Chapter 482: Negotiation

Yang Qi had acquired one hundred and thirty-eight godworm eggs from the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and now he was passing out dozens of them to his friends and family to help them with their energy arts.

Fusing with godworms provided immense help with the godly laws of space. When such laws bolstered certain energy arts, they could strengthen them by a minimum of tenfold, and sometimes even a hundredfold. And as the godworms grew, they would provide important genetic memories.

Normally speaking, Great Sages, and even Demi-Immortals, sought enlightenment of the mere magical laws of space.

But the genes of godworms contained information about godly laws.

Magical laws and godly laws were fundamentally different. The latter were created by the legion of gods, whereas the former were simply rules that governed the operation of the universe. Considering that the legion of gods could create one universe after another, it was only natural that their laws surpassed magical laws.

Even more relevant to the situation was that godworms would hatch at the Demi-Immortal level. In other words, if his friends and family raised the eggs to the point of hatching, they would gain what was essentially a Demi-Immortal clone. That was nothing to look down on, and would ensure that their rise to the Demi-Immortal level went much more smoothly.

By this point, the Sage Monarch planetary system had completely surpassed the Hanging Mountain, and it was no exaggeration to say that it was the strongest force in all of the Yore-Wilds planetary system. In fact, even taking all of the Four Wilds into consideration, there was nothing that could equal it, besides the Titan Emperor Collegium.

The strongest person in the Hanging Mountain was Yang Qi’s mother, who was a sixth order Prime Demi-Immortal. The August Patriarch was only a Tyrant Demi-Immortal, and although no one knew how strong Chief Snake was, he was definitely not a Revered Demi-Immortal.

Right now, Yang Qi could effortlessly summon seventh order Revered Demi-Immortal fiend-devils, thus, if he joined forces with his mother, they could dominate the entire Hanging Mountain.

‘I need to find time to go visit mother and give her a godworm egg. When the time is right, I can wipe out the Mammothfolk and use their blood to advance the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. I can destroy elder kings in the Titan Emperor Collegium, so what does the Hanging Mountain count for? Nothing. In fact, I’ll absorb it into the Sage Monarch planetary system. Eventually, I’ll unite all of the Yore-Wilds under the banner of the Yang Clan.’

Yang Qi was already forming a master plan.

Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam! Bam!! BAM!!!

Rumbling sounds erupted from Yang Zhan, Yang Yunchong, Yang Hualong, and others as Yang Qi helped them to fuse with the godworm eggs and use their animadestiny true flame to unlock the power within them. Their cultivation bases rose and genetic memories flooded into their minds, instantly making it possible for them to create space-time wormholes.

Yang Qi was pleased with the progress they were making, and finally felt he could rest at ease regarding the Sage Monarch planetary system. It now had tens upon tens of thousands of satellite planets formed from Greater Demi-Immortal fiend-devils, and the system as a whole had an undying devil soul that was already being converted into an undying god soul. No ordinary force would be able to break into the planetary system, not even an invasion like the recent one from the Megaplexus planetary system.


Just as he was preparing to complete his work, he sensed an eruption of power from some distance away, which pierced into the center of the Sage Monarch planetary system. Although no one else detected it, Yang Qi did, and he reacted by drawing on the full power of the entire planetary system. He quickly bolstered the satellite planets with the Eternal Heavenly Aria, which sent the projection of the god soul out.

Instantly, an enormous hand appeared which destroyed a certain portion of space, revealing an old man. His black robes were embroidered with gold thread that depicted majestic creatures such as dragons, phoenixes, and qilins. Just from the way he carried himself, he was obviously an important person.

“Who goes there?” Yang Qi said, rising to his feet along with Sword Seventeen. “Who dares to invade the Sage Monarch planetary system? What plot is this, trespasser? If you don’t explain yourself immediately, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Both Yang Qi and Sword Seventeen assumed that this was some hostile invader, thus they were already bracing themselves for a fight. Both of them could sense that this old man had a profound cultivation base that surpassed the vice-rectors of the Titan Emperor Collegium. In other words, he was probably half a step into the Demolishing level.

“What gall you have, Yang Qi! I'm an initiator of the Titan Emperor Collegium, with equal ranking to the supreme rector. How dare you use a spell formation to block my path! What’s the meaning of this?” Although the old man didn’t show it, he was actually surprised that the power of the undying god soul could keep him at bay.

“What? Initiator?” Sword Seventeen said with visible shock. “You’re an initiator?”

“What’s an initiator?” Yang Qi asked quietly.

Keeping his voice down, Sword Seventeen replied, “They’re the original founders of the Titan Emperor Collegium, and have immensely powerful cultivation bases. They reside on the Plane of Initiation, and normally speaking, not even royal students are aware of their existence. However, Master told me about them. They rank so high that even the supreme rector kowtows to them. They’re the true patriarchs of the collegium.”

Yang Qi snorted coldly. “He thinks I’m going to kowtow? As the society chief of the Invincible Society, I rank just as high as these so-called initiators. What, am I supposed to be afraid of them or something?” Raising his voice, he said. “Listen up, initiator. What are you doing trying to sneak into my Sage Monarch planetary system? My Master the Invincible Dugu already talked things out with you, didn’t he? Are you really going to keep pushing the matter? Are you really trying to make me an enemy of the Titan Emperor Collegium?”

“You, a mere student, dare to be so impolite?” This initiator had originally come to befriend, and even recruit, Yang Qi. But now he realized how ambitious and ruthless Yang Qi was, and saw that it would be no easy task to recruit him. It seemed that getting Yang Qi’s godly-class energy art would be much more difficult than they had imagined.

“I'm not a student anymore,” Yang Qi said, producing the command medallion of the Invincible Society.

“What? The Invincible Dugu gave you his command medallion? You’re the society chief of the Invincible Society?” The initiator was shocked at first, but after a moment, he chuckled. “Oh, I understand. The Invincible Dugu ascended, didn’t he? Otherwise, why would he do something like that?”

Instead of outright answering the question, Yang Qi provided a cryptic response. “Master said that if he ascended, you people would try to take my godly-class energy art, my godworm eggs, and all my other treasure. As it turns out, his predictions were spot on.”

“What?” Moments ago, the thought of the Invincible Dugu having ascended caused the initiator to breathe a sigh of relief, and had led him to believe that it would be much easier to deal with Yang Qi. But then Yang Qi plainly stated exactly what the initiator had secretly planned to do. Struck with sudden dread, the initiator surreptitiously looked around to see whether or not the Invincible Dugu was lurking somewhere nearby.

A moment passed, and he said, “You’re wrong. I came here to offer you a reward, and hopefully get on your good side. I have no plans to take anything from you. You see, we initiators are all on the verge of breaking into the dao of immortals and reaching immortal ascension. Why would we need to take anything from you? No, we want to give you things. We initiators had a meeting and came to the decision together. Originally, we intended to give you the rank of vice-rector. However, considering that you're already the society chief of the Invincible Society, I guess that's not necessary. 

“This is a bottle gourd full of Supreme Unity Complete Golden Immortal Pills. Back during the God-Devil Apocalypse, the Titan Emperor Collegium took the lead in fighting the Hell of Euphoria, and these pills were part of the reward given to us by the immortal world above. They can aid in breakthroughs and bolster your nascent divinity. We’re also going to issue a proclamation giving your mother complete rulership over the Hanging Mountain. As for August Patriarch Mammoth Heaven, he’ll leave to become a disciple of the Beastmaster Society. What do you say?”

‘Ah, that’s too bad….’ Yang Qi thought. He had hoped to wipe out the Mammothfolk, and thus remove one of his major enemies from the picture.

Reaching out, he took the golden bottle gourd from the initiator. It was roughly the size of a person, and, in fact, was a minor world of its own. Peering inside with true energy, Yang Qi saw stacks of golden pills that resembled embryonic children. They glittered with dazzling light and immense power, obviously the handiwork of immortals.

These were items which would be considered extremely rare in the mortal world, similar to godworm eggs.

“Now that you've been given this reward, Yang Qi, what do you have to say for yourself?” Even as the words left his mouth, the initiator was contemplating the next phase of his plan.

“There’s no need for the double-talk, initiator.” Yang Qi placed the bottle gourd into his own minor world. “My Master told me all about your plan. You want to get on my good side, then figure out a way to control me. You want to prevent me from improving my cultivation base. That way you can wait until my Master ascends, then force me to reveal the secrets of my godly-class energy art. As I'm sure you people know, my art is far beyond the lesser godly-class level. You hope that it will be the key to your own breakthrough and ascension, and that it will give you a high position in the immortal world. Right now, we're all in the mortal world, and nothing we do here can be considered relevant. Only the numerous immortal worlds above matter. Without ascending, and without becoming a Demolisher, we can all be considered wimpy schoolchildren.”

Yang Qi’s biting words caused the initiator’s face to drain of blood. However, the real reason for that was that he was worried about the Invincible Dugu, who apparently knew all about their plans and had instructed Yang Qi on how to deal with them.

Before, he had been convinced that the Invincible Dugu had ascended, but now he was sure of the opposite.

“Where exactly is your Master?” he asked, frowning. “I know you’re out there, Invincible Dugu! Show your face!”

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