Chapter 528: Plundering

The Golden Wheel of Nirvanic Extinction was evenly matched with the Chiliocosm Mirror. Normally speaking, if an immortal tried to wield a god item it would quickly wither them to death.

But Immortal Officer Fallen Red clearly had no problems at all. In fact, it begged the question of where she got the true energy and power needed to use it. When the two god items clashed, massive shockwaves rolled out that were so strong they could rip space-time to shreds and kill any ordinary Demi-Immortal they touched. Thankfully, the experts of the Invincible Society were under the protection of the God Legion Paradise and weren’t affected.

“Clearly, my god item is capable of holding your god item at bay,” Immortal Officer Fallen Red said. “So what other tricks do you have up your sleeve? I have plenty of treasures on hand, including the thirty-six Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace halls I just took. However, I'm curious to see what you’re capable of. And I want to make sure you understand what a true immortal body, and a completely unopposable energy art, is like.”

Without waiting for a response, she leaped off of her godworm and flew toward Yang Qi with her finger extended.

It was her God-Corrupting Finger Strike again, a combination of both righteousness and evil.


The light of gods and devils swirled out, combining in a consummate way.

When yin diminished, yang flourished. When yang diminished, yin flourished. [1]

Two god nimbuses appeared, growing larger and larger and causing all heaven and earth to tremble as they smashed into the God Legion Paradise, piercing its defenses and proceeding on toward Yang Qi.

“God-Corrupting Finger Strike?” Yang Qi said. He smiled. “That technique was created by a corrupted god, and it combines elements of righteousness and evil. It’s an amalgam of gods and devils, but unfortunately it’s defective. You want to see what a true fusion looks like? My Hellfire Crucible is specifically designed to refine corrupted gods. Watch and learn.”


The Hellfire Crucible appeared, burning with intense sagefire that could melt anything and everything.

Instantly, the screams of countless corrupted gods could be heard echoing out from within it. And when the two nimbuses of the finger strike reached that sagefire, they were burned out of existence. Thus was the power of the Hellfire Crucible.

“What? That thing can neutralize heterogeneous true energy?”

Looking particularly intimidating, Immortal Officer Fallen Red switched from a finger attack to a palm technique. The auras of gods and devils surged wildly, and numerous enormous, bizarre flowers appeared. They seemed black, but not black; white, but not white; red, but not red; green, but not green. They were holy to the extreme, but at the same time abounded with devil energy. They were flowers that conformed to both gods and devils, containing the most extreme aspects of both.

“God and Devil Flowers!” she said. “Petals fall in profusion, causing grief in heaven and earth. Every flower can destroy entire planes of existence, and when they bloom out in the void, yin diminishes and yang flourishes. Yang diminishes and yin flourishes.”

Flowers such as these could give birth to worlds, and also destroy them. It was a truly amazing divine ability.

God and Devil Flowers fell in profusion until Immortal Officer Fallen Red disappeared within the petals. As the flowers hit the God Legion Paradise, massive rumbling sounds echoed out, as though ancient gods were attacking it with axes.

“God Legion Paradise, retract,” Yang Qi said. As it shrank down, he looked up at the profusion of God and Devil Flowers and waved his hand, causing a gravitational force to spring out from the Hellfire Crucible.

Instantly, the flowers began streaming into the crucible, which trembled so violently it looked like it might explode.

“Those God and Devil Flowers contain incredibly destructive power formed from my own true energy,” said Immortal Officer Fallen Red. “No one could possibly last for long in that profusion of petals. They’re burial flowers! Your little crucible is going to be destroyed, and you’ll be buried along with it.”

Seemingly in concert with Immortal Officer Fallen Red’s voice, the countless flowers began to swirl into the shape of a dragon, which lunged at the Hellfire Crucible.


Suddenly, it seemed like the Hellfire Crucible might not be able to withstand the force and cracks began spreading out over its surface.

Then, it exploded!

“Well, you are an ant, after all. An ant with a powerful weapon is still only an ant, and it could never contend with a divine dragon.”

Appearing in the open once again, Immortal Officer Fallen Red shot toward Yang Qi, unleashing another claw-like palm strike. This one seemed to contain projections of numerous immortal planes of existence. 

Corrupted God Claw! Destroy Immortal Worlds!

“You think you’re pretty smart, don’t you?” Yang Qi said. Although he had seemed incapable of preventing the Hellfire Crucible from exploding, when he looked at the incoming claw attack a slight smile appeared on his face.

When the claw was roughly three thousand meters away, a sound like a tolling bell suddenly rang out. Then a reddish copper furnace popped into being. Shockingly, it wasn’t the Hellfire Crucible, but rather another sort of godly furnace. It was filled with blazing fire that looked almost like bright red, liquid copper. It contained the energies of both yin and yang, swirling constantly as if to produce good fortune.

An ancient voice spoke from within the furnace.

“Heaven and earth be the furnace, good fortune the worker. Yin and yang are the fuel, all creation the copper.” [2]

At long last, the Hellfire Crucible had experienced a major transformation.

The Fiend-Devil Wings had become Angel Wings. The Infernal Deity Plate Armor became the God Legion Battle Robe. And the Hellfire Crucible, after absorbing enough power from the God and Devil Flowers, transformed into the Heaven and Earth Furnace.

The power Immortal Officer Fallen Red had unleashed as part of her attack had been absorbed by Yang Qi and used for his own purposes.

“Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, I demand your power!” Yang Qi shouted. Suddenly, winds sprang up, and the sun and moon shone with dazzling light. A stream of molten copper shot out, melting all creation and causing heaven and earth to burn with an intense heat as the furnace slammed into Immortal Officer Fallen Red.

It was only one attack, yet it sent Immortal Officer Fallen Red staggering backward. Power from the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart flowed toward the furnace and melted, becoming a stream of power that caused the particles within Yang Qi to explode with activity. Instantly, megamammoths began stirring, as if they might turn into dracomammoths at any moment.

The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart had been created by King Immortal-Slayer and numerous fellow monarchs, and as such, it contained shocking reserves of power.

Normally speaking, not even immortals would be able to refine and use that power, but with Yang Qi’s Heaven and Earth Furnace he had a huge advantage. In this moment, he was like the lord of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and with that power he didn’t hesitate to unleash the Hand of the One God, which was already ten times stronger than before.

“Not good!” Immortal Officer Fallen Red barely managed to dodge out of the way.

Yang Qi ignored her as he looked up into the sky where the Chiliocosm Mirror and the Golden Wheel of Nirvanic Extinction were still locked in opposition. “You have a wheel, huh? So do I. Let’s see whose is stronger. Come forth, Wheel of Fate.”

The Wheel of Fate looked more distinct than ever as the aura of fate erupted into the open, pulsing with the dao of heaven, destiny, gods, devils, and immortals. It seemed to contain nothing and everything at the same time. After all, the legion of gods could manipulate fate, and the Sovereign Lord controlled the legion of gods.

As for the Golden Wheel of Nirvanic Extinction, it trembled violently, as if it had come face to face with the bane of its existence. Before it could do anything, Yang Qi waved his hand and the Wheel of Fate slammed into it.


A deafening grating sound rang out as the Golden Wheel of Nirvanic Extinction was crushed by the Wheel of Fate, its will completely exterminated in the process. Eventually, it was nothing more than a palm-sized wheel that dropped down into Yang Qi’s palm. He had acquired another god item.

“My god item!” Immortal Officer Fallen Red shrieked, nearly coughing up blood. Never could she have guessed that Yang Qi would actually manage to defeat and take her Golden Wheel of Nirvanic Extinction.

‘I have to get out of here!’ she thought. She was a powerful person, ambitious and ruthless to the core, yet she knew how to read the direction of the wind. There was nothing she could do in this situation, thus she flew back up toward her Godworm, hoping to flee the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

Of course, Yang Qi had been expecting that. Exhaling deeply, he sent out a stream of energy backed by the Blood of the One God. When his breath touched the Chiliocosm Mirror and the Golden Wheel of Nirvanic Extinction, the two god items flew forth and locked down the godworm’s spatial power. It shrieked miserably, unable to do anything despite being an immortal-level creature.

The Chiliocosm Mirror could lock down space-time, making it impossible for an enemy to flee, and the Golden Wheel of Nirvanic Extinction had added a destructive element to its powers.

Yang Qi blurred into motion, swooping toward Immortal Officer Fallen Red like a hawk toward a rabbit. There was absolutely no way she could possibly escape.


Before she could reach her godworm, she was blasted out of the sky.

“I’ll destroy you or die in the attempt!” she shouted. “You just wait! The Neon Red Heaven sends experts into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart all the time. Someone will come and kill you. Immortal Body Immolation!” Her immortal body suddenly burst into flames, giving her a brief bit of extra power that just managed to break her free from Yang Qi.

Unfortunately, her godworm was still some distance away, struggling mightily against the descending Heaven and Earth Furnace.

‘What a pity,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘If I didn’t need to subjugate this godworm, I could chase after her.’

1. There is some complexity here in that what I'm translating as “yin diminished” and “yang diminished” are also the literal words for cathode and anode. It's further complicated by the fact that the character for “righteous” can mean many things, and if you replace “yang” to make “righteous diminished” it is also a synonym for anode. That said, in this case, I don’t think the author is intending it to reflect the real-life scientific meaning of these terms, but rather the fictionally magical yin and yang aspects.

2. These two lines rhyme in Chinese, but I couldn’t make it happen in English. At least not without sacrificing too much of the meaning.

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