Chapter 499: Terrified

Southpalace Jade had died in the blink of an eye.

Dragon Sun-Chaser, with genes tens of millions of times stronger than the average person, had also died.

And now the barbaric young man with the saber was no more.

Three experts. Three famous individuals from powerful collegiums, the type of geniuses who only appeared once every ten thousand years or so. Yet when they encountered Yang Qi, a Fateless One, they were like jokes.

Yang Qi had perfect genes that made him eight hundred forty million times as powerful as an average person, and he used that power with deadly purpose.

As soon as the barbaric young man died, Yang Qi blurred into motion and began cutting down every person who stood in his way. He was a tiger among a flock of sheep.


An elysian child from the Coiling Arc planetary system was sliced to pieces in the blink of an eye. Before the pieces could stitch back together, a primal-chaos elder-snake appeared and gobbled them up to be converted into primal-chaos vital energy. After all, the talismans of King Heaven-Devourer were known to be able to devour anything in existence.

Now that Yang Qi had an additional forty-nine talismans, his primal-chaos elder-snake was vastly stronger than before, to the point where devouring Universal Demi-Immortals was no problem for it.

Flying up, Yang Qi took his place on top of the huge snake’s head.

The snake was over five hundred kilometers long, making it look like a divine dragon that was too big to fit into anyone’s field of vision. The imperial snakecharms were unique in that they had no limitations; as long as one could feed true energy into them, they would become stronger. Usually, immortal items and spell formations had limits which, if surpassed, would lead to a devastating explosion and the loss of the item itself.

But not the imperial snakecharms. Even in the immortal worlds, there was no one who could push so much power into them that they would explode.

Yang Qi controlled the snake from atop its head, directing it without mercy and unleashing a rain of blood everywhere.


A Paragon Demi-Immortal from the mysterious Eight Degrees Collegium was smashed to the side by the primal-chaos elder-snake’s tail, severely damaging his vital energy. Before he could launch a counter attack, a spear appeared, which immediately stabbed through his defenses and into the pit of his stomach. In the blink of an eye, his quintessence energy was sucked out of him, leaving nothing behind but a patch of skin.

Yang Qi hefted the Infernal Deity Spear and popped into being in front of another enemy, this one a woman from the Highest Clarity Collegium, who he ended with a single spear stab.

It was only at this point that the numerous collegium experts in the area began to burn with anger.

“Hmph! Does this guy really think he's better than all the heroes under heaven?”

“Considering how many of us there are, does he really think he can cut us all down? Who is he, an immortal from heaven descended into the mortal world? Even if he is, we’re still going to destroy him!”

“Set up a spell formation and kill him!”


Immediately, the elysian children and elder kings from the Great Metropolis Collegium led the other students in setting up a huge spell formation.

In the blink of an eye, the stars spun and the sun and moon sank down. Tens of thousands of students activated a spell formation that created an enormous tribulation cloud which spread out over Yang Qi. A moment later, dazzling lightning began to fall everywhere.

The mysterious, chaotic colors were terrifying to the extreme.

However, before anything else could happen, a hulking figure appeared, wreathed in lightning, including lightning dragons, snakes, and other divine beasts. The lightning soon took the shape of an ancient god of lightning.

“We’re from the Lightning Society in the Great Metropolis Collegium. And our Preheaven Protomagnetic Nine Metropolises Immortal Formation is inescapable! He’s definitely going to die! Considering how many of our society he slaughtered, if he doesn’t die, it would prove that there is no heavenly justice!”

Immortal energy of the Demolishing level began to pulse from this hulking figure. This person was obviously just on the verge of immortal ascension.

“Demolishing level! He’s a Demolisher!”

“Who is that? Who’s about to become an actual immortal? Immortals can’t stay for long in the mortal world before the magical laws of space reject them. However, during the short time they can stay, they’re essentially invincible.”

“Hey, it’s Lei Jiuzhou! He’s the society chief of the Lightning Society from the Great Metropolis Collegium. I thought he was only a half-Demolisher? How come he has the aura of an actual Demolisher now?”

“I heard that he came to the Immortal Army Battlefield to search for an ancient, powerful legacy—the śarīra of the Preheaven Magnetic King. That’s an apex-level immortal legacy. And nobody even knows how high the Preheaven Magnetic King went in the Demolishing level.”

“Wow, the śarīra of the Preheaven Magnetic King. That’s a treasure that would be considered rare even in ancient times. If Lei Jiuzhou used something like that to ascend to the immortal world, he wouldn’t be an ordinary immortal in any sense of the word. He would definitely be promoted immediately.”

“Alright, now that Lei Jiuzhou is making a move with immortal power, he’s definitely invincible. Nobody could possibly fight him. This Yang Qi is definitely dead.”

“Yeah, let’s hope that we can benefit a bit ourselves. This Yang Qi’s obviously not an easy opponent to beat. He already killed Southpalace Jade and Dragon Sun-Chaser, both of whom were half-Demolishers. Yang Qi is a beast!”

“Let’s back up a bit. We can only hope that these two will end up hurting each other.”

“Right. If they injure each other badly enough, we can be the fisherman to their sandpiper and clam! Wouldn’t it be great if we could get both the imperial snakecharms and the śarīra of the Preheaven Magnetic King?”

“Look, they’re about to start fighting. A Demolisher versus a Demi-Immortal.”

Everyone began backing away. The aura of a heaven-immortal in the mortal world could destroy countless planets, so there was no way these people were going to try to pick a fight with such a person.

‘A heaven-immortal?’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Someone on the boundless path of the Demolisher?’ He was mentally shaken, but quickly calmed himself. Looking over, he realized that this veritable god-spirit with control over the magical laws of lightning was staring right at him. At the same time, he was also facing a spell formation powered by the energy arts of countless experts.

“You did well to last this long in the Immortal Army Battlefield, Yang Qi,” Lei Jiuzhou said. “But your path stops here. Believe me when I tell you that your divine abilities, your energy arts, your momentum, and everything else that makes you up is about to fade into the wind. Look around, because this is the last thing you’ll ever see in your life.”

“So, you’re a measly heaven-immortal?” Yang Qi replied. “You know, I’ve never killed a Demolisher before, and I'm itching to find out what it’s like. I wonder what I’ll be able to use your soul to make.”

“You damned animal!”


Heaven and earth shattered as Lei Jiuzhou unleashed his attack, splaying his fingers and sending out an enormous hand with five fingers like mountains of lightning. 

“Five Lightnings Deathblow!”

Instantly, the entire area became a sea, a hell, and a starry sky of lightning. In response, Yang Qi shot to his feet on the head of the primal-chaos elder-snake, then sent out an enormous hand of sagelight. When the two palms slammed into each other, a massively destructive shock wave rippled out.


Ding. Ding. Ding….

Back in the Titan Emperor Collegium, on the Plane of Initiation, pinging sounds rang out from Yang Qi’s name, which was the complete focus of attention of the initiators and the supreme rector. 

“Yang Qi is killing so many experts in there. His score is climbing every moment. This is a massacre!”

“Correct. My nascent divinity clone has a lock on his position. He’s got some guts, that’s for sure. Instead of hiding, he intentionally released his aura to attract as many nearby experts as possible. Then he started killing them.”

“Is he crazy? What does he think he is, a Demolisher or something? I mean, not even a Demolisher would be able to come out on top against the experts of so many collegiums all fighting together. He’s definitely going to die.”

“You’re right. He’s really showing how presumptuous he is.”

“I’ve got him in sight! Incredible! He’s fighting Lei Jiuzhou, who’s already reached the Demolishing level! How did Lei Jiuzhou do it?”

“He must have found the śarīra of the Preheaven Magnetic King. With that, he could form preheaven vitality lightning, and if he fused with it, it would definitely push him into the Demolishing level. Well, Yang Qi is really down on his luck to be fighting a heaven-immortal.”

“But in the end, Yang Qi is a genius of our collegium. Should we save him?”

“Bah. Why save him? You're right he’s a genius, but he’s also a complete rebel. We’ll be better off with him dead. Although, we can’t let him die in vain. Letting Lei Jiuzhou kill him would be a waste.”

“Supreme Rector, what are your thoughts?”

At this point, all gazes shifted to the supreme rector as they waited for him to make a decision.

“Obviously we ‘save’ him!” the supreme rector said. However, there was a sinister gleam to his eyes. “If he dies, we need to make sure we have access to his corpse, and his soul. They will be very valuable. The question is how do we ‘save’ him?”

“Do you have a plan, Supreme Rector?” said one of the initiators, who was clearly unsure of what the supreme rector meant.

“Simple. Wait until Yang Qi and Lei Jiuzhou wear each other down, or until Yang Qi is about to lose. Then we charge in and ‘save’ him. Because we’re from the Titan Emperor Collegium, Yang Qi will let his guard down, and that will be our chance. Strike a deadly blow to his vital energy, grab him, and take him out of the Immortal Army Battlefield! Then we can do whatever we want to him!”

The supreme rector threw his head back and laughed loudly.

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