such an idea, in the end, his mother had taken the destroyed Quake-Dawn Continent and made it part of the Sage Monarch planetary system anyway.

The third treasure to appear was a long spear. The fourth was a sextant, the fifth was a śarīra, the sixth was a hoop, the seventh was a rope, and the eighth was a sealing mark.

All of them had been created by either greater immortals or Godmyths who were close to becoming part of the legion of gods.

They were extremely powerful, and the type of immortal items that never appeared in the mortal world. In fact, they would be considered rare even in an immortal world. And low-level locations like the Titan Emperor Heaven would likely never see them.

Yet this Immortal Officer Fallen Red from the Neon Red Heaven had eight of them, as well as the Heaven Bracing Godwood. Yang Qi was starting to get the nagging sensation that Immortal Officer Fallen Red was no ordinary individual, and the Neon Red Heaven was of a much higher level than the Titan Emperor Heaven.

That made sense considering it would take a high-level immortal world to open a passageway into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

‘It’s too bad she got away,’ he thought. ‘I might have been able to use her to get into the Neon Red Heaven. I'm really curious about what kind of place it is.’ Sighing, he distributed the eight treasures to the Elder Brothers and Sisters who would benefit from them the most. Then he threw his new godworm into the depths of the Heaven and Earth Furnace, where it was refined into a magical symbol that he could keep in his sea of energy.

As the process went on, his true energy swirled and numerous megamammoth particles within him stirred as if they might transform into dracomammoths!

Thanks to the Heaven and Earth Furnace, he felt his cultivation advancing and his true energy transforming. Now he could cast his senses further into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. Furthermore, the golden imp in his forehead seemed to be breathing, and with each inhalation it sucked in some of the surrounding vital energy.

Within that energy was traces of god power, which the God Legion Seal could use to strengthen Yang Qi’s energy arts.

Yang Qi already had the feeling that, eventually, he would be able to break free from the fetters of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and connect to the magical laws of the Hell of Mahānata and the Hell of Gloom and Darkness and achieve another breakthrough.

Just about anything was possible with the God Legion Seal.

He had already benefited greatly. Not only did he get the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace halls, he also got the Heaven Bracing Godwood, which would be the perfect material to bolster his immortal kingdom in hell.

It would protect the place from the encroachment of devil energy, and also emit immortal energy that could be used for cultivation.

“Incredible. Completely incredible!” he exclaimed. “Elder Brothers and Sisters, let’s get going. Maybe we can find some more god items! And we also need to find that kid in yellow. He’s likely our ticket out of here.”

With that, the eighteen of them began searching here and there in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. At the moment, they weren’t afraid of anything. Yang Qi had just sent an immortal fleeing for her life, and he’d gotten stronger in the process. Who could they possibly have to fear? Even if they were attacked by multiple immortals, they were confident that Yang Qi could defeat them.


Back in the Sage Monarch planetary system, the mystical network of laws continued growing stronger, and fiend-devil armies patrolled the space-time wormholes and their surroundings.

Yang Qi’s immortal clone was using the more than twenty godworms he had to expand the network of wormholes, connecting the various worlds even more deeply. That way, if any incidents occurred, it would be easier to move troops back and forth.

If invaders came, the wormhole defense network would allow the fiend-devil armies to meet them in battle immediately, and crush them.

It was something that no other planetary system could possibly do.


A vortex swirled up above the immortal clone as he sat there on his throne. Then, spirit light rained down on him without cease.

It was the power of faith—the destiny of an entire planetary system—and it was now under his control.

As the power flowed into him, he felt his own true energy growing stronger and stronger.

Faith. Destiny. The dao of monarchs. All such things combined in the clone, and he advanced by leaps and bounds.


All of a sudden, a certain type of faith power suddenly flowed through the vortex into him, and he rose to his feet.

“Excellent job, Queen Dream-Devil. You conquered the Gyroscope planetary system already?”

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