Chapter 486: God Blood

God blood.

The jade sphere was actually a drop of god blood.

The blood of immortals was considered precious and valuable. And the nine demon-immortal mammoth tusks that Yang Qi had acquired had contained immense reserves of power. Therefore, it was difficult to imagine how much power would be contained in a drop of blood like this.

As of this moment, everything clicked for the Holy Mother.

She extended her hand and absorbed the drop of god-spirit blood, which she then began to refine. In fact, all of the spatial jade in the area began flowing into her. As it did, her nascent divinity experienced a massive transformation.

The aura of heavenly tribulation filled the area and tribulation clouds flew in from beyond heaven. Lightning, earth, water, fire, wind, void monsters, heaven-devils, inner devils, and countless other entities assailed her, throwing her vital energy into chaos.

Normally speaking, only immortals could subjugate god blood, which contained the will of the ancient legion of gods. In fact, some weaker immortals who made the attempt would end up perishing.

However, that immense figure who seemed capable of traversing planes of existence seemed to be communicating with the God Legion Seal. As it was pacified, the god blood became mighty power that the Holy Mother could subjugate and take for herself. As a result, she blasted through the barriers that blocked her path to the Universal Demi-Immortal level.

God blood was immensely powerful, and the Holy Mother was only able to access one billionth, or even less, of its full potential. The rest would have to wait until she reached the Demolishing level. Even so, what she already had would be of immense help on her path of cultivation.

And once she did become an immortal, the god blood would make her much more powerful than other average immortals.

Of course, Yang Qi was also benefiting as well. As his God Legion Seal communicated with the mighty will within the god blood, thoughts flooded into his mind. Right now, what he lacked wasn't power in general, but rather, enlightenment. In terms of power, he was already strong enough to reach a very high place within the Demi-Immortal level. And the Hell of Mahānata was like his backyard, with a nearly endless supply of fiend-devils that he could use as fuel. Even the ancient Infernalfolk abounded there.

Of his eight hundred forty million particles, a hundred million were already dracomammoths, while the rest were still ordinary megamammoths. Once he converted them all into dracomammoths, he would be able to kill Paragon Demi-Immortals, and perhaps even hold his own against half-Demolishers like the initiators.

Now that he was in contact with the will of this ancient god, his soul was like a balloon that was suddenly being inflated.


All of a sudden, a nascent divinity branding mark flew out of Yang Qi and entered the essence of the Hell of Gloom and Darkness. In the blink of an eye, he became one with the hell around him.

‘What’s going on?’ He had yet again ensconced his nascent divinity, which actually came as a great shock to him. After all, it was second step Great Sages who, as they entered the Nirvanic Resurrection Step, would ensconce their nascent divinity somewhere. It was an iron-clad rule that the ensconcement could only happen once. In fact, it was as much of a constant as the equation 1+1=2. Never before had anyone ever ensconced their nascent divinity twice.

Yet Yang Qi had just ensconced his nascent divinity in both the Hell of Mahānata and the Hell of Gloom and Darkness. It wasn’t just a miracle, it was a complete contradiction of the fundamental principles of cultivation.

‘It's a violation of universal truth….’ he thought.

All of a sudden, a booming voice filled his mind. ‘The legion of gods can change truth. Truth exists beneath us….’


The essence of the Hell of Gloom and Darkness swirled to surround Yang Qi and bolster his cultivation base. As of this moment, he had another backyard. Now that he had two nascent divinity ensconcement seals in two different hells, he experienced a major breakthrough.

His vital energy erupted and the mother godworm in his God Legion Paradise began shedding. Powerful godly laws of space rippled out, and more ancient genetic memories from within the godworm were unlocked.

The mother godworm was stepping into the eighth stage, making her as strong as a Universal Demi-Immortal, and as Yang Qi received the blessings of the godly laws, he broke through and became a second order Demi-Immortal.

“Hell of Mahānata. Hell of Gloom and Darkness. Be linked!”

Rumbling sounds echoed out as Yang Qi chopped his hand out in front of him, opening a space-time wormhole that sprang out of the Hell of Gloom and Darkness and caused a dark golden greyspace to appear in front of him. It was a passage leading directly to the Hell of Mahānata.

Yang Qi had created a way to go from one hell directly to another.

The essence of the Hell of Mahānata flowed freely over to mix with the Hell of Gloom and Darkness, and the result was a brand new world. Even as that new world formed, Yang Qi faced tribulation.

This time, it wasn’t just the suicidal host of immortals that descended; he faced the decline of the universe as a whole.

‘Is that Destruction of the Heaven-Dao Tribulation?’ the Holy Mother thought, shocked. ‘How could that tribulation be coming for my son? According to the ancient records of the dao, it should only appear when one is breaking through to the Godmyth level. Well, good. If it appears in full, this entire hell is going to be shaken.’ 

Meanwhile, Yang Qi was inhaling and exhaling the magical laws of two enormous hells as he rapidly ascended to a higher level. As he became a Greater Demi-Immortal, fifty million particles within him transformed into dracomammoths. At that point, the will of the ancient god faded away and the God Legion Seal returned to his forehead, ending the tribulation.

The mother godworm was in the Universal Demi-Immortal level, and Yang Qi’s cultivation base made him a second order Greater Demi-Immortal.


He made a grasping gesture, and an enormous figure flew out of his Hell Portal. It was thousands of meters tall, and burly, almost like an ancient divine mountain, an entity whose mere breathing could cause planets to tremble. It was an infernal in the Universal Demi-Immortal level.

That was now Yang Qi’s limit of summoning.

The infernal immediately dropped to his knees to offer obeisance. “Greetings, Milord. I'm Infernal Skysurge.”

“Go defend the Sage Monarch planetary system,” Yang Qi said with a wave of his hand, and the infernal flew into a wormhole to do just that.

“Qi’er, you can summon Universal Demi-Immortal fiend-devils now!”

The Holy Mother was delighted. Not only because of that, but also because of her own profound transformation. She was completely different from before, with a new mastery of the Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao. The god blood she had absorbed had given her boundless godpower, and she even had some of the basic defensive measures provided directly by the god blood. Because of that, she could now easily face Paragon Demi-Immortals in battle.

Yang Qi shook his head. “I can summon them, Mother, but not in large quantities. It’s thousands of times more difficult than summoning Revered Demi-Immortals. And it's a big drain on my true energy. I need to rise a few more levels before I can summon an army large enough to deal with the Titan Emperor Collegium, or other collegiums. When the time comes, though, even heaven-immortals will fall beneath my forces.” 

After a moment of thought, the Holy Mother said, “Even so, it’s very impressive. Qi’er, considering the level of your cultivation base now, you don’t even need to fear heaven-immortals.”

“Yeah. In a one-on-one fight, I could definitely kill one of the initiators. Unfortunately, if they teamed up, I would lose. I definitely need to get stronger.” As of this point, Yang Qi would essentially be invincible in any duel in the mortal world.

Of course, there were always freaks in the world, such as the yellow-garbed young man with the buzz cut. People who had ancient, secret techniques could always defy logic.

“Mother, how is your cultivation base now? With the godrelic under your control, and that ancient god blood, you must have made big progress with your Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao. You’re right on the cusp of the Demolishing level, right?”

“Yes. I won't be able to fully absorb the god blood until I reach immortal ascension, but it's still a never-ending wellspring of power for me.” The merest effort on her part caused an immense world of jade to spread out around her in all directions.

“It seems the both of us really benefited,” Yang Qi said. “Who would dare to cause problems for us now? The Beastmaster Society? Hallmasters? Initiators? We could slaughter them all. The time has come to make the Titan Emperor Collegium and the Megaplexus Collegium my subordinates. Soon, I’ll rule the entire mortal world….” It almost seemed like Yang Qi was ready to ascend to the immortal world right now.

“Let’s go to the Hanging Mountain. Now that I'm a Universal Demi-Immortal, I understand the rotations of the universe and I can help you make the Hanging Mountain part of the Sage Monarch planetary system.” She rose to her feet and began flying, and Yang Qi followed.

“Mother, what's the secret to becoming a Paragon Demi-Immortal?” Yang Qi asked quietly.

“Universal Demi-Immortals understand the rotations of the universe and the movement of the constellations. That's why they can create planetary systems and set up enormous spell formations to govern the orbits of planets. Paragon Demi-Immortals go beyond that. They understand the most profound secrets of existence and can create entire planes of existence. They can even cut worlds apart. With the god blood I have, I should reach that level very soon.”

“Alright, let's get back as quickly as possible.”

With that, Yang Qi and his mother shot out of the Hell of Gloom and Darkness.

Meanwhile, two people stepped into the Beastmaster Society back in the Titan Emperor Collegium.

One of them wore yellow clothing and had a buzz cut covered by a wide-brimmed hat. The other was Chancellor Demi-Immortal.

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