Chapter 509: Fierce Breakthrough

Yang Qi had perfect genes that were eight hundred forty million times stronger than the average person. Considering that, it was difficult to contemplate the type of tribulations that he would face. It was like eight hundred forty million Demi-Immortals all experiencing tribulation at the same time. That was a power that could wipe out an entire planetary system!

Yet the Wheel of Fate simply crushed the tribulation out of existence.

That enormous wheel seemed capable of shaking an immortal world so hard that it could open up a passageway there.

‘Fourth order Potent Demi-Immortal breakthrough!’ Yang Qi absorbed the vital energy of the tribulation and used it to convert the surrounding power of the Hell of Mahānata into something he could use.

Being here in the Hell of Mahānata meant that he had plenty of power to work with, and with the quintessence energy and blood of the heaven-immortal he had absorbed, could achieve two successive breakthroughs.

As the power within him began fading, Yang Qi realized that his breakthrough momentum was over. His cultivation level was stabilizing, and thanks to the transformation of his quintessence-blood and vital energy, another hundred million megamammoth particles within him were converting into dracomammoths.

The difference between dracomammoths and megamammoths was immense. After all, megamammoths could inhale the cloud cover and unleash brute power of epic proportions. But they couldn’t pierce through the air and fly. In contrast, dracomammoths had a combination of the godpowers of heaven dragons and megamammoths, a preheaven power source that gave them the marvelous ability to soar among the clouds.

‘Power! My power levels have increased by at least tenfold. Now I can definitely summon Universal Demi-Immortal fiend-devils without any problems whatsoever. And I can probably summon Paragon Demi-Immortals as well….’

He waved his hand and nine Hell Portals appeared. Within them it was possible to see all sorts of fiend-devils, including asuras, infernals, giant snakes, bronzeblaze fiend-devils, destruction devil-gods, metal-smelting ghost-devils, blood-drinking great-devils, bleach-boned true-devils, and more.

All of them were ninth order Paragon Demi-Immortals, entities which would be considered impossible to defeat in the mortal world. They were things that could dominate entire planetary systems.

But Yang Qi could summon them with ease.

“Greetings, exalted master,” they said, kneeling and bowing their heads.

“Go and stand guard over the Sage Monarch planetary system,” he said. “I'm establishing a new world here within the Hell of Mahānata, a pure land that will serve as a backup line of defense for the Sage Monarch planetary system, a place where it will be completely undefeatable.”

With that, he waved his hand and opened a passageway. He was now so deeply connected to the essence of the Hell of Mahānata that he could manipulate it with ease, and now that he was a Potent Demi-Immortal he was more than strong enough to fight and kill heaven-immortals. In fact, if he fought someone like Lei Jiuzhou right now, he would be able to crush them with the snap of his finger.

In a fight in the mortal world, he would truly be invincible, even if a host of enemies ganged up on him.

However, he wasn’t ready to leave the Hell of Mahānata yet. He wanted to establish a pure land here, a bastion of retreat for the Sage Monarch planetary system. After all, he was more worried about his friends and family than anything else.

If war broke out and experts from other planetary systems came to lay siege, it could result in the destruction of the Sage Monarch planetary system. Although setting up a lair in the Hell of Mahānata would be dangerous, not even experts from the immortal worlds would take the fighting there if he was successful.

Unfortunately, the devil energy of the Hell of Mahānata was so intense that it would be a big danger to the Sage Monarch planetary system, and could easily devilize it.

Therefore, he wanted to set up a spell formation filled with pure immortal energy. And the best way to do that would be to convert the local devil energy into immortal energy.

Normally, not even heaven-immortals would be able to do something like that. But to someone who cultivated the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth and commanded the Wheel of Fate, it was definitely possible if enough effort was exerted.

“As the universe rotates, the śarīra of the Magnetic King gives birth to an immortal world, and hell blossoms….”

As he sat there cross-legged, he drew on his energy arts and sagelight swirled around him. It almost looked like a blossoming lotus flower.

Hell blossoms.

Power bubbled up from the dark golden soil and then poured into the lotus Yang Qi had created.

“The śarīra of the Magnetic King gives birth to an immortal world!”

He extended his hand and the śarīra caused everything around it to twist and distort as an enormous kingdom came to be.

Hellfire Crucible!”

As the Hellfire Crucible appeared in the middle of that enormous kingdom, a vortex popped into being above it and sucked in all of the dangerous devil-energy that had immediately begun to corrode it.

“Thunder-Lightning Void-Shattering Immortal Formation! Protomagnetic Godmountains! Imperial snakecharms!”

In a single breath, Yang Qi sent out all of his most powerful magical treasures to surround the kingdom.

The imperial snakecharm became a primal-chaos elder-snake and began devouring huge mouthfuls of devil energy, sending it into the Hellfire Crucible.

A variety of spell formations appeared, bolstering the kingdom in its place in the middle of the Hell of Mahānata.

This kingdom of Yang Qi’s counted for almost nothing, compared to the enormous Hell of Mahānata as a whole, therefore it didn't attract the attention of any of the extremely powerful entities that also existed there.

Eventually, the kingdom began to take physical shape. Devil energy abounded outside of it, but inside, it was rife with immortal energy. And any devil energy that came inside was instantly converted to the immortal type.

‘Great! Wonderful!’

Yang Qi called upon his primeval godworms, which opened up numerous wormholes to less dangerous locations that disciples could travel to to fight fiend-devils for training.

The Sage Monarch planetary system was currently a flourishing place where danger didn’t even exist. Unfortunately, life springs from sorrow and calamity, and death comes from ease and pleasure. If the inhabitants lived lives of pure safety, it would eventually lead to disaster.

Fighting battles in hell was the perfect training, and they would allow the disciples of the various organizations in the Sage Monarch planetary system to steadily advance and become stronger.

Even if war didn't come soon, Yang Qi wanted his people to be ready. He wanted a new generation of geniuses to be groomed, thus he would have the disciples from his planetary system come here to train in hell.

After the kingdom was complete, Yang Qi stepped outside, looked back to examine it, and was very pleased.

At this point, he finally returned to the Sage Monarch planetary system. There, his mother was deep in a meditative trance, surrounded by swirling lights as she attempted to achieve her next breakthrough. Yang Qi examined her, and could see that her cultivation base was stable, and that her genes were transforming in a very profound way.

At high levels, the Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao would cause one’s blood and energy arts to transform. In the end, his mother’s genes would make her hundreds of millions of times as powerful as ordinary cultivators. Although she wouldn’t get close to the level of eight hundred forty million like Yang Qi, she would still be considered a rare genius even in the immortal worlds.

“Father!” Yang Qi called. 

Yang Zhan immediately flew over and said, “What's going on, Qi’er?”

“I created a wonderful kingdom in hell,” he replied, “a place perfect for cultivation. Gather the core disciples of the Yang Clan, as well as my sworn siblings, and send them all there. Leave a few people behind in the Sage Monarch planetary system to oversee things. Right now, training is of the utmost importance. We have to stabilize our foundation, and not be careless in anything.”

Yang Zhan sighed. “I understand. The wind sweeping through the tower heralds a rising storm in the mountains. Trouble will be coming our way soon. The Sage Monarch planetary system has grown very strong. To think that we were like a clan of ants a few years ago.”

His words couldn’t have been truer. Only a few short years ago, the Yang Clan had been ants in Yanhaven, weak to the extreme and struggling with the other aristocratic clans just to survive. Now, they had truly become a noteworthy force in the world. Unfortunately, compared to all the other planes of existence and planetary systems, they were still small and weak. And that wasn't to mention the immortal worlds.

“Don’t worry,” Yang Qi said. “One day I’ll make sure our Yang Clan stands at the peak of existence. We’ll be the ultimate force in the universe and will look down on all living beings.” With that, Yang Qi called forth all the administrators of the Sage Monarch planetary system and began issuing orders.

Even Ghost Emperor Yama was there. By now, he was little more than a wretched-looking tramp who got along by begging and stealing. And thanks to the fact that his cultivation was based on the Infernal Deity Spear, he could rise no further in the Demi-Immortal level. Years ago, he had been an all-powerful ghost emperor who shook all creation. But not anymore.

All around him, disciples of the Yang Clan had been achieving breakthrough after breakthrough, and it was the same with Yang Qi’s sworn siblings. Despite his setbacks, he still hoped to do the same one day. 

“Milord!” Ghost Emperor Yama said. “The Infernal Deity Spear you passed on to me is too difficult to cultivate. I was hoping you—”


Yang Qi waved his hand, and Ghost Emperor Yama exploded into a cloud of blood and bone dust. It happened so quickly that he didn’t even know what happened.

“Scum,” Yang Qi said. “All you wanted to do was leech off my godly-class energy art. You were a catastrophe in the making, and the Sage Monarch planetary system is a lot safer with you gone.” Yang Qi took the scrap of Infernal Deity Spear true energy that Ghost Emperor Yama had cultivated and tossed it into the Hellfire Crucible. 

As of this moment, Ghost Emperor Yama was a thing of the past. He had always been a deadly viper, hoping to make a comeback. For all anyone knew, he might very well have. In any case, Yang Qi would never allow anyone else to possess even a bit of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

Another possible future threat had been eliminated.

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