Chapter 523: Elder-Immortal

It was that critical moment in which Yang Qi was using his energy arts to link his nascent divinity with the Chiliocosm Mirror itself. Unfortunately, it was a moment of extreme weakness for him in which he could suffer dismal failure.

And it was also when a beam of divine light appeared, accompanied by laughter that filled all of heaven and earth.

“So, someone is trying to take the Chiliocosm Mirror? Who might it be? You pieces of trash have been here for months, but don't have a thing to show for it. I've been watching you, just waiting for the right moment to strike and enslave the lot of you. Who would have guessed that you would actually succeed with the mirror? Well, whoever’s inside is about to be transformed into the mirror's spirit automaton and remain in there for all eternity.”

An old man appeared overhead, clad in black clothing and holding a steel pitchfork. He had a long, narrow face with square pupils in his eyes, and from the way he moved it seemed like he might be capable of passing in and out of various aspects of space-time, making it impossible to lock on to his aura. [1]

“Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend,” Eldest Brother said, flying up into the air and clenching his hands into fists. “Sun Moon God Art: Cyclical Grand Brightness!”

Eldest Brother knew that this was one of the most powerful entities to have ever been trapped in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. He was Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend, a person who could destroy worlds and create planes, an expert whose magical laws of the dao of immortals would make him invincible in the mortal world.

He had benefited greatly over his years in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. For example, his weapon was a devil item that had supposedly been forged by an actual devil-god in hell. It was called the Myriad Fiends Pitchfork, and was equivalent to an immortal item from an immortal world.

King Immortal-Slayer and his sworn siblings hadn’t created the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart just to fight the legion of gods. They had also waged war on the fiend-devils of hell, and the Myriad Fiends Pitchfork had been used to slaughter even preeminent devil dictators. The devil dictators of hell were similar to immortals: powerful entities in the Demolishing level who could create immortal items.

Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend was an evil person who cultivated both wicked and righteous energy arts. After acquiring the Myriad Fiends Pitchfork he became stronger than ever, to the point where he could dominate all heaven and earth. Now here he was, hoping to break through the line of defense, defeat Yang Qi, and take the Chiliocosm Mirror.

“You scum think you can stop me? Before I got trapped in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, I was a powerful immortal who slaughtered people wantonly in the immortal worlds. In fact, I came here to hide so that I wouldn’t be tracked down and held accountable for my crimes! You people who haven’t ascended, and have no magical laws from the immortal worlds, are essentially trash. I can hardly think of a funnier joke in the world than the idea of you trying to fight me.” 

With that, Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend lunged forward and stabbed his Myriad Fiends Pitchfork toward the spell formation, causing a deafening rumbling sound to echo out.

Eldest Brother was sent staggering backward as a result.

“Dammit! Why did this old monster have to show up? An immortal?” Not pausing for a moment, Eldest Brother shot back up into the air and unleashed a fist strike, sending beams of godlight rocketing upward to meet the Myriad Fiends Pitchfork.

God Bloodline!” Eldest Brother was fighting this elder-immortal with the bloodline of a god, using it to fuel the most ultimate energy arts possible. Without any hesitation, he resorted to the Prodigious Proto-Epoch, Invincible War-Steppe, causing him to pulse with a sensation of iron and blood. “Let the war drums beat, let the battle banners fly! Heart and mind of steel!”

His energy art made him seem to pulse with veins of steel as he unleashed a burst of power to stop the advance of the Myriad Fiends Pitchfork.

Apparently, Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend was also drawing on an immortal body. Cackling madly, he said, “How dare you get in my way, vermin! Bloodline of a god? I doubt it. I'm not an ordinary immortal, I'm a consummate elder-immortal! My immortal body surpasses anything you could imagine! Myriad Fiends Pitchfork: Let an Evil Will Come!”


In the blink of an eye, it was as if the Myriad Fiends Pitchfork had reached out to the source of all evil and began summoning something profoundly wicked. The pitchfork spun through the air and a fiendish god descended. 

Shockingly, Eldest Brother was stabbed in the chest by the pitchfork!

Blood sprayed out of his mouth as he stumbled backward; at the same time, Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend burst into the spell formation and turned in the direction of the Chiliocosm Mirror.

“Excellent,” he said, “you do have the bloodline of a god. Otherwise, my fiendish god would have done a lot more than cause you to cough up some blood. Once I take this Chiliocosm Mirror I’ll refine you into a wonderful magical treasure!”

Laughing maniacally, he strode toward the mirror.

“Listen up, brat! I find it hard to believe that you can force that Chiliocosm Mirror to submit. You must be a tough character. Unfortunately, you’re not tough enough. Once you're the spirit automaton of the mirror, I’ll refine you for my own use.”

In the blink of an eye, Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend leaped into the Chiliocosm Mirror. Looking around, he saw a burning ball of sagelight in the depths of the mirror that was contending with the mirror's essence. The mirror's godly laws were a type that ordinary immortals couldn't deal with. Only someone with the bloodline of a god would be able to handle them—or someone with incredibly powerful energy arts. As for Eldest Brother, he had the bloodline of a god but hadn’t reached the point of being able to use it to subdue god items, yet.

“You’re completely fused with the essence of the god who created the mirror, aren’t you?” he laughed loudly. “So, someone else has the bloodline of a god. Well, you’ll be a perfect spirit automaton for me.”

At this point, another stream of laughter erupted from the Chiliocosm Mirror, although this time it wasn’t from Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend. “So, an immortal showed up? And one with an immortal body? Perfect. Heaven really seems to be helping me. It seems you’re easily fooled. You think I'm in a moment of danger right now? That was a trick to lure out people just like you. I'm already the new nascent divinity of this Chiliocosm Mirror!”

All of a sudden, Yang Qi became visible within the essence, and without any hesitation, he unleashed the God Legion Paradise, which filled the interior world of the Chiliocosm Mirror.

The Chiliocosm Mirror had numerous planes of existence within it, ensuring that it was filled with a spider web of greyspaces. And the godpower and magical laws of the dao of gods was abundant. Normally speaking, no ordinary individual would ever have magical power sufficient to cover all of the millions upon millions of worlds inside.

Yet, a wave of Yang Qi’s hand was enough to draw on all of that true energy.

“God Legion Seal!”

The golden imp appeared, along with a stream of magical symbols. In the blink of an eye, the God Legion Seal had linked with the essence of the Chiliocosm Mirror, causing Yang Qi to thrum with a unique aura.

The God Legion Seal had been created by the legion of gods so far in the past that numerous universes had come into being and been destroyed since then. It was completely linked with Yang Qi, and represented the eternal Sovereign Lord, the creator of all things.

Because of that, all god-spirits would feel an affinity to it.

The Chiliocosm Mirror trembled as Yang Qi took control, gaining access to everything inside of it, including various god formations.

“Aaaiiiieee!” screamed Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend. “What’s going on? How could this be happening? How did you force the magical laws here to submit?”

Before he even knew what was happening, he found himself locked in place and unable to move. Outside, he could have used all sorts of profound techniques to break free, but inside the Chiliocosm Mirror he was limited and unable to do anything. It was like he had just thrown himself into the tiger's den.

“I control the rotation of the chiliocosm, and I run this cosmos. Reincarnation is under my regulation, and I oversee your fate!” In the blink of an eye, the Hand of the One God was smashing down toward Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend.

All of a sudden, Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend surged with fiend energy. “I’ll show you what an immortal body can do! You think you can pin me down? Impossible! Be destroyed!”

The Myriad Fiends Pitchfork appeared again, and he used it to unleash even more destructive power than before, causing the entire Chiliocosm Mirror to fill with the weeping of ghosts and wailing of gods.

Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend was using a consummate and deadly technique to try to blast his way out of danger. He couldn’t believe that a mere Demi-Immortal like Yang Qi could possibly cause so much trouble for him.

How could he have known that Yang Qi was a Fateless One, someone who represented the Sovereign Lord and creator of all things? The God Legion Seal could force any and all god items to submit. The only exception might be a god item in the hands of the god who had created it.

Sacrifice all things to destruction; the cycles of the sun and moon, the empyrean great daos, the invincible cosmic original, all worship the legion of gods.” Yang Qi didn't seem worried at all about the fact that Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend was fighting back. Once again, he began growing larger. Then he threw his head back and howled, making it seem like the entire interior of the Chiliocosm Mirror was about to shatter.

AAAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEE!” Elder-Immortal Hyperfiend screamed as his nascent divinity was severely damaged. Rips and tears appeared all over him and fresh blood violently spurted out.

All of a sudden, he thrust his pitchfork out again with the power to destroy planetary systems.

“Fiends Face the World; Fiendish Evil Abounds!”

Yang Qi reached out to the Myriad Fiends Pitchfork and godlight shone in abundance, entering the weapon and causing it to shrink down until it was only a few inches long. Then he absorbed it into his body.

1. In ancient China, “square pupils” were an omen of long life. The term was primarily used to describe immortals and gods.

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