Chapter 518: Taking an Energy Art

The truth was that if the Devil Sauvastika Assembly hadn't come to find him, Yang Qi would have completely forgotten about his agreement with Queen Dream-Devil.

His deal with her had actually been a sham. He had considered using her help to handle the Titan Emperor Collegium, but in the end, his own energy arts had advanced so rapidly that he didn’t need outside help. And that wasn’t to mention the assistance from the godrelic. By the time it came to fighting with the initiators, he hadn’t needed Queen Dream-Devil at all.

But here she was at his front door, and her people had immediately begun slaughtering his fiend-devil soldiers.

Even more noteworthy was the fact that the first assembly chief had a godly-class energy art, and had gone to the outrageous length of making rude demands. There was no way Yang Qi would let that stand.

No, he would rip the Devil Sauvastika Assembly up by its roots, then establish his own rule over the Gyroscope planetary system. By increasing his faith power in that way, his cultivation would advance even more rapidly.

“On your knees!” Yang Qi said. “Kowtow and admit your faults. Otherwise I’ll wipe out your entire clan!”

“Are you feeling suicidal or something?” the leading first elder shouted. Suddenly, he leaped up, transforming into a stream of devil light. “The Horde of Devils Convulses; Turmoil in All Creation!”

The wail of ghosts and weeping of gods filled heaven and earth, along with a rain of blood that turned into an enormous sauvastika.

“Be still!” Yang Qi said as the attack closed in on him. In the shortest of moments, space in the area turned solid and the first assembly chief found himself locked in place, completely unable to move.

Yang Qi rose off of his throne and stepped forward to look at the man locked in the crystalline aspect of space. Smiling coldly, he said, “Do you really think you’re a heaven-immortal or something? You think I don’t know how to handle people like you? I’m in charge here, and the boundless power of faith sustains my laws. Now that you’re in the Sage Monarch planetary system, I can send the essence of the entire planetary system against you at will. I can take everything from you with a single word.”

“How could this be happening? The first assembly chief is a Demolisher! He's basically a heaven-immortal! And he even has a godly-class energy art.”

“It's time to put everything on the line! We have to save the first assembly chief!”

“Wait, don’t do anything rash. The first assembly chief is ten times stronger than any of us. The fact that he's been captured means we're no match for this Yang Qi.”

Ignoring the other assembly chiefs, Yang Qi reached into the crystalline area of locked space and pulled a magical symbol out of the first assembly chief.

It was a talisman in the shape of a sauvastika.

It had a very powerful aura, like the energy of countless devil-ghosts all combined. It was none other than the boundless energy art of one of the suzerains of hell. It was a godly-class energy art that actually surpassed the Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao and Prodigious Proto-Epoch, Invincible War-Steppe.

It was the Asiryangguk Sauvastika Devil Grand Infernal Energy. The name came from the suzerain of hell who created it, Asiryangguk.

Yang Qi already knew what he was going to do with it. He would give it to his immortal clone as his third godly-class energy art. The clone would definitely be able to keep watch over the Sage Monarch planetary system with it, allowing Yang Qi’s true self to travel to other locations without worrying about home.

“Aaaiiiieee!” screamed the first assembly chief. However, Yang Qi showed him no mercy whatsoever. After the extraction process was over, the man sagged like a limp worm.

His energy arts, quintessence-blood, and magical laws had been extracted and fused into the sauvastika.

“Come forth, my clone!” Yang Qi said, and a second version of himself appeared.

The clone reached out, took the magical sauvastika, and inhaled it. Almost immediately, his cultivation base began rising. Shockingly, magical laws of heaven-immortals appeared, along with the aura of the Demolishing level.

Bam. Bang. BANG!

Yang Qi suddenly blurred into motion and killed one of the other assembly chiefs, who died before he realized what was happening. Next, another assembly chief exploded.

“Run!” screamed the surviving assembly chiefs, who were like little more than toddlers compared to Yang Qi.

“Run?” Yang Qi said. “Where to?” Every move he made caused another assembly chief to explode into clouds of gore and quintessence energy.

“No!” screamed one of the few survivors. “We assembly chiefs have been sworn siblings for hundreds of thousands of years! We conquered our planetary system and founded the Devil Sauvastika Assembly!”

Yang Qi ignored everything they said, and within moments, had killed everyone except for Queen Dream-Devil. She stood there facing him, trembling in fear. 

“W-what… what are you going to do with me?” she asked.

“Nothing,” he replied. “In fact, I'm going to bless you with riches and glory.” A blood-colored śarīra suddenly appeared in his hand, pulsing almost like a blood dragon. “After killing the other nine assembly chiefs, I took their quintessence-blood and divine abilities and created this śarīra. Assimilate it, and your cultivation base will advance by leaps and bounds. Then return, and take control of the Devil Sauvastika Assembly and the Gyroscope planetary system. What do you think? Join me, help me bring the Gyroscope planetary system under the control of my law, and earn me its faith.”

“You….” Queen Dream-Devil wasn’t sure what to make of the offer. “But there's no way I can assimilate all of that quintessence energy.”

“You’ll be fine. In fact, I’ll help you. I can give you a dao of devils unique to the ancient Infernalfolk, something called the Live-Forever Devil-Smelting Sutra. With it, you can cultivate nine nascent divinities which can be used to absorb all of the quintessence energy. Having those nine nascent divinities will make you like all ten assembly chiefs in one. Understand? Follow me, and you’ll likely become a Demolisher. All you need to do is kowtow and call me lord, right here and now. You can choose between life and death. Keep in mind that if you don’t agree to help, I’ll just find someone else who will.”

“Milord! Please, accept the humble greetings of a most faithful slave!” Queen Dream-Devil was the type of person who could adapt to new circumstances, therefore she immediately dropped to her knees.

“Excellent. Now, listen carefully. To Live Forever, Smelt the Devils….” With that, he placed his hand on the top of her head. A moment later, she trembled as nine nascent divinities appeared within her. Of course, he also inserted a warding magic into her sea of consciousness, which would allow him to communicate with her at will and keep tabs on her activities.

Queen Dream-Devil shot to her feet, threw her head back, and let loose a long cry. After the blessing from Yang Qi, she felt far more powerful than before. It was almost as though she could exert control over all creation. Then she looked over at Yang Qi and shivered, aware that he had ultimate control over her. 

A mere glance from him could wipe her completely out of existence.

“Go! Return to the Gyroscope planetary system, and take this army of five billion fiend-devils with you! Understand? Five billion! They're all Demi-Immortals, and they’re all under your command. You have one month to conquer the Gyroscope planetary system and establish the Sage Monarch Collegium as the ultimate authority. If you fail, I’ll extract your soul and nascent divinities and give them to someone else to pick up your slack. Got it?”

“Got it!” Queen Dream-Devil said. “Your humble slave will definitely accomplish this mission and collect endless amounts of faith for you.”

Inwardly, she was shivering from fear. ‘Five billion fiend-devils? And all of them Demi-Immortals? My god… I don’t think there are even a billion Demi-Immortals in the Gyroscope planetary system.’

“Thinking about those five billion fiend-devils?” Yang Qi asked, chuckling. “Five billion is nothing. I could summon fifty trillion if I wanted. Follow me, and we’ll conquer the mortal world. And after that, the heavenly worlds. If anyone refuses to comply, just execute them. Understand?”

“Y-yes, yes, of course….”

“Yang Yongjin!” Yang Qi said, waving his hand.

“Here!” A genius from the Yang Clan flew out, a Demi-Immortal who had always been staunchly loyal to Yang Qi. To the Yang Clan, Yang Qi was an invincible leader who they viewed as nothing short of a god.

“Yang Xingshi!”


One of the old-timers stepped forward and dropped to his knees. He had once been the ultimate patriarch of the Yang Clan, but in the following years, even he had come to view Yang Qi like a god. “Oh great and exalted ancestor, what orders do you have for me?” [1]

“Take these commander’s tallies and join Queen Dream-Devil in the conquest of the Gyroscope planetary system. Gather all the faith that exists there! And plunder any wealth you see fit. I’ll be opening a permanent wormhole connecting the Sage Monarch planetary system with the Gyroscope planetary system to facilitate the easy transport of goods!”

“Yes sir!”

Glowing light shone as two commander’s tallies flew out, one to Yang Xingshi and the other to Yang Yongjin.

With great pomp and grandeur, they and Queen Dream-Devil led the massive army of fiend-devils away.

“You’re really starting to expand your territory, Junior Brother,” Sword Seventeen said. “It’s too bad our Elder Brothers and Sisters don’t know about this. They would love to serve as top generals in your campaign.”

Yang Qi clasped Sword Seventeen on the shoulder. “Don’t worry. This should all serve to lure out that kid in yellow. Even if we don’t end up capturing him, we can at least use his aura to find out how to get into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart!”

It was at this point that the Wheel of Fate suddenly appeared above Yang Qi’s head.

“In fact, I just locked onto his aura right now!”

1. Yang Xingshi was introduced in chapter 42, and appeared in quite a few subsequent chapters. The last time he showed up was in chapter 223.

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