Chapter 512: Devastating an Immortal

Yang Qi made a snap decision, then followed through with a deadly, lightning-fast strike that not even the immortal emissary could evade. Although he didn't have the full Wheel of Fate yet, it was still filled with the might of the legion of gods, which was something that few people could stand against.

He took perfect advantage of the moment to seriously injure his opponent.

The immortal emissary screamed miserably, but that did no good.

When Yang Qi attacked, it was filled with immeasurably destructive power, the type that could shake the universe, cast space-time into chaos, invert yin and yang, surpass the five phases, and destroy entire planes of existence.

“Hand of the One God. Creation. Destruction. Nature. Undying. Aeon. Pāramitā. And the final stance: Immortality!”

Although the Wheel of Fate had utterly devastated the immortal emissary, Yang Qi wanted to play things safe. Thus, he unleashed all nine stances of the Hand of the One God, culminating in the strongest of them all, Immortality.

Intense rumbling sounds echoed out as countless god-spirits appeared, figures of immense power, all of whom were praying to one individual.

That nameless entity was none other than the Lord.

A will descended onto Yang Qi, something that could surpass the river of time itself and ignore the past, present, and future. As a result, his fist strike was the type that could command the legion of gods. It could even manipulate immortality and destroy the future.


Without any hesitation, he sent that destructive force directly toward the immortal emissary.

It was only at this point that the emissary appeared in the open. He looked like a middle-aged man, splattered with blood yet pulsing with an immortal energy that surpassed Lei Jiuzhou’s tenfold.

Despite that, Yang Qi’s final fist strike slammed into his chest, blasted through his body, and came out his back.

When his hand emerged into the open, it was holding a semi-transparent, porcelain-colored heart that twitched as it emitted the power of an entire immortal world.

It was the heart of a heaven-immortal.

Upon ascending, immortals would create an immortal body and be baptized by the immortal world, giving them access to immense power. They would transform in every aspect, including their organs, their skin, their bones, and everything else. As a result, they would acquire battle prowess ten times higher than before they had ascended.

Unfortunately, the increased effectiveness of the organs in the body meant that, if one was lost, the resulting damage to vital energy would be severe.

With immortal bodies, every limb and organ was like an irreplaceable immortal item. If an immortal lost such a thing, they would need spectacular reserves of universal power to recover from the loss, and would even need to refine themselves in an actual pill furnace.

In the Born Again Step of the Great Sage level, it was possible to reform lost organs and even bodies. But upon becoming an immortal, it was very difficult to be born again. After all, immortals were no longer mortals.

Every single hair on the head of an immortal was unique and irreplaceable, and was so strong that it could kill even a Demi-Immortal. How could such things be casually copied or replaced?

Yet Yang Qi only needed a single attack to rip out the heart of this immortal emissary. Considering how valuable an organ the heart was, it was only possible to imagine how the immortal’s power was thrown into chaos.

At this point, the Infernal Deity Spear appeared and Yang Qi thrust it toward the immortal emissary’s head.

“Dammit! Dammit! My heart!” In the blink of an eye, the immortal emissary felt his power draining and his immortal skills thrust into disharmony.

Of course, this was the mortal world, thus, this immortal was a peak entity. Even without a heart, he could have slaughtered someone like Lei Jiuzhou. But Yang Qi was different. Yang Qi had perfect genes and battle prowess the likes of which surpassed the mortal world.

The immortal emissary finally regained his composure and took action. “Five Phases Activation; Nimitta and Animitta; the Profound School of Buddhism; Unify the Cosmos!” [1]

Minor worlds sprang out from his hair, burning with power.

Each hair on his head was a powerful immortal item, and he was using them as weapons to attack Yang Qi.

“Still fighting even after I ripped your heart out?” Yang Qi blurred into motion, evading the destructive power and summoning his Wheel of Fate yet again.

“Nightfall Symphony!”

The Infernal Deity Spear thrummed with a song of death, thirsting for life force to consume as Yang Qi stabbed it toward the immortal emissary’s forehead.

“You’ve got a lot of guts!” the immortal emissary blurted. “How dare you try to kill me! I'm an emissary from the Titan Emperor Heaven! Don’t you fear punishment from heaven?” Terrified, he threw his hand up to block the path to his forehead.

However, that was when a loud ripping sound could be heard as the Infernal Deity Spear stabbed into his palm.

“I’m killing you regardless of the Titan Emperor Heaven. What’s the Titan Emperor Heaven anyway? A low-level immortal world? I’ll be ascending soon, and everyone in the Titan Emperor Heaven will end up as my slaves. I know about your little conspiracy. You have no intention of making me the supreme rector of this collegium. You want to arrest me and take me to the immortal world above. Sorry, but you’re about to die.”

Without any hesitation, Yang Qi used the Blood of the One God to power the Wheel of Fate, which smashed invincibly onto the immortal emissary.


The immortal emissary’s head began crumbling like a clay roof tile, causing blood to ooze out everywhere. Of course, that was no ordinary blood; it was filled with universal power and the magical laws of an immortal world. Even a drop of such blood would become like a sea of power in the mortal world and could give birth to endless living creatures.

“Hellfire Crucible!”

In the blink of an eye, Yang Qi shoved the badly injured immortal emissary into the crucible, then locked it tight with the Devil-God Seal. Then, he shrank the crucible down to the size of a fist and threw it into the God Legion Paradise.

The immortal emissary was a paragon-like entity who even the supreme rector and the initiators would kowtow to without thinking. But now he was trapped, and could be refined at will by Yang Qi.

Yang Qi threw his head back and laughed uproariously, then floated down from on high to land on the Plane of Initiation, where he looked around at the stunned supreme rector, initiators, society chiefs, and vice-rectors.

The fight which had just occurred had ended in the blink of an eye, and no one present had any idea of what to do next. Acting on pure instinct alone, they backed away from Yang Qi. Before they could even regain their composure, the fight was over, the immortal emissary was imprisoned, and Yang Qi was standing in front of them with a vicious smile on his face.

“W-what… what just happened?” the supreme rector stammered.

“What just happened?” Yang Qi said. “You don’t know? Well, let me summarize. You lured me here on the pretext of making me the next supreme rector. But in reality, it was a trap, and that immortal emissary was waiting here to apprehend me. Thankfully for me, I realized what was happening, so I captured the immortal emissary instead, who I will kill and assimilate later. The real question is what to do with you lot.”

As he spoke, he walked over and sat down on the supreme rector’s throne, then tapped his finger on it, causing a clear, resonant sound to echo out.

At this point, one of the society chiefs lost control. “Yang Qi!” he screamed. “How dare you! You killed the immortal emissary?! It's bad enough that you’ve sown chaos in the mortal world, but now you’ve gone and insulted the immortal world!? You’ve sullied the name of the heaven on high!” Pointing his finger accusingly at Yang Qi, he continued, “Release the emissary immediately! Then kowtow and admit to your crimes. If you go back to the immortal world with the immortal emissary, you might even end up living through all this. If not, the immortal world will rain fury onto your head and you’ll be completely powerless to defend yourself.”

“Oh? You're the society chief from the Pill Society, right? Lucky for you, I need a good slave to concoct pills for my clan, so therefore I won’t kill you.”

He waved his hand.


An eruption of vital energy dragged the society chief over and forced him to his knees in front of Yang Qi.

“No!” the society chief shouted in fury, yet he was powerless to rise to his feet.

1. Nimitta is a Buddhist term which refers to signs of visions that arise in meditation. Animitta basically means the lack of that.

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