Chapter 492: Enemies Everywhere

“Let’s go,” Yang Qi said. “I can sense an aspect of space up ahead where some fighting is already breaking out. It’s not power from the Titan Emperor Collegium, so it must be from some other planetary system.”

Yang Qi and Sword Seventeen immediately shot forward into the folds of space.

Suddenly, a peal of laughter rang out. “Someone took the bait, boys! Turns out it was worth it to lay a trap here. It's two students from the Titan Emperor Heaven. Kill them!  Every student we kill is worth points!”

As the voice rang out, rumbling sounds filled the area and the power of a spell formation rose up.

Countless streams of lightning turned into a huge, heavenly net, in the middle of which were numerous eyes formed of electricity. Experts from another collegium lurked in the eyes, each and every one of them radiating auras of avarice, ferocity, bloodthirstiness, and slaughter. 

“It's the famous true-empyrean Thunder-Lightning Void-Shattering Immortal Formation from the Great Metropolis Collegium!” Sword Seventeen exclaimed. “Watch out, Junior Brother. These people must have figured out where the students from the Titan Emperor planetary system would emerge and set this trap for us.”

“We’ll be fine. I’ll just break the formation!” Yang Qi threw his hands out to meet the dense net of lightning. As he drew on the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, the projection of a godmammoth appeared above his head. It swished its trunk out and inhaled the lightning, and in the blink of an eye, the formation became very weak.

“Eternal Heavenly Aria!” Next, halos of blessing sprang up around Yang Qi.


He was like a wild beast as he tore his way through the spell formation, destroying everything in his path as he headed toward one of the eyes of lightning.

The expert in the eye wore dark blue robes embroidered with heavenly cities and palaces, garb unique to the Great Metropolis planetary system. 

The fact that Yang Qi was closing in on him was obviously a big shock. Shooting to his feet, he said, “Who goes there? How dare you encroach on the eye of our immortal formation? I'm an elysian child from the Great Metropolis Collegium, fool! If you want to hand your life over to me, fine, I’ll take it!”


He drew an enormous saber that crackled with lightning, then swept it out in front of him in a godly display of saber technique. 

Saber Slashes the Starry River!

Scintillating saber light appeared, along with an eternal starry river, which then exploded, sending starry shrapnel out to destroy the void. Obviously, this saber move was a boundless divine ability from the Great Metropolis Collegium, a thing of profound mystery, something that could easily cleave any opponent in half.

However, when the saber light reached Yang Qi, he simply reached out with the Hand of the One God and grabbed it.

Crack! Snap!

The saber shattered and the elysian child staggered backward, coughing up gobs of blood. He had tried to evade Yang Qi’s assault, but failed. 

Yang Qi stepped forward and unleashed several moves from the Hand of the One God, all of which contained millions upon millions of variations.


The elysian child shrieked in agony as his body was smashed into a pancake of gore, which was subsequently burned up by sagelight until he was nothing but ash.

Yang Qi then attacked left and right, punching holes in space and destroying any enemy student he saw. Pops rang out like firecrackers and dazzling light shone everywhere. It only took one blow for him to kill an elysian child, so there was little need to even mention the weaker students. Some who wore royal robes were obviously royal students from the Great Metropolis Collegium, yet they dropped like flies.

As he killed the enemy, Yang Qi saw their discarnate souls being sucked into him, where they formed a number. That was a function of the natural law of the Immortal Army Battlefield, which would keep track of the number of kills one had carried out. It was how rewards would be doled out later.

Ding. Dong.

Back in the Titan Emperor Collegium, on the Plane of Initiation, a shining light appeared, covered with a list of names. Of course, Yang Qi’s name was there, and it was rising high, while other names fell off the list. Already, his name shone with a bright light, compared to most of the other names. In the blink of an eye, he occupied the first place spot.

“He already killed an elysian child and that many royal students?”

The supreme rector and the initiators were completely taken aback. “How could he be so strong? My clone in there hasn’t even laid eyes on him yet, and he already has such a high score. If he makes it out alive, the reward he’ll get from the immortal world will be incredible. We won’t be able to stop him at that point! And the more enemy students he kills in there, the worse it will be. He might even achieve cultivation base breakthroughs. If that happens… nobody will be able to do anything about him!”

“Don't worry. The more he sticks out now, the faster he’ll get killed. In the Immortal Army Battlefield, there are as many experts as the sky has clouds. A lot of old-timers send incarnations in there to rack up points. Yang Qi is just going to attract their attention and get cut down. That will be our time to make a move.”

“Exactly. Make sure to keep track of him. Don't let him out of our sight!”

“We need to get our own incarnations to work immediately!”

“Yes. I depleted myself by eighty percent to form that incarnation. We have to track down Yang Qi.”

Meanwhile, the army of students from the Titan Emperor Collegium had entered the Immortal Army Battlefield and split up into countless teams. Numerous spell formations had already sprung up like mountain peaks, formations which pulsed with immortal true energy. All of them were essentially immortal items.

The spell formation set up by the Beastmaster Society appeared to be formed from the skeletons of numerous snakes, and the primal-chaos vital energy it belched took the form of a primal-chaos elder-snake.

That snake could easily devour heaven and earth, and the swish of its tail was an attack most people could never block.

It was a formation Liege Beast had gained enlightenment of thanks to his study of the imperial snakecharms, and was one of the most formidable presentations among all of the societies. It was also why the Beastmaster Society usually suffered the fewest casualties, and accumulated the most points, in the Immortal Army Battlefield.

“Liege Beast, Yang Qi just disappeared into that fold of space. Let’s follow him!”

Standing in front of Liege Beast was a middle-aged man clad in a suit of armor. The armor featured mysterious decorations, and it was hard to say what it was forged from. Gold, steel, silk, hemp, bamboo? Perhaps even keratin. No one could tell. However, it was very impressive and would keep the wearer’s aura completely cloaked, making him seem invincible.

Furthermore, no one would ever be able to see exactly who was wearing the armor.

The person concealed in the armor was the yellow-garbed young man with the buzz cut. It was a magical treasure that was intended to perform two functions. First, conceal his identity, and second, to make him strong enough to be able to kill Yang Qi.

“What kind of armor is that?” Liege Beast asked. “It’s not an immortal item. How come I can’t get a read on it? It's so strong!”

“It’s something I came across in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart,” replied the young man in yellow. “It’s called the Horned King Armor. It was created by a contemporary of the ancient King Immortal-Slayer, a powerful expert named King Wilds-Horn. According to legend, the armor was stitched together from eight thousand separate fragments. The complete set can be transformed into a wild and powerful god of ancient times. Right now, I only have a few pieces. Even so, with this armor, I'm invulnerable to anyone other than an immortal.”

“So it's a magical treasure similar to the imperial snakecharms,” Liege Beast said. “Miraculous! Chancellor Demi-Immortal, that daoist robe of yours is also an unparalleled immortal item, isn’t it? And you also have a godly-class energy art. Seems to me you’ll be achieving another breakthrough soon.”

Chancellor Demi-Immortal had also advanced significantly. Not only did he have a godly-class energy art, but he also had the True Gentleman Twin Polarity’s cassock, which caused him to pulse with a mysterious aura. Of course, to Liege Beast, he was still a weakling. The only one Liege Beast cared about was the young man in yellow.

“You flatter me….” Chancellor Demi-Immortal said, aware that Liege Beast wasn’t impressed with him. However, he managed to force a smile onto his face for a moment.

“Let’s not waste time talking. We need to track down Yang Qi.” Swish! The young man in yellow flew into the air and vanished.

Snorting coldly, Liege Beast followed.

As for Chancellor Demi-Immortal, he looked at them for a moment, then used some special technique to turn invisible and followed them. Although he wasn’t particularly strong compared to everyone else, he still hoped to jump out from the shadows at a certain point to gain some benefit.

Even as the three of them headed out, there were other mysterious figures who were tracking them, like orioles stalking a mantis.


“Kill him! Whoever this guy is, kill him! How dare he burst into our immortal formation and kill so many people.”

“This could be a big blow to our Great Metropolis Collegium!”

The enormous spell formation of lightning covered countless tens of thousands of kilometers, and had too many lightning eyes to count, each of which was occupied by an enemy student. And Yang Qi was going from one to another with impunity.

Each blow he struck was a fatality, with the spell formation eyes being powerless against the Hand of the One God. None of the enemy students could do anything to stand up to him.

Eventually, Yang Qi realized that the formation was being powered by a thousand flags that were stabbed into the void, each one of them covered with motifs of wind and lightning.

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