Chapter 519: He’s Back!

A rift opened somewhere in the Dark True Void near the Sage Monarch planetary system and three people appeared, accompanied by the aura of a monarch.

The first was none other than the yellow-garbed young man with the buzz cut, whose cultivation base had reached an entirely more profound level. His eyes looked like immortal worlds, and clearly contained the magical laws of the dao of immortals. He was so strong that he seemed like an entity who could put an end to entire immortal worlds, very much like the ancient King Immortal-Slayer, who had conquered three thousand chiliocosms of worlds. Clearly, the return trip to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart had benefited the young man greatly.

Next to him were Chief Beastmaster and Chancellor Demi-Immortal. 

Chief Beastmaster had previously been only a half-Demolisher, but he had encountered something in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart which pushed him even higher. Now he radiated the aura of Demolishing.

However, the person that benefited the most was Chancellor Demi-Immortal.

He seemed to be surrounded by the godlight of the dao of heaven, which caused lotuses to bloom with every step he took. And the projection of an ancient, golden god hovered above his head, which appeared to be a buddha of some sort.

“Chancellor Demi-Immortal!” Chief Beastmaster said. “I would never have guessed that you would acquire the legacy śarīra of King Cenobite-Buddha. With his core teachings and doctrines, your energy arts have advanced by leaps and bounds. It seems to me you’ll be reaching immortal ascension very soon. King Cenobite-Buddha was one of the great kings of primeval times, similar to King Immortal-Slayer, King Heaven-Devourer, and King Mourn-Parting. That said, he was the most mysterious of all of the buddhist cultivators in the universe. From what I've heard, buddhist cultivation is a mysterious practice that was once the domain of the legion of gods. Obviously, the gods didn’t approve of lesser beings practicing such cultivation, but those who do become incredibly powerful.”

“It was just a fluke,” Chancellor Demi-Immortal said. “Truth be told, nothing causes greater sorrow than despair. Right now, the sole purpose of my existence is to kill Yang Qi and avenge my daughter’s death. That brute beat her to death with a golden sword-breaker, and every time I think about it I’m filled with endless pain.” [1]

Chancellor Demi-Immortal gritted his teeth as hatred for Yang Qi bubbled up from within his bones.

The higher his cultivation base grew, the more he thought back to the fight between the Crown Prince and Yang Qi. He had interfered, which was when Yang Qi lashed out and killed his daughter. It was a nightmare that haunted him constantly, and not even an endless river of water could possibly wash away that rancor.

“Cheer up, Chancellor Demi-Immortal,” said the young man in yellow. “Remember, you’ll eventually be the ruler of an entire immortal world. Now that we have control over the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, we can move on to accomplish great deeds in the immortal worlds. And of course, killing Yang Qi is on the top of that list.”

At this point, they emerged from the Dark True Void and saw the transformed Central Planetary River.

“What’s going on here?!” Chief Beastmaster blurted. “Where’s the Titan Emperor Collegium? What happened to the Central Planetary River? It’s all gone. Nothing looks the same anymore!”

Sagelight glittered everywhere, filled with glorious angels who seemed illusory, but pulsed with battle prowess at the same time.

“The mystical network of laws is so rigid!” The young man in yellow instantly identified the major changes, and also saw the faith power of millions upon millions of planets flowing toward the Central Planetary River. “This is bad. How did Yang Qi unify the planetary system so soon? It’s like every breath he takes in cultivation is equivalent to hundreds or thousands of years of work for ordinary people! He's going to surpass me at this rate. We can’t let him live. We have to get back into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart!” 

As for Chancellor Demi-Immortal and Chief Beastmaster, they were visibly astonished. Originally, they had assumed that their recent advancements would make it easy for them to kill Yang Qi. Yet, contrary to anything they could have predicted, Yang Qi had gone and changed the face of heaven and earth.

As a Future One, the young man in yellow knew exactly how formidable a mystical network of laws could be. Perhaps ordinary people wouldn't understand it, but he knew that all of the faith and destiny flowing to Yang Qi would be of immense help to his cultivation.

All of the young man’s plans went out the window at the sight of the faith power on display. His original plot had been to sneak back into the Titan Emperor Collegium and conspire with the initiators and supreme rector to crush Yang Qi. He had even considered reaching out to the immortal world above to get more power.

But Yang Qi beat him to the punch, adhering to the old adage of striking first to achieve lethality.

“How vicious of you, Yang Qi! Well, you are one of the renowned Fateless Ones after all, the greatest enemy of we Future Ones. This universe won’t tolerate people like you, and that’s because great changes are about to befall heaven and earth. The nirvanic rebirth of the legion of gods will gradually bring about a new civilization. 

“I need to seize my chance now to become a deathless god. After all, everyone who travels to this time period has that opportunity. But the Fateless Ones are natural-born founders, people who can forge new great daos. 

“Unfortunately for you, Yang Qi, although Fateless Ones rank fewer in number than we Future Ones, there are more than one of you. You’re not the only person with a God Legion Seal, and there’s no way you’ll last until the final battle. There are other Fateless Ones who have risen far higher than you can ever imagine, people who have accomplished great deeds in the millions upon millions of immortal worlds that exist. Compared to them, you’re like an ant! One day, they’ll take your God Legion Seal from you and you’ll be powerless to stop them. 

“Of course, if I can kill you before I ascend, I will. Maybe I can get your God Legion Seal and combine the powers of a Future One with a Fateless One! Then there are the Eternal Ones. If I can kill one of them, and gather even more destiny, perhaps I really can become a deathless god.

“Come on, let’s go.” He waved his hand and, in the blink of an eye, was shooting through the Dark True Void to another planetary system. 

It was called the Incarnated God planetary system, which had countless planets filled with cultivators, as well as an enormous educational establishment known as the Incarnated God Collegium. There were all sorts of other powerful organizations as well. It was a place where both dragons and snakes abounded.

Of course, the young man in yellow ignored all of those powerful organizations. He, Chancellor Demi-Immortal, and Chief Beastmaster slipped through the planetary system into one of the ancient ruins that were so common in places like this. Some such ruins had been left behind by ancient immortals or gods and were used as training grounds by the locals. Upon reaching the ruins, the three co-conspirators disappeared inside.

Unbeknownst to them, they had been followed. 

“Elder Brother Sword Seventeen, I would bet that those ruins were left behind by King Immortal-Slayer, or someone like him, and it’s probably where the kid in yellow plans to use the power of his legacy medallion to return to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. If we hurry, we might be able to follow their tracks right inside.”

“You're right, Junior Brother. And here I thought you were planning to actually lay hands on him. Considering the level of your cultivation base, you're completely invincible in the mortal world. You could fight armies of enemies and destroy them as easily as chickens or dogs. Why are you being so careful about those three ants?”

“That kid in yellow is no ant. He's a Future One, and based on what I can tell from my Wheel of Fate, that gives him immense benefits from the vital power of heaven and earth. I might be able to beat him in a fight, but I don’t think I would end up killing him. If he gets away and hides in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, we might never get another chance to take him out. Instead, we're going to sneak inside and help ourselves to plenty of treasure. Think about it. Considering what I'm capable of now, virtually any treasure in there will be ours for the taking. We might even be able to get more primeval godworms to take back to the Sage Monarch planetary system. If we do, not even an invasion of immortals would be a threat. Also, we might be able to get more halls of the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace, or perhaps other items belonging to the ancient monarchs. One of these days, we’ll ascend, and things like that will be very helpful in the immortal world.”

“With the life force quintessence of Dragon Sun-Chaser, and some of the other magical treasures I got, I'm fairly certain that I can reach the Paragon Demi-Immortal in a few years. Maybe even become half-Demolisher. I also have my primeval godworm. With that, the Demolishing level might even be possible within less than a hundred years. Although, I have no idea what progress you’ll make during that time. I bet you don’t even know. You know, Junior Brother, if you cause enough of a scene down here in the lower realms, the Titan Emperor Heaven is eventually going to do something. I hope we’ll be able to survive when the time comes. Remember, ascending isn’t necessarily a good thing.”

“Let’s not overthink things. We have a general idea of what’s going on in the Titan Emperor Heaven, and we’re not planning to ascend right now anyway. There are millions upon millions of immortal worlds up there, and the Titan Emperor Heaven is one of the weakest. We definitely don't need to worry about them. Come on. Let’s get into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and get some loot!” Yang Qi sounded like he wasn’t afraid of anything.

“Okay, let’s go!”


The two of them blurred into the ruins in the Incarnated God planetary system, hot on the trail of the yellow-garbed young man with the buzz cut.

1. “Nothing causes greater sorrow than despair” is a Chinese idiom that comes from Zhuangzi.

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