Chapter 517: Boundless Faith

“How could the Titan Emperor Collegium have changed so much?”

When the group emerged from the Dark True Void and looked around at the planetary system stretched out in front of them, they could immediately tell that a much stricter mystical system of laws had taken effect. 

In the mortal world, a single word uttered by an emperor could change the fates of countless individuals. They held the ultimate power, and could institute laws that would govern all of their subjects.

As for the Sage Monarch planetary system, it had a mystical system of laws that was designed to benefit the ultimate leader there: Yang Qi. It was similar to the mortal world, except millions upon billions of times more exaggerated. On top of that, the flow of faith and destiny that reached Yang Qi benefited his Wheel of Fate, allowing his cultivation to advance by leaps and bounds.

This group who had just entered the Sage Monarch planetary system wore voluminous, devilish robes.

One of them was a woman who had profoundly powerful energy arts, and who somehow seemed dreamy and illusory in nature. She was the very same woman who had come to an agreement with Yang Qi in the Gyroscope planetary system, the third-ranking assembly chief of the Devil Sauvastika Assembly, Dreamy Smoke, also known as Queen Dream-Devil. [1]

She was flanked by nine other individuals, who were other assembly chiefs, powerful followers of the dao of devils who jointly oversaw an entire planetary system.

One of them, a middle-aged man with horns, looked at Queen Dream-Devil and said, “Third Assembly Chief, didn’t you say that this Yang Qi and his godworm eggs were from the Titan Emperor planetary system? Everyone knows that this place is like a dish of loose sand, completely disunited. How could they have such strict measures of law in place now?”

“I’m not sure,” she replied, a very serious expression on her face. “As I'm sure you’ve heard, the Hell of Euphoria invaded the Titan Emperor planetary system some years back, and the Yore-Wilds section was reduced to nothing but ruins. Yang Qi and I came to a verbal agreement, but haven’t been in contact since. He’s not easy to deal with, which is why I invited you to come here with me. Together, we can take everything that belongs to him, including those godworm eggs.”

Another of the men turned to their leader and said, “First Assembly Chief, you’ve already mastered the boundless dao of devils and will achieve Demolishing ascension at any time. Of course, you won't be going to an immortal world, but rather, to a hell. If you can get a godworm egg and raise it to maturity, your path of travel will be much easier.”

There were ten people present, all of them top experts in the mortal world.

As for the first assembly chief, he had a keratin exoskeleton and already pulsed with the aura of a Void-Demolisher. Shockingly, he was already an immortal, but had chosen to remain in the world of men. He was like Lei Jiuzhou in that respect, except even stronger.

“We will definitely take those godworm eggs,” he said. “However, we also need to determine why these big changes have occurred in the Titan Emperor planetary system. It's not natural for cultivators to be ruled so strictly. Those who cultivate truth always value freedom, and chafe under law. Not even the immortal worlds are ruled as strictly as this. We absolutely have to capture this Yang Qi and see what sort of mysterious powers exist within him.”

“Yes,” another of the assembly chiefs said. “Let’s continue on into the planetary system. Why don’t we sneak into the Central Planetary River?” 

“There’s no need for sneaking,” said the first assembly chief. “We’ll just walk right in. There aren’t any experts of note in the Titan Emperor planetary system. Even their supreme rector is a mere half-Demolisher. I could crush him to death with ease. We’ll just go demand that he hand over Yang Qi. If he refuses, we’ll cause a storm of rain and gore that covers the entire Titan Emperor planetary system.”

“But what about the Invincible Dugu?”

Hmph. Him? I’ll kill him too.” The first assembly chief’s eyes shone with a brilliant light and he projected an aura of domineering invincibility. “The Prodigious Proto-Epoch, Invincible War-Steppe that he cultivates is a mere low-grade godly-class energy art. I acquired a much more powerful energy art from a deadly entity in hell. My Asiryangguk Sauvastika Devil Grand Infernal Energy borders on being a greater godly class art. It took me tens of thousands of years to cultivate it to completion, and, if I have to, I’ll sacrifice the Invincible Dugu to it!” [2]

“Congratulations, First Elder. So, you finally mastered the Asiryangguk Sauvastika Devil Grand Infernal Energy! Our Gyroscope planetary system will finally be able to conquer other planetary systems!”

“Let’s go!”


The first assembly chief quickly opened up a wormhole. It erupted with the power of space-time, causing everything in the area to tremble violently. Before they could enter the wormhole, bugle calls of war rang out, and other wormholes popped into being, out of which swarmed armies of eighth order fiend-devils.

For every hundred Universal Demi-Immortals, there was a fiend-devil captain who was a Paragon Demi-Immortal.

And for every ten captains, there was a lieutenant who was a half-Demolisher.

Ghostfire burned and devil energy surged as this army of fiend-devils seemed to erupt from hell itself.

Terror rising in her heart, Queen Dream-Devil said, “First Assembly Chief, what’s going on? There are so many fiend-devils! And they’re so strong! Don’t tell me we somehow ended up in hell?”

“Remain calm!” the first assembly chief said. “I'm not sure what’s going on, but there’s no way these fiend-devils are going to pin us down.” Of course, his heart was already pounding. The sight of such a large number of Universal Demi-Immortal fiend-devils was a clear indication that something unusual was going on. There were so many of them that even heaven-immortals who faced them would be nervous.

One of the fiend-devils stepped forward, surrounded by devil energy that took the shape of devil-dragons. 

“Who are you people?” he barked. “How dare you open up space-time wormholes without permission here in the Sage Monarch planetary system. Are you people all looking to die?”

“One of the Infernalfolk!” the first assembly chief said, visibly taken aback. “We're from the Gyroscope planetary system! Since when did the Titan Emperor planetary system become the Sage Monarch planetary system? And what are you fiend-devils doing here? Did some hell take over this place? I'm also a fiend-devil, from the Hell of Jova. What devil dictator led you people here? Perhaps we could work out a deal.”

“Hmph!” the infernal replied. “Foreigner! Our grand and magnificent lord, the Sage Monarch Yang Qi, dismantled the Titan Emperor Collegium and deposed its supreme rector. Then he founded the Sage Monarch Collegium. He summoned us fiend-devils from hell to act as his servants. Once he reaches a high enough level of cultivation, he’ll help us to cast aside our fiend-devil bodies and be purified into glorious angels.

“The fact that despicable villains like yourselves have invaded our planetary system goes to show that you’re really just suicidal. According to our laws, anyone who opens an unlawful wormhole in the Sage Monarch planetary system will be executed, along with that person’s entire clan. Men, take them into custody to be sent to trial!”

“What did you just say?” Queen Dream-Devil said, her face draining of color. “Yang Qi destroyed the Titan Emperor Collegium and established the Sage Monarch planetary system? And he summoned you from hell?”

At this point, the first assembly chief chuckled coldly. “Prepare to kill them all! This many fiend-devils will be an excellent benefit to my Asiryangguk Sauvastika Devil Grand Infernal Energy. With their souls as fuel, I can push it to the next level. Prepare to die, all of you!”

All of a sudden, an enormous sauvastika appeared above his head. In the middle of the sauvastika was a devil lord, burning with devil light that caused all of the nearby fiend-devils to cough up blood and then explode.

“Die!” the first assembly chief shouted, leaping forward to fight. “All of you can just die! Fiend-devil army? We’re fiend-devils too! And our substructure is far more evil than yours. You want to be angels? That’s a betrayal of our most ancient ancestors!”

Of course, he hoped to kill as many fiend-devils as possible and convert them into true energy for himself to use. However, in almost the same instant that the sauvastika appeared, an enormous net of laws appeared, in the depths of which was an enormous wheel, like the dao of heaven, or fate itself.


The first assembly chief coughed up a mouthful of blood as his sauvastika shattered.

Then the wheel began rolling forward, and at the same time an enormous hand appeared.

“Watch out! Be careful!”

“Run! It's an ambush!”

The other assembly chiefs immediately used space-time flight techniques, trying to escape. However, the hand had locked down the entire area—including the magical laws—making escape impossible.


The ten assembly chiefs suddenly looked up in shock to see an enormous palace above them, complete with a throne, upon which sat Yang Qi.

“Queen Dream-Devil,” he said by way of greeting. “I didn't summon you to see me, so what exactly are you doing here? And why are you slaughtering my fiend-devils? Are you people just looking to be massacred?”

At that point, his gaze shifted to the first assembly chief.

“A heaven-immortal? You’re even stronger than Lei Jiuzhou. Perhaps you’re not as strong as my immortal emissary, but you’ve still got a lot of power in you.”

“So, you’re Yang Qi?” the first assembly chief said, having recovered his composure. He took a step forward. “You summoned these fiend-devils?”

“Who the hell do you think you are?” Sword Seventeen said, taking a threatening step forward. “How dare you talk back to my Junior Brother!”

“It’s fine,” Yang Qi said coolly. “He has a common godly-class energy art, so he thinks he’s tough stuff. Unfortunately, jabbering like that in front of me is going to get him killed. I’ll take his energy arts and nail him above the entrance gate to be tormented by fire and pain for all time.”

1. Queen Dream-Devil appeared originally in chapters 455 and 456.

2. Asiryangguk was a city-state kingdom in ancient South Korea. Its real-life meaning isn’t important. It’s just supposed to sound cool.

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