Chapter 510: A Banished Immortal Arrives

As a Potent Demi-Immortal with perfect genes, Yang Qi was invincible in the mortal world.

He had established a kingdom in the Hell of Mahānata, using the śarīra of the Preheaven Magnetic King as its foundation. That kingdom was protected by protomagnetic godlightning and his imperial snakecharms, so if anything unexpected happened in the mortal world, he could easily take the Sage Monarch planetary system there to be safe.

Upon seeing Yang Qi’s kingdom, Sword Seventeen pulled out the fragment of the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace that he had.

“It's too bad we don’t have the complete Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace,” he said. “The imperial snakecharms represent slaughter and devouring, so using them as a defensive measure is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. But King Mourn-Parting’s Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace would be the perfect thing to add to your kingdom’s defenses. Here.”

Although it was a powerful immortal item, it didn’t conform to his cultivation. After all, he focused on sword technique, including sharpness, killing blows, accuracy, and the like. The Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace was a precious treasure perfect for defense, complete with spell formations, shields, and other things that could defend against immortal items.

“Good point,” Yang Qi said. Taking the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace, he added it into his kingdom.

After being refined by his true energy, it began glowing with a bright light and transformed into an immense palace that was as dazzling and splendid as a jewel, except with immense defensive powers.

“Godworm,” Yang Qi said, and a godworm egg flew out. It hatched a moment later, and he sent the newborn godworm larva into the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace to grow.

“There are nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine halls that make up the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace,” Yang Qi said. “Right now, we have one. I wonder where the others are. I imagine I’ll run into them eventually. Each one I find, I’ll add to my kingdom here.”

Days passed, and many key figures from the Yang Clan went to Yang Qi’s kingdom in the depths of hell. That place was now like a second nascent divinity for Yang Qi, and with his soul branding mark in it, it was completely fused with the Hell of Mahānata, giving it the most consummate of foundations.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi’s immortal clone was also making significant improvements. Now that he had cultivated both the Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao and the Prodigious Proto-Epoch, Invincible War-Steppe, he had reached an even higher level, and had improved his genes and substructure significantly.

The clone had started out with genes that were ten million times as powerful as ordinary genes, but cultivating godly-class energy arts had improved that.

Everyone was advancing by leaps and bounds.

Of course, the Sage Monarch planetary system was still a part of the Yore-Wilds planetary system, which was in turn part of the Titan Emperor planetary system. There were other planetary systems as well, including the Waste-Wilds, Brute-Wilds, and Proto-Wilds, and the experts there were aware of what was happening in the Yore-Wilds. To them, it had become a forbidden region; they all knew that if their disciples went there and somehow offended Yang Qi, it could lead to a massacre.

In fact, many clans had already begun contemplating whether or not to support, or even join, Yang Qi. Slowly but surely, the Sage Monarch planetary system had begun to undermine the Titan Emperor Collegium.


The Plane of Initiation was now battered and damaged, covered with craters and debris.

In some ways, that dilapidated state represented the general decline of the Titan Emperor Collegium as a whole. Right now, the supreme rector was holding a meeting with the initiators and certain society chiefs. All of them were drawing deeply on their vital energy in an attempt to repair the damage to the Plane of Initiation. At the same time, they were waiting to hear from the immortal world above.

All of a sudden, a beam of dazzling light shot down from the highest heaven.

A holy and magnificent figure appeared, descending from on high and radiating magical laws of the dao of immortals that caused the Plane of Initiation to brim with life force.

Looking up, the supreme rector said, “That’s… an immortal emissary! The immortal world really is taking the situation seriously! We have hope! Hope!”

The initiators immediately began buzzing with excitement.

“Everyone offer greetings to the immortal emissary! We're all servants of the immortal world, so we can’t afford to show any neglect in receiving this emissary!”

“On your knees! Everyone on your knees to receive the immortal emissary!”

“Greetings, oh Immortal Emissary!”

“We offer respectful greetings, Immortal Emissary! May your glory last throughout the ages!”

The supreme rector, the initiators, and all of the society chiefs dropped to their knees to offer obeisance.

“You wretched scum!” the mighty figure shouted angrily. “You can't even handle the simplest matters! I can’t believe the collegium has descended into such chaos! How could you possibly practice cultivation for a million years only to be such useless curs?”

“Please, forgive us, Immortal Emissary,” the supreme rector said, his voice trembling with fear. “We did everything we could! But that wretch-devil is just too heaven-defying! He’s only a second order Demi-Immortal, but he killed the Demolisher, Lei Jiuzhou! We’re not a match for him. We wanted to kill him, and even used all of our Initiation Power in the attempt. But we failed! And now he's causing a reign of terror and carnage in the collegium!”

“I obviously know about that already!” As the majestic figure took shape, it was revealed to be a middle-aged man in an immortal’s robe. He had eyes that glistened like a river of stars, and radiated a glory the likes of which didn’t exist in the mortal world. “Your pathetic weakness is a real shame to the immortal world. When we received your petition, it was taken very seriously, and I've been sent here to resolve the situation. I’ll apprehend this Yang Qi and take him back to the immortal world to have his blood examined. From the look of things, he might be a genius that surpasses even the geniuses of the immortal world.”

“Many thanks!” the supreme rector bubbled joyously. “The immortal world clearly knows what is right and proper. That freakish hellion must be taken away and thoroughly researched.”

The truth was that even the supreme rector was ignorant and superstitious regarding the immortal worlds.

“Very well. Where is this Yang Qi?” the immortal emissary said. “Considering how strong he is, he surely has a few tricks up his sleeve. Why don’t you invite him here so that I can arrest him without incident? If things work out, and the immortal world benefits from this, they’ll surely send gifts down to compensate you for your losses. The million years’ worth of Initiation Power that you lost can easily be restored.”

“Of course. Many thanks, Immortal Emissary! We’ll send a decree to the Sage Monarch planetary system right away.”

Pointing to a handful of the initiators, he said, “Go to Yang Qi and tell him that I'm about to ascend. Say that I'm done with the mortal world and want to pass my mantle on to him. Tell him that we need to communicate with the heaven above before making the change official. In that moment in which we ‘appeal to heaven’, Immortal Emissary, sir, you can use an illusion to trick him into thinking the heaven above is about to bless him with power. Then, when he least expects it, you can capture him. We definitely want to avoid a situation in which the centipede does not stop wriggling even after being stomped on.”

“Not a bad plan,” the immortal emissary said. “I would never have guessed that you would be so shrewd. Once I apprehend Yang Qi, I’ll head back to the immortal world, at which time I’ll make sure that you're handsomely rewarded. Once you ascend, you won't start out as a low-level immortal, but will immediately rise in the ranks of officialdom.”

“Many thanks, Immortal Emissary!” the supreme rector said, his heart pounding with joy.

The initiators were already whispering amongst themselves.

“This immortal emissary is incredible! His grace is like the sea and his might is like hell! No matter how Yang Qi tries to get out of this situation, he's going to get caught. Then we can destroy the Sage Monarch planetary system and everyone in it!”

“Exactly. People are saying that the Sage Monarch planetary system has a lot of treasure in it. After all, he came out of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart with lots of loot. They say he has entire planets filled with wealth. That’s not to mention the godworm eggs and immortal items he has. We’re finally going to get our chance to become Demolishers! And once we ascend, we’ll be immortal officials right off the bat! Just imagine the luxuries we’ll enjoy!”

“I heard that the immortal world above is rich beyond imagination, and a place of ultimate beauty. It's a far, far better place than the mortal world. You could even say that the Titan Emperor planetary system is a prison, and that we're trapped here just waiting to achieve freedom and independence.”

“This is an incredible opportunity.”

“Once we ascend, we can forget about everything in the mortal world.”

“That’s right.”

Meanwhile, the initiators the supreme rector had spoken to moments ago flew off in the direction of the Sage Monarch planetary system. When they reached it, they didn’t dare to enter it. The devil energy and killing intent within the place was strong enough to rip even them to shreds.

That fact caused expressions of terror to appear on their faces as they suddenly realized that, if nothing happened to change it, the Sage Monarch planetary system would eventually surpass the Titan Emperor Collegium. And of course, two tigers cannot live on one mountain; eventually, the latter would come to serve the former.

“We bear a decree from the supreme rector!” the lead initiator said. “He will ascend soon, and cannot allow the Titan Emperor Collegium to go leaderless for even a day. Yang Qi will bear his mantle and lead the collegium into glory. Yang Qi, please come with us to the collegium, where we will appeal to the heaven above to approve the measure.”

Their booming voices ensured that everyone in the Sage Monarch planetary system heard the announcement.

In response, Yang Qi quickly gathered all of the key figures.

“Something fishy is going on here, Junior Brother,” Sword Seventeen said. “Do you think the supreme rector might have set a trap for you?”

“He’s right, Qi’er,” said Yang Zhan. “You probably shouldn't go.”

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