Chapter 522: God Item

For a god item to have been discovered was no small matter.

Of course, the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace and the imperial snakecharms were both fragmented pieces of god items. There were nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine halls that made up the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace, and there were three thousand imperial snakecharms. In their fragmented state, they were immortal items. However, if they were pieced together, they would thrum with god power and godly laws, and would become true god items.

In fact, they would be even more formidable than average god items.

Yang Qi and Sword Seventeen followed Elder Second Brother as he blurred into motion. It had taken a good twenty hours for Elder Second Brother to come find them in the first place. Considering the level of his cultivation base, he could move so fast that he could traverse entire planetary systems with ease, which just went to show how far away he had been.

Of course, he was somewhat deficient compared to Yang Qi. Therefore, Yang Qi poured some power into his Elder Brother’s sea of consciousness, allowing him to identify the route he planned to take.

Then he waved his hands to summon his Angel Wings. Instantly, the space around them shattered and they began moving faster than even light itself.

They flew for the time it takes an incense stick to burn, not hindered at all by the labyrinthine nature of the interior of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

“So fast!” Elder Second Brother said. “Not even the Flying Apsara Wings from my Supreme-Unity Flying-Apsara Grand Energy Art can produce speed like this! This trip took me over twenty hours! We’re already here, but only enough time has passed for an incense stick to burn. That’s… how fast are you? Junior Eighteenth Brother, you’re already fast enough to travel within an immortal world!” [1]

“That's the spot up ahead with the god weapon. That mirror is huge!”

A shattered plane of existence rose up in front of them, with a mirror hanging above it. It almost looked like a slowly rotating moon that gave a glimpse into the chiliocosm of worlds that existed within it. It was as large as an entire planet, and it was impossible to tell what material it had been constructed from. However, it pulsed with god power, and was clearly something that ninth order Paragon Demi-Immortals, or even half-Demolishers, couldn’t possibly budge.

“Is that a Chiliocosm Mirror?” Yang Qi said. Back in the days of the Rich-Lush Continent and Yanhaven, he had pillaged the Chen Clan and found a Chiliocosm Mirror forged from Nine Heavens godjade. It could be used to create an illusory world to practice cultivation in without any fear of cultivation deviation. Apparently, that mirror had been a lesser version of this one. [2]

“You’ve heard of this god item before, Junior Brother?” Elder Second Brother was visibly surprised. “We discovered it a few months ago, and the ancient god script on it says that it’s the Chiliocosm Mirror. According to the stories, it was created by God-King Chiliocosm and supposedly contains an actual chiliocosm of worlds inside. Look, there’s Eldest Brother and everyone else right there.”

There was a group of people gathered near the mirror, all of whom were pulsing with immense true energy the likes of which could shake the heavens and topple the earth.

One of them was particularly eye-catching. He was burly, and wore a suit of white armor. He had eyebrows like swords, and looked almost like a god in human form. He also radiated the destructive aura of a Demolisher.

Obviously, he was Eldest Brother.

At a single glance, Yang Qi could tell that his genes were far stronger than a hundred million times normal! He obviously had the bloodline of some ancient god.

As soon as Yang Qi and Sword Seventeen arrived, they attracted attention.

As for Eldest Brother, he looked at Yang Qi with a piercing gaze designed to inspect him on a deep level. However, the God Legion Paradise blocked it immediately.

“Hmm?” Eldest Brother shivered and a look of surprise appeared on his face. Already, he could tell that Yang Qi was enigmatically powerful, more so than himself, and was the type of person who could probably destroy worlds.

Eldest Brother was the spiritual pillar of the Invincible Society. He had dominated the Titan Emperor Collegium for years, and had come to be known as the top student there. In fact, no one had ever dared challenge him.

Originally, he had assumed that Yang Qi was a top genius, but nowhere near his level. Now, he could see how terrifying he was. Even with his bloodline of a god, he couldn't stand up to Yang Qi and would be easily defeated in a fight with him. In fact, he probably wouldn't even last for ten rounds of combat.

“Retract your gaze, Eldest Brother!” shouted Elder Second Brother. “This is Junior Eighteenth Brother, and he’s truly invincible. He destroyed the Titan Emperor Collegium and set up his own network of laws! Also, Master passed leadership of our society to him. He has divine abilities and energy arts so strong that he was able to leave the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and come back. And he’ll be able to take us out with him, too. He’s the type of conqueror who forces people to submit to him, or perish in resistance!”

“What? All that really happened?”

All of the Elder Brothers and Sisters were shocked beyond belief, and some of them even wondered if it might be some sort of trick. 

As for Yang Qi, he kept his cool and said, “As Brothers and Sisters of the Invincible Society, we live and die together, and share both glory and humiliation. I really did destroy the Titan Emperor Collegium. When the time comes to go home, you can see the supreme rector nailed to a pillar, his energy arts crippled, eternally tormented by sagefire. Everyone else, from elder kings to students, have all become slaves. Incidentally, I also destroyed the Devil Sauvastika Assembly from the Gyroscope planetary system. Before long, that entire planetary system will be mine. And next will be the Megaplexus and Coiling Arc planetary systems, although I’ll need your help for that.”

A long moment passed, then Eldest Brother broke out into a stream of hearty laughter. “Incredible! I've heard about you, Junior Eighteenth Brother. Everyone said you were incredible, but I have to admit, I didn't believe them. Apparently, not only were they not exaggerating, but they actually didn't know how incredible you are! In only a few months, you changed the face of heaven and earth out there! The Titan Emperor Collegium is gone? Not even Master would have dared to do something like that. He would have been worried about punishment from the immortal world. But not you. You actually captured an immortal emissary? Now that’s what I call invincible. That is the true spirit of our Invincible Society!”

“There’s no need for flattery, Eldest Brother,” Yang Qi said, smiling. “The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart isn't safe right now. But considering we seem to be connected to this god item by destiny, let’s go ahead and finish the task. It's going to be a foundational treasure for our Invincible Society.”

Eldest Brother was visibly taken aback. “You think you can take this god item, Junior Brother? Your other Elder Brothers and Sisters have been working with me for three months, but we haven’t made any progress.”

“Watch and learn. Cycles of Heaven and Earth; Glory of the God Legion; Grandeur to Command Ghosts and Gods!”


Yang Qi suddenly grew in size until he was as large as a planet, simultaneously reaching out toward the Chiliocosm Mirror with the Hand of the One God, his fingers glowing with sagelight. The godlight of the mirror shattered, completely incapable of stopping the Hand of the One God.

“Incredible!” Eldest Brother exclaimed. “I can’t believe you broke the light of the mirror so easily!” He exchanged a glance with Elder Second Brother, and it looked like the two of them had to hold back from letting out whoops of excitement.


However, just when Yang Qi seemed on the verge of grabbing the mirror, it began spinning and emitting a depraved sound like evil music. All of a sudden, the entire world seemed to be falling into the mirror, and Yang Qi felt space-time transforming rapidly around him.

‘Not good!’ That was what everyone was thinking as they watched an enormous shaft of light stab out from the rotating mirror, wrap around Yang Qi, and drag him inside.

“The Chiliocosm Mirror has a full chiliocosm of worlds inside of it!” Eldest Brother said. “If you activate its warding spells, it will try to drag you inside. Once you get lost in the countless planes of existence inside, you’ll be stuck there forever! Everyone listen. We need to go all out! Use your secret immortal magics to rescue Junior Eighteenth Brother!”

At this point, Yang Qi’s voice echoed out from inside the mirror.

“I'm fine! Don't do anything rash. This Chiliocosm Mirror is powerful, but the godly laws inside of it are damaged. I'm forcing them to submit right now. The rest of you stand guard for me as I work. All I need is the time it takes an incense stick to burn. In a moment, I’ll brand this thing with an animadestiny sealing mark of the dao of the legion of gods. That will be a critical moment, during which I can’t be interrupted. If I suffer a backlash, I could end up being transformed into the spirit automaton of the mirror, at which point anyone could refine and assimilate me! Be careful!”

“What?” Eldest Brother said. “Junior Eighteenth Brother is so brave! He just went into the mirror to force it to submit? Okay, everyone. Set up our Destructive Invincible Empyrean Energy Grand Formation. Keep this area locked down! We have to defend Junior Eighteenth Brother, even if we die in the process!”

“Yes sir!” the other Junior Brothers and Sisters shouted, springing into action.

As the spell formation sprang up, it locked down the entire area.

Enough time ticked by for an incense stick to burn, which was when the most critical juncture arrived. And that was right when a strange voice echoed out.

1. Apsaras are supernatural female beings from Hinduism and Buddhism. More info here.

2. Yang Qi got the Chiliocosm Mirror in chapter 32 and learned how to use it in chapter 35. It was mentioned several times in subsequent chapters.

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