Chapter 480: Tusita Heaven

A tiny scrap of power had leaked out and immediately turned into an immortal stone? What did that imply? In the mortal world, immortal stones were a rarity. Even a Demi-Immortal who accumulated them would view them as precious beyond belief and carefully keep their power in check.

In some places, heavenly worlds had intentionally left behind veins of ore containing immortal stones. However, such ores were usually guarded by powerful sects, or even the collegiums, making it impossible for outsiders to get remotely close to them. Forget the Sage Monarch Continent. Not even the Hanging Mountain had access to immortal stones.

Demi-Immortal experts would rush to fight over such resources yet, here, this immortal formation had only just linked with the Tusita Heaven and instantly produced an immortal stone. If word got out, it could lead to a catastrophe of epic proportions. And of course, there were more secrets to this immortal formation.

As Yang Qi peered into it, he saw a wormhole that apparently connected directly to the Tusita Heaven.

‘Can I go through it?’ he thought.

Waving his hand, he summoned a nascent divinity sealing mark that transformed into a life-like clone, which then leaped into the wormhole. Instantly, a powerful force of expulsion locked onto the clone and a tempest of violet immortal energy smashed into him, ripping him to shreds.

“What’s going on?” Yang Qi said. Apparently, the rumors of being able to reach the Tusita Heaven were nothing more than a story.

“Ah, come on, did you really think it would be that easy?” Sword Seventeen said. “Junior Brother, the Tusita Heaven is an incredibly high-ranking immortal world that is close to the kingdom of the gods. If you could just hop into a spell formation and go right there, well, that would be too simple. From what I can tell, this immortal formation is designed to draw on the power of the Tusita Heaven to create a holy land of cultivation. It’s basically a power source for our Planet Sage Monarch, a reserve of immortal stones that can ensure the strength and prosperity of the lands for a countless number of years. But it’s not a two-way tunnel.”

“Alright. But it still seems to me there’s more to this formation than meets the eye. I think I’ll understand when I'm a bit stronger.” Setting aside the matter of the spell formation’s enlightenment, he drew on the power of his nascent divinity and focused on his immortal clone, who was sitting nearby.

He extended his hand, sending the Invincible Heart flying out to land on the clone. A short time later, the clone began to pulse with a strong battle spirit, as well as godlight that resembled both steel and blood.

The clone had already made some progress with the Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao, and now he would be able to cultivate the Prodigious Proto-Epoch, Invincible War-Steppe. With the added empyrean energy from the latter, his two godly-class energy arts would be incredibly shocking.

Of course, he was benefiting from the Invincible Dugu’s Invincible Heart, which was the absolute quintessence of his energy arts, and would make progress much quicker and more efficient. In this energy art, the combination of steel and blood made one vastly more capable in a fight.

Soon, the sensation of steel veins filled the entire planet, causing everyone on it to pulse with vigor.

“Come forth, Tusita Violet Energy!” Yang Qi said. The formation erupted with violet energy, creating a mighty river that poured into the depths of Planet Sage Monarch, transforming into veins of immortal ore.

At the same time, he summoned more fiend-devils, who rose into the sky, their minor worlds transforming into devil planets. After all, even the minor world of a first order Demi-Immortal could transform into an actual planet. That was why the transformation of a continent into a planet could push a ninth step Great Sage into the Demi-Immortal level. Many Demi-Immortals throughout history had perished, only to have their quintessence energy eventually transform into a planet.

Yang Qi was summoning seventh order Demi-Immortal fiend-devils to become devil planets, which he then assigned specific orbital paths in the newly forming Sage Monarch planetary system. As they pulsed with devil energy, they became an enormous, deadly spell formation. Eventually, the devil planets also conformed to the rotation of the universe and slowly began forming undying devil souls, which was a function of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

Slowly but surely, Yang Qi could sense the power of the Sage Monarch planetary system growing, and, at the same time, he felt the rotations of the universe. Although he was only a first order Demi-Immortal, the truth was that he already had some enlightenment of Greater, Profound, Potent, Tyrant, Prime, and Revered Demi-Immortals. If he built up enough power, he could skyrocket through all of those levels.

However, the Universal Demi-Immortal level was difficult to gain an understanding of.

Now, as he summoned fiend-devils and transformed them into devil planets, they began to inch toward forming undying devil souls. That, in itself, allowed him to seek enlightenment of the rotations of the universe and pushed his psychic abilities higher. Slowly but surely, he was pushing past the peak of the Lesser Demi-Immortal level and heading toward becoming a Greater Demi-Immortal.

Days passed as Yang Qi, and everyone else in the Sage Monarch planetary system, focused on their cultivation. Already, the place looked dozens of times larger than before, with countless new satellite planets popping into being everywhere. There were hundreds of thousands of them, all bursting with power that seemed to increase exponentially as they linked together.


Off in the distance, two people had just emerged from the depths of some ancient ruins. One of them was the yellow-garbed young man with a buzz cut, and the other was Chancellor Demi-Immortal. Both of them were many dozens of times more powerful than they had been before, obviously the result of recently-acquired good fortune.

Laughing heartily, Chancellor Demi-Immortal said, “Who would have thought that I would acquire the legacy of an ancient immortal right here in these ruins. I actually acquired the cassock of True Gentleman Twin Polarity, giving me a significant boost to my overall power levels. And you acquired another of King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions. Now we’re even better equipped to meet our common goal of dealing with Yang Qi.”

He didn't have much time to revel before his attention was drawn to the distant Sage Monarch planetary system.

“Yang Qi is getting more and more powerful….” he murmured.

“This is definitely out of the ordinary,” said the young man in yellow. “Yang Qi is getting stronger too quickly.” Despite the recent advancements he had made, the sight of the Sage Monarch planetary system caused a very serious expression to cover the young man’s face. “What he’s doing is something rarely seen. He's obviously a Demi-Immortal, with abilities on par with a Universal Demi-Immortal. In fact, he might even be as strong as a Paragon Demi-Immortal. You need to look into this, Chancellor Demi-Immortal. Find out what's going on. Before we entered the ruins, I made sure that rumors would spread about him having those primeval godworm eggs. Why hasn’t anyone come to cause problems for him yet? Hurry up and contact your people within the collegium.”

“Okay.” Glaring with open hatred at the Sage Monarch planetary system, Chancellor Demi-Immortal pulled out a command medallion.

Before long, he received a response that contained the latest news.

“Incredible. As soon as Yang Qi got out, he killed a prime paragon elder from the Hall of Beheadings and Executions. He even killed an elder king! And then he fought four vice-rectors. In the end, the situation got so out of hand that the Invincible Dugu showed up. The final outcome… well, there’s no need to waste words. One of my people used his water-type energy arts to record the entire event. See for yourself.”

An image appeared, revealing all of the recent events with Yang Qi. His domineering nature and seeming invincibility on the battlefield was on full display. Eventually, the image showed the heads of the elders on spikes above the Invincible Society, dripping with blood.

Both the yellow-garbed young man and Chancellor Demi-Immortal fell into a deep silence for a long moment.

“He’s an outright devil,” Chancellor Demi-Immortal said. “Humans can't do things like that. Well, it might seem like a victory, but he’s really put himself in a bad position. He has more enemies than ever, now. And the old-timers in the collegium are definitely not happy with him. It seems it won’t be long before the Invincible Dugu ascends. Once he does, Yang Qi is dead! It doesn’t matter how overbearing he is. He has too many treasures, and even primeval god skills. There are going to be plenty of people willing to take him out to get them. In fact, the immortal world above might even send an immortal down to kill him.”

“I've considered all of that,” said the young man in yellow. “Once the Invincible Dugu ascends, it will be possible to kill Yang Qi. We just need to find the right opportunity. After acquiring this third legacy medallion, I have access to the Crown Prince’s will, although I haven’t had time to completely absorb it. The Crown Prince was a powerful person, the transmigration of an almighty entity from a high-level plane somewhere in the universe. Normally speaking, no one in the mortal world should have been able to kill him. However, Yang Qi has a fragment of the God Legion Seal, which can destroy anything and create anything. Not even King Immortal-Slayer could fight something like that. And so, the Crown Prince died. However, a centipede does not stop wriggling even after being stomped on, and the sealing mark he left in the medallion still struggles on. However, given enough time, I’ll refine and absorb it.”

“You can enter and exit the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart freely now, correct?” Chancellor Demi-Immortal said. “Now you have access to the treasures there, as well as its core power. With all of that, you should be able to kill immortals. I’ll be getting my share as well, won’t I?”

“Of course. There’s plenty of treasure to be had in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. Although, while it’s true I can enter and exit at will, it still takes an incredible amount of power, enough that it could cause my cultivation base to regress. I need to spend some time working on my cultivation before I try to do that. In fact, maybe we could even work with Yang Qi to get inside.”

“What?” Chancellor Demi-Immortal said, visibly taken aback. “You want to work with him? Isn’t that asking a tiger for its skin?”

“Not in this case,” the young man replied. “His Elder Brothers and Sisters from the Invincible Society are still stuck there. Unless he wants to wait ten thousand years, he’ll need to find another way to get back inside. So we take advantage of the situation. Once we get inside, I can turn the power of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart against him, kill him, and take the God Legion Seal.”

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