Chapter 501: Magnetic King Sarira

With just a sliver of enlightenment of the Wheel of Fate, Yang Qi’s true energy underwent heaven-shaking, earth-toppling transformations. He now had a basic grasp of the ultimate meaning of fate itself, making him tougher and more dangerous in every way. Lei Jiuzhou was a Demolisher, yet couldn’t measure up to the freak that was Yang Qi.

Thanks to Liege Beast, Yang Qi had grown his collection of imperial snakecharms to a total of seventy-seven, and that made him fully capable of tangling with immortals. And his basic grasp of the Wheel of Fate made him like a tiger that had grown wings; for all intents and purposes, he was invincible in the mortal world.

It was almost as if no incoming attacks could touch him. It was a type of defense that surpassed the God Legion Paradise itself. Generally speaking, the God Legion Paradise could absorb the force of most attacks that were roughly the same level as Yang Qi’s own strength. However, attacks that vastly surpassed him could still pierce its defenses.

But the Wheel of Fate could change fate itself and ensure that no attacks could even reach him.

It didn’t matter if it was the so-called power of dispellation, or daoist techniques of immense power. Any attack that was fated to hit him would be touched by the power of the Wheel of Fate, whereupon its fate would change. Instead, it wouldn’t touch him.

It was a profound and enigmatic thing that touched on the most mysterious of great daos.

It involved fate itself.

If an attack was fated to not hit Yang Qi, then not even immortals could hurt him.

Of course, because the Wheel of Fate wasn't fully formed, he could only tweak the fates of others. Otherwise, he would already have killed this Demolisher Lei Jiuzhou.

‘Why? Why can't my attacks even touch him? It’s like I’m fated to be defeated! Why do I have this strange feeling?!’

Lei Jiuzhou’s attacks were all failing, and the frustration almost caused him to cough up blood.

“This is pointless, Lei Jiuzhou,” Yang Qi said, walking toward him. “Accept your fate! You and your Lightning Society, and even your so-called Great Metropolis Collegium, are all fated to perish!”

He unleashed a palm strike, destroying the eighty-one lightning dragon clones and reducing them to ash.

“Don’t be so cocky, Yang Qi!” cried a nearby young woman who was flanked by a whole host of disciples from the Lightning Society. “Protomagnetic Godmountains: Great Dao of the Sun and Moon!”

Suddenly, immense protomagnetic mountains began rising into the air, taking the shape of an immense spell formation.

The other disciples from the Lightning Society shouted, “Preheaven Converse: Give Birth to Primal-Chaos!”

In the blink of an eye, the entire area seemed to revert to its state at the beginning of the universe. At the same time, every member of the Great Metropolis Collegium, which included all of the top experts from the Lightning Society, joined forces to attack Yang Qi.

Within their Magnetic King Grand Spell Formation, they were seemingly invincible and already had Yang Qi completely locked down.

The fight seemed to be reaching a climax.

Countless observing experts were itching to see how it would all play out. Victory or defeat would definitely be determined here; either Yang Qi would break the formation, or the disciples from the Lightning Society, led by their Demolisher Lei Jiuzhou, would kill Yang Qi.

However it turned out, everyone now recognized that Yang Qi was the type of person who was not to be trifled with. His blood-drenched performance so far had made that clear.

Of course, it was possible that both parties would end up so wounded that others would be able to swoop in, capture them, and absorb their nascent divinities.

Some of the nearby experts were already building up their power to make a move, with some of them preparing spell formations.


As Yang Qi stood in the middle of the spell formation and faced the attacks of Lei Jiuzhou, he seemed to grow stronger with each moment.

He looked like a god-spirit, with a strange and unseeable wheel forming behind him, partly real, and partly illusory. It was like an alternate dimension of some sort that could twist the fate of the entire world. Any attack that faced that enormous wheel would simply fade out of existence.

“Die!” he said, stepping forward to face one of the enormous Protomagnetic Godmountains. Reaching out with sky-obfuscating, land-enshrouding power, he smashed his hand into the mountain, which rumbled down into a single point of shining light on his palm.

He had absorbed the entire mountain!

Each of those Protomagnetic Godmountains was like something created by an immortal. They were filled with protomagnetic preheaven energy, which would allow them to rapidly suck in any metal-type objects in the area. In fact, for that reason, they were the bane of people who cultivated five phases metal-type energy arts.

Anyone trapped within the formation would find the balance of the five phases completely disrupted, and would quickly experience cultivation deviation, then death.

With countless disciples of the Lightning Society powering the formation, even a half-Demolisher who ended up trapped inside would be powerless to escape, and would likely fall into cultivation deviation.

Of course, Yang Qi didn’t need to worry about such things.

Back when he was in the Legendary level, he had gone through the Five-Phases Transformation, during which time he gathered plenty of five phases quintessence energy. Later, when he became a Great Sage, that energy was transformed by the Blood of the One God and came to exist outside of the three realms and five phases.

Because of that, the Protomagnetic Godmountains were useless against him.


As soon as he absorbed the mountain, he sent some divine will inside and encountered something immensely powerful.

‘Thou mayest call me the Magnetic Witch-King. I began as a scrap of protomagnetic quintessence energy, then eventually cultivated my way to becoming an immortal. I created three hundred and sixty Protomagnetic Godmountains. Collect them all, and you can create a deadly zone of protomagnetic power, a grand spell formation that inverts the five phases, converges yin and yang, transforms life force, and melts vital energy….’

‘Interesting,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘So this is a magical treasure created by some ancient immortal. I already took the command flags for the Thunder-Lightning Void-Shattering Immortal Formation, and was going to add them to the Sage Monarch planetary system. If I include these Protomagnetic Godmountains, it will make the place even more invincible.’ Yang Qi was very impressed with the magical treasures this Lightning Society had at their disposal.

“Get over here, all of you! Hand over those Protomagnetic Godmountains!”


Godly light erupted from Yang Qi as he sent out a nascent divinity incarnation, which immediately headed toward the nearest Protomagnetic Godmountain.

Now that he had one Protomagnetic Godmountain, he had created a gap in the overall formation of floating mountains. Now they would be more difficult to operate. Even worse, Yang Qi was harrying them with his nascent divinity. Already, some of the dazzling light shining off the mountains had dimmed, revealing their surface to be some sort of black metal, like a magnet.

“Clever move, you bastard!” Lei Jiuzhou said, his face dark from rage.

Here he was, a Demolisher leading an entire army of disciples to employ a massive spell formation. Yet not even that was enough to deal with this second order Demi-Immortal. Obviously, if word spread about this, it would be impossible to maintain face in public.

“It’s time to show you what the śarīra of the Preheaven Magnetic King can really do! Quintessence-Blood Libation; Dragon Moon Hangs over Nine Prefectures; Pierce Heaven with Five Phases; Subvert All Virtue!” 


Lei Jiuzhou spat out several mouthfuls of blood, and at the same time the howling of ghosts and wailing of gods could be heard. It almost seemed like heaven and earth were reverting to their most original, wild state in which the five phases were in complete chaos.

Then an enormous śarīra shot out of Lei Jiuzhou’s head.

It appeared to be a rotating planet bursting with explosive, magnetic power, to the point where it almost looked like lightning. Popping sounds rang out as the five phases vanished and everything turned upside down.

This was the śarīra of the Preheaven Magnetic King.

Everyone who was looking on reacted with shock, and as the five phases energy was thrown into chaos, everyone under the level of a Universal Demi-Immortal trembled as though they might explode.

“Aghhh! What's going on!?” cried a seventh order Demi-Immortal. Then he screamed as he dissolved into a pool of blood and his energy was sucked into the śarīra, which began glowing with a faint hint of red light.

The śarīra pulsed, as though it were about to erupt with power at any moment.

At the same time, the Protomagnetic Godmountains seemed to have been powered up, and began shining with dazzling light. Even the mountain Yang Qi had taken trembled, then shot back to join the group.

Streams of protomagnetic godlight began whipping about, transforming anyone they touched into ashes.

“How dare you, Lei Jiuzhou! I can't believe you’re killing people from the Crapemyrtle Collegium!”

“Run! Everybody run! Lei Jiuzhou is going all out!”

“Those Protomagnetic Godmountains are totally invincible!”

“Get out of here! One of our elder kings just died!”

“Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me, please….” Even elysian children from various collegiums were in full flight. They knew that if they were unlucky enough to get hit by the protomagnetic godlight, they would instantly be turned into ash. Not even their nascent divinities would be left behind.

The area was completely empty within moments, except for Yang Qi and Lei Jiuzhou.

“Prepare to die, Yang Qi!” Lei Jiuzhou said. He took a breath, sucking all of the mountains inside of him. At the same time, the world seemed to tremble on the verge of collapse around him.

At this point, a very serious expression overtook Yang Qi’s face.

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