Chapter 511: The Trap

All the top leaders in the Sage Monarch planetary system heard the announcement and immediately used various wormholes to follow Yang Qi to the central meeting location. All of them felt that something suspicious was going on and advised Yang Qi to avoid going.

However, Yang Qi merely chuckled. 

“I knew it was a trap the minute I heard it,” he said. “Besides, if I want his position, I’ll just go take it. I won’t sit around waiting for him to give it to me. It’s obvious the supreme rector isn't going to ascend right now. It’s a conspiracy, plain and simple.”

“In that case, Qi’er, why would you go?” Yang Zhan asked.

“Because the reason they set this trap is likely because they sent a petition to the immortal world asking for help. If my speculations are correct, there’s probably a banished immortal waiting for me at the collegium.” Above his head, it was just possible to make out an enormous, spinning wheel. Thanks to that wheel, he could see into the depths of all matters and perceive things which were normally hidden.

“So what are you planning to do?” Yang Zhan asked. Knowing that Yang Qi would be going in forewarned and forearmed, he felt a lot more confident.

“I’m going to go see what's going on,” Yang Qi replied, “and just how strong this person that they sent to deal with me is. I just achieved multiple breakthroughs, and the power levels I need to continue onward surpass anything in the mortal world. I could go to the Hell of Mahānata and hunt immortal-level fiend-devils. But that would be dangerous, and it could attract the wrong kind of attention. A banished immortal from the heaven above would be a different story. That could be just the ticket I need to achieve another breakthrough. I'm a Potent Demi-Immortal, but if I rose another level, I might be strong enough to break open a passageway into the immortal world and ascend on my own. Besides, I could also use this opportunity to conquer the Titan Emperor Collegium, then unite the Four Wilds and the Central Planetary River. At that point, I could formally found the Sage Monarch Collegium.”

His eyes glittered brightly. “I'm done waiting around. I'm going to go execute those scourges and put an end to the Titan Emperor Collegium. Waiting too long would reduce my chances of success. After I take down the collegium, and cut off lines of communication with the heaven above, the magical laws of the mortal world will cut off any immortals who are here. In other words, I wouldn’t need to fear reprisal from the Titan Emperor Heaven. And even if they try to do something, I have a backup plan with my kingdom in the Hell of Mahānata.”

Yang Zhan nodded. “Just be careful, Qi’er.”

Turning to Sword Seventeen, Yang Qi said, “Let’s go, Elder Seventeenth Brother. Let’s see what the initiators and the supreme rector have to say for themselves.”

“Alright,” Sword Seventeen said, looking very stern and awe-inspiring as he pulsed with boundless sword energy. “We're strong enough now that we can definitely take on Paragon Demi-Immortals. I'm curious to see what actual immortals are like.” 

With that, they flew out to meet the initiators.

When the initiators saw them, their faces lit with joy. “There you are, you two! Hurry, we don’t want to keep the supreme rector waiting any longer than necessary!”

“Oh?” Yang Qi said with an enigmatic smile. “Is the supreme rector that anxious to hand his position over to me? I was just heading toward a cultivation base breakthrough, so I really don’t want to waste any time.”

“Is that so?” The initiators exchanged pleased smiles. “Society Chief Yang Qi, are you saying you haven’t achieved any breakthroughs recently?”

Yang Qi nodded. “Achieving that next breakthrough is very important, but once I heard the news from you I suppressed the energy flows. I’ll proceed after I'm the supreme rector.”

‘This fool really wants to become the supreme rector, doesn’t he? Sadly, the only place he’ll end up is an early grave.’

‘This guy is dead already. He might as well stop dreaming about being the supreme rector. Who would have thought that we would work so hard to lay a trap and he would just jump in head first?’

All of the initiators were contemplating how much they hated Yang Qi and couldn’t wait to see him dead. However, they didn’t let any such feelings or thoughts show on their faces. 

“Society Chief Yang Qi, it's only going to be a short time before we’re addressing you as Supreme Rector. We really hope that you’ll take care of us at that point.”

“Well of course I will!” Yang Qi said coolly, the way a superior would talk to a subordinate. “However, the lot of you will need to know your place. I won't be lenient at all. Anyone who breaks the rules will be executed promptly.”

The initiators reacted with visible astonishment, nearly choking from shock.

Inside, they began cursing him, and actually had to hold themselves back from simply attacking him. ‘This little punk is really looking to get killed. How faceless do you have to be to openly chide us like that?’

‘He’s definitely courting death, and we’re not going to let him off the hook.’

Inside, the initiators were howling with fury, but on the outside, they pretended to be all smiles. 

“Of course!” one of them said. “Supreme Rector, you’re absolutely right. From here on out, we’re going to be completely loyal to you. We can’t wait to get to work on bringing the collegium back to glory.”

“Yes, of course….” another said. They all laughed, but their expressions made them look like they were crying.

Sword Seventeen chuckled inwardly. ‘These mongrels love to abuse their power, but my Junior Brother has them wrapped around his finger. This is awesome.’

‘What a bunch of ridiculous morons,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘In a moment, they’re going to look even more ridiculous.’

Before long, the Titan Emperor Collegium appeared ahead of them and Yang Qi immediately spotted the bedraggled Plane of Initiation. At first, nothing about it looked amiss, but by stealthily drawing on the power of the Wheel of Fate he was able to sense that danger lurked there. That confirmed his suspicion that this was a deadly trap. However, the Wheel of Fate was also telling him that he would be able to come out alive in the end.

Keeping his guard up, he entered the Plane of Initiation.

The initiators were gathered in the middle, with the supreme rector in the lead. When he saw Yang Qi, he immediately rose to his feet. “So you finally came, Yang Qi!”

“Supreme Rector, I heard you want to pass your position to me already. But honestly, I don't see how I could fill your shoes. I'm afraid I have to decline your offer and—”

“Oh, there’s no need for that,” the supreme rector quickly interjected. “You're definitely qualified to be the supreme rector. You see, I’ve already contacted the heaven above and they agreed to my proposal. All we need to do now is go through the formalities, and the heaven above will bless you and formally name you the supreme rector. At that point, all of the initiators will bow their heads to you.”

“Is that so?” Yang Qi said, then paused dramatically, during which time everyone stood there with bated breath. Some of the initiators were even trembling with anxiety.

“There’s no need for deliberation!” the supreme rector suddenly said. “Come, everyone. Offer your respects to the new supreme rector!”

With that, he gave a meaningful look to the initiators, vice-rectors, and society chiefs.

“Er, of course!” Everyone hurriedly stepped forward, bowed their heads respectfully, and offered respects. 

“Yang Qi, please. Accept the position of supreme rector, and send your petition to the heaven on high so that we can formally address you as such.”

Laughing heartily, Yang Qi said, “Alright, fine. Since you all seem to want this so much, I’ll accept your magnanimity. I wouldn't want to be impolite, after all. Let’s start the ceremony, Supreme Rector.”

“Very well,” the supreme rector said, beaming with joy. “You stand in that spot right over there and offer your prayer to the heaven on high. They’ll send down a decree momentarily.”

“Really? Wonderful.” Yang Qi took two steps forward to the spot the supreme rector had indicated, where a circle had been imprinted on the ground. Then he glanced up into the sky. The supreme rector looked on eagerly as he waited for Yang Qi to start praying.

However, Yang Qi didn’t offer any prayers. Instead, he pointed off into the distance and said, “Hey, what's that?”


Everyone turned to look at the direction in which he pointed.

It was all the distraction he needed.


He suddenly shot up into the air, transforming into an enormous wheel that rumbled loudly as it turned. The entire Plane of Initiation was instantly covered with its might as it drew on the power of fate to twist and distort even the dao of heaven.

“Immortal from heaven descended into the mortal world? Emissary from the immortal world? You think you can sneak around and plot against me? I was expecting that! This is the Wheel of Fate, and it can change your future. You weren’t fated to die here originally, but as soon as the Wheel of Fate begins to turn, it can change everything. And now, your fate is to be buried!”

Then he unleashed the most powerful attack he could.

When he was only a second order Demi-Immortal, he could already fight and kill Lei Jiuzhou, a powerful Demolisher. Now he was in the fourth order, many tens of times stronger than before, and with the profound Wheel of Fate on his side.

And now, he was using all the power he could muster to launch an attack at the Plane of Initiation.


An agonized shriek echoed through heaven and earth as the Plane of Initiation trembled violently, then began collapsing.

Yang Qi had already severely injured the immortal emissary!

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