Chapter 526: Passageway to the Immortal World

Unexpectedly, an immortal-level godworm had appeared, ridden by a young woman.

What kind of woman would it take to control a Demolisher godworm?

Godworm genes were automatically a hundred million times as strong as normal, and all of them had the bloodline of gods. For one of them to reach the cultivation level of an immortal was a nearly incomprehensible thing! Even a hundred ordinary immortals working together would end up being consumed by something like that.

Considering that, there was no question that this woman was, at the very least, an immortal. And there was no way that she was a first stage Void-Demolisher.

Both Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend and the immortal emissary Yang Qi had captured were first stage Void-Demolishers, people who could demolish the void and use it to create true and real immortal bodies.

As for Eldest Brother, and even Lei Jiuzhou, they were people who had gained enlightenment of the dao of Demolishing, but had only reached the most basic, foundational level of Void-Demolishing.

This young woman, however, had a very different aura than Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend. She wasn’t in the first stage, but rather the second stage, making her a Space-Demolisher.

According to ancient daoist texts, the Demolishing level was broken up into nine stages, each of which required enlightenment of various magical laws of the dao of immortals. The first stage was Void-Demolishing, in which one created an immortal body. The second was Space-Demolishing, in which one pierced through space and cultivated reality.  The third was Thought-Demolishing, in which one destroyed one's own thoughts with the purpose of creating new thoughts. Those new thoughts could be used to create boundless immortal skills, unparalleled magics, and incredible nascent divinities. Of this level, it was said that one thought can create a world.

As for the Demolishing levels beyond that, they were profoundly mysterious.

For example, one of the levels was Origin-Demolishing, which was about destroying essence to fuse with the universe and conform to the aeonic dao. People like that, who became indistinguishable from the essence of the universe, were like emperors among immortals.

‘What is someone this strong doing in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart?’ That was what both Yang Qi and Eldest Brother were thinking as they exchanged a glance, then looked back at the enormous godworm that had just snapped up thirty-six halls of the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace. For the moment, both of them were holding back from taking action.

‘Who might you be?’ Yang Qi thought. Although he wasn’t pressing the fight at the moment, he wasn’t going to just let the situation drop. The Wheel of Fate was already rotating above his head, allowing him to assess the young woman’s fighting prowess. He needed to know as soon as possible whether he could fight her, or possibly kill her and take her godworm and the halls of the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace.

It had taken a lot of work to make the Chiliocosm Mirror his own, then use it to track down the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace halls. He needed them to strengthen his kingdom in hell, which was a very important bastion of defense for his clan.

“I was the one who tracked down those Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace halls!” Yang Qi said loudly. “What gives you the right to just take them from me?” Although he plastered an offended look onto his face, his heart was already pulsing with killing intent. He was also preparing to use both the Wheel of Fate and the Chiliocosm Mirror to unleash a lightning strike, if necessary.

The young woman on the godworm wore elegant red garments and was literally looking down her nose at Yang Qi and the others from the Invincible Society. Snorting coldly, she said, “Who the hell are you people? How dare you talk to me like that! You don’t even have immortal bodies! You’re mortals! Demi-Immortal slaves at best. Of all the people here, only you—” she pointed at Eldest Brother, “—are in the Demolishing level, and are poised to become an immortal. Seems like you have the bloodline of a god as well. Well, in that case, I’ll explain that I’m an immortal officer from the Neon Red Heaven, here in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart looking for treasure.” Staring piercingly at Eldest Brother, she said, “You. What's your name?”

“I’ll tell you my name when you give us those Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace halls,” he replied. Eldest Brother was obviously a very fierce person, and was not happy at all with what this young woman had just said.

“You really don't know what’s good for you, do you?” she said, her expression turning very frosty. “Well, a genius like you with the bloodline of a god would make a great slave. You see, the Neon Red Heaven can create passageways into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. You people are stuck in here with no way out, but I can go back to the Neon Red Heaven at any time. I’ll make you an offer. Kill your fellows and submit to me. If you do, I’ll take you with me when I leave.”

‘What? Passageway to an immortal world?’ Yang Qi thought. ‘This woman isn’t from somewhere in the mortal world, she’s from above. I’ve never heard of the Neon Red Heaven before. They opened a passageway here? What level of magic must have been involved in that? It’s got to be a temporary passageway, but even that must have been extremely costly to produce. If I can capture this woman, maybe I could use that passageway to go take a look at this Neon Red Heaven.’

Even as Yang Qi pondered his next course of action, Eldest Brother shouted, “Are you feeling suicidal or something?”

All of a sudden, he seemed like a razor-sharp, unsheathed saber, his aura deathless and capable of slaughtering any living thing it encountered.

Eldest Brother had long since been a top expert among top experts. Plus, he had benefited greatly in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, even before Yang Qi gave him a godworm egg. Now that he had a godworm of his own, he had even better control of the godly laws of space and had advanced to higher levels of enlightenment.

The fact that this woman from the Neon Red Heaven had suggested he kill his Junior Brothers and Sisters, then acknowledge allegiance to her, only made him want to cut her down.

“I want to see exactly what an actual immortal can do. Let the War God Come! A Great Dao to Dominate Space!” A black stream of energy flew out of his palm that was none other than the devil item Yang Qi had just given him, the Myriad Fiends Pitchfork.

Yang Qi had purified the devil energy in the item with the Blood of the One God, making it pure and holy. Now it was like a combination between a god and a devil, an expression of both righteous and evil cultivation paths.

As soon as Eldest Brother unleashed it in an attack, fiend energy erupted out, causing the entire area to turn into a fiend-devil kingdom.

“Reckless moron!” shouted the young woman in red. Waving her hand disdainfully, she said, “Divine Rainbow Descends; Five-Colored World; Dream of Red Dust; Grand and Boundless Void.”

The godly laws of space seemed to wail as boundless and scintillating red dust spread out to fill the area. It was entrancing, causing the entire world to spin as though reason were being ended for all time. Even magical laws were suppressed.

All of a sudden, an enormous vortex sprang into being, which cast Eldest Brother’s fiend energy into disorder and caused him to stagger backward, his true energy in chaos.

Unexpectedly, he wasn’t even close to being a match for this young woman.

She was an expert that surpassed Void-Demolishers, an actual immortal who was virtually invincible in the mortal world.

“I tried to give you face, scum, but you refused. I don’t know how you mortals got into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, but if you think you’ll take its greatest treasures then you’re insane. We from the Neon Red Heaven have already staked our claim to everything here. You, and you. Give me that devil item and that Chiliocosm Mirror. Immediately! For vermin like you to have a god item is a pure insult.”

Even as she spoke, she unleashed streams of divine will in a deadly attack.

Dazzling light shot from her eyes, light that could pierce the void and end worlds. It created a strange five-colored flower that rocketed toward Eldest Brother, simultaneously exerting a powerful gravitational force. In fact, it seemed powerful enough to suck in numerous planets.

Blood sprayed out of Eldest Brother’s mouth, yet he didn’t seem worried at all. Instead, he unleashed a devastatingly powerful energy art. “Capacious Mountains and Rivers; Verily, Heaven doth be Exhilarating!”

A profoundly ancient voice began chanting from the depths of his soul, and although it was not quite on the level as the Eternal Heavenly Aria, it was obviously a psalm written by an ancient god-spirit.

His hand clenched into a fist and his vital energy began to surge, making him seem like a mountain or river which radiated the unchangeable aura of the aeons.

“What fist technique is that?” said the young woman in red, looking somewhat surprised. But then her killing intent surged and she reached out with her finger to send crushing power onto the fist strike, making her seem like an enormous immortal out to exterminate a consummate monster.

“Magnific Seas and Oceans; Verily, Water doth be Invigorating!”

Eldest Brother’s fist technique changed again, causing an immense shock wave to roll out through the air, his true energy like a sea that could drown the entire world with tribulation and destruction! When this blow was met by the red-garbed young woman, her godworm suddenly let loose a long cry of pain.

“Be suppressed!” the young woman shouted, throwing her arms out in front of her. “Let’s see how long you can keep burning your quintessence-blood! You've forced me to draw on thirty percent of my power to deal with you, slave. It will definitely be worth it to get you!”

“Iconoclastic Monarchs; Verily, Royalty doth be Reverberating!”

In that moment, Eldest Brother seemed to slip into a state of emotionlessness as he drew on his deepest reserves. His eyes went black as he became empty, but not empty; not empty, but empty. He seemed to cast aside the entire universe, and drew upon the power of nirvanic rebirth to push his fist technique to the absolute limits, something beyond space-time. It was as if he had stepped into the eternal kingdom of the gods. He looked like a monarch, pulsing with the most royal, majestic dao, and all of it was focused on his fist.

It was impossible to describe exactly how his fist moved. It cast vital energy into chaos, destroyed everything in its path, and shattered the young woman’s vital energy, sending her stumbling backward.

“Killing Fist of the Dao of Monarchs!” Eldest Brother growled, finally revealing the technique he was using.

“Fine. Fifty percent power!” the young woman shouted angrily, her killing intent boiling. “I'm going to kill you! It’s too bad I’ll have to lose a genius like you, and I'd rather keep you alive. But since you refuse to back down, I’ll use a full fifty percent of my power. I can’t believe someone from the mortal world is forcing me to do this! Your grand performance ends right now!”

A surge of power seemed to come from the immortal world itself and fused with the young woman as she prepared a final deadly attack.

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