Chapter 514: Complete Annihilation

Yang Qi had killed a whole host of initiators, vice-rectors, and society chiefs with brutal efficiency, and the survivors were all struck cold with fear.


It was only when the society chief of the Rampage Society died that he finally stopped the killing.

“Since the rest of you have acknowledged allegiance, I’ll stop here,” he said with a vicious smile. “As long as you remain in line from here on out, and tend to your slave duties, you’ll be allowed to live. However, don't even think of trying to improve your lot in life. You’re going to live out the rest of your days as slaves. Understand?”

“Yes, yes of course! Praise be to you, Milord. We’ll do whatever you say!” Some of the initiators were literally knocking their foreheads onto the ground as they kowtowed. They no longer had any sense of self-respect or dignity and were ready to act in full subservience.

“Very well. You’re all dismissed. Now go to all the planets that make up the new Sage Monarch planetary system and make sure everyone agrees to fall in line. Execute any who resist.”

“Yang Qi, please, stop the killing!” cried the society chief from the Righteous Energy Society. “The Titan Emperor Collegium was already running low on manpower, and could hardly stand up to the other collegiums. If you keep killing people, and we get invaded, how can we defend ourselves!?”

“Feeling suicidal, are we!?” Yang Qi said. Reaching out, he stabbed his fingers in to the society chief’s skull and extracted another blood śarīra. “I'm honestly shocked you would think you have the right to directly speak my surname and given name. All of you, remember that I’m your lord, and you are lowly slaves. I run this collegium now, and if I want to kill someone, I’ll kill them. When I give you orders to execute someone, you do it. You have no authority to question my orders. You’re not government officials, you’re slaves. You’d do well to affix that fact into your minds. You have no position, no soul, no thoughts of your own, and no freedom.”

Everyone shivered in terror.

“You think we're running low on manpower? Listen well. I don’t need so-called manpower. I can summon an infinitude of fiend-devils from hell, including Paragon Demi-Immortals. The fact that I'm allowing you pieces of trash to live is quite a kindness. To be honest, you’re of no use to me whatsoever. Understand? If you don’t, then I’d be happy to kill all of you.”

Everyone kept their heads bowed, hearts pounding with fear at the reminder that Yang Qi could summon armies of fiend-devils.

Yang Qi felt absolutely no pity for them. He knew that giving them positions of power wasn’t an option. After all, if they had succeeded in their plans, his family and friends wouldn’t even be alive right now. He had to crush them thoroughly and make sure they accepted their place as slaves. Otherwise, with cultivation bases as high as theirs, they would definitely cause problems.

Soon, the purge began.

It wasn’t just a purge of the Titan Emperor Collegium, but rather, the entire Central Planetary River. That was the nucleus of the Yore-Wilds, Waste-Wilds, Brute-Wilds and Proto-Wilds, a place with millions upon millions of planets inhabited by countless powerful and important cultivators.

In the past, it was assumed that living in the Central Planetary River put one in a position of supreme safety. But now it was being thrown into complete chaos.

A storm of blood rose up, with magical fluctuations causing everything to tremble. When it all began, a voice floated out to the ears of everyone present.

“The debauched and tyrannical Titan Emperor Collegium is no more. The grand immortal Yang Qi of the Sage Monarch planetary system deposed the supreme rector and conquered the collegium. Henceforth, new laws govern this place. All students will be required to bear the insignia of the Sage Monarch planetary system, and all clans in the Four Wilds have three days to come to the Central Planetary River to offer obeisance and fealty. Those who come will be welcomed into the Sage Monarch Collegium. Those who refuse will be exterminated.”

Soon, hordes of students swept out to enforce the new laws, led by summoned fiend-devils who would follow Yang Qi’s orders to the letter. Anyone who resisted them was immediately killed.

As for those students who refused to submit, they were summarily executed.

After the Central Planetary River was brought under control, the Yore-Wilds, Waste-Wilds, Brute-Wilds, and Proto-Wilds were handled.

As blood rained in the former Titan Emperor planetary system, Yang Qi remained in his central position, using the Hell Portal to summon endless waves of devil-ghosts.

Ten thousand. One hundred thousand. One million. Ten million. One billion.

Before long, there were fully ten billion fiend-devils of all sorts in the collegium, making it seem like hell had come to the world of men.

Yang Qi knew that he would definitely meet resistance from the Four Wilds, if he dismantled the Titan Emperor Collegium. Some inhabitants would flee, or perhaps organize resistance. Therefore, he ceaselessly summoned fiend-devils and created an enormous army. That was his way to keep control.

At the same time, he reached into the Yore-Wilds and began to pull the existing Sage Monarch planetary system toward the Central Planetary River.

The Titan Emperor Collegium was a massive heavenly palace that had been built by countless experts over a million years or more. It was filled with treasure troves and countless other secret locations protected by warding magics. Once he fused all of those locations with the Sage Monarch planetary system, he would have access to more power than ever. And the resources that would now be available to the Yang Clan and his sworn siblings would enable them to advance by leaps and bounds. Obviously, he wouldn’t waste resources on the enslaved students. After all, they could never be trusted. In fact, even fiend-devils were more trustworthy.

That said, now was not the time for a massacre, which was why he enslaved them instead of killing them.


At this point, the Holy Mother awoke from her meditative trance and heavenly tribulation immediately formed above her. However, she dispelled it with ease and was halfway into the Demolishing level.

Even as she looked around at the buzz of activity, she heard Yang Qi’s announcement.

‘Incredible, my son,’ she thought, her eyes sparkling. ‘You’re stabilizing the planetary system, and will soon rise to heights that will surpass me in every way.’

As the Sage Monarch planetary system expanded, Yang Qi focused his attention on the Hellfire Crucible and the immortal emissary inside.

“So, Immortal Emissary, what’s your name? I like to know the names of people I kill. In a moment, you’ll be dead, and I’ll assimilate your power. Have any last words? Not that I’ll honor any requests that you have. Other people might respect you as an immortal emissary, but to me you're less impressive than a dog.”

“How dare you!” the immortal emissary shouted. “You rat bastard! I'm a heaven-immortal! I’m invincible in the mortal world. You’re not just showing disrespect, you’re outright rebelling! You’re going to die a horrible death, I promise you— AAIIEEE!”

Yang Qi’s fingers latched onto the immortal emissary’s skull, and a vortex formed. In the blink of an eye, the immortal emissary began visibly wilting.

“Ai. Can’t you say anything more imaginative? Well, I guess I’ll just use you to push myself toward another breakthrough.”

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