Chapter 476: Invincible

“Consummate skills? As far as I'm concerned, you’re children playing house!”

As the blade nimbuses reached Yang Qi, they shattered into fragments thanks to the Hand of the One God, and the stance Creation, which caused every lineament they contained to be absolutely destroyed.

Then Yang Qi made his move.

He didn't hold anything back at all, and as he drew on his power a minor world appeared right there in front of the Invincible Society. Of course, it was a manifestation of the God Legion Paradise.

Legendaries had personal domains. Great Sages had sage domains. But Demi-Immortals had minor worlds.

Back in the Hell of Mahānata, he didn't rely on his God Legion Paradise to fight Kingly Beheader. For one thing, he hadn’t been completely familiar with all of his new capabilities as a Demi-Immortal. But by the time it came to exchanging blows with the vice-rector, he was comfortable enough to do so.

“Hell Portals!” he said, and six Hell Portals appeared within the God Legion Paradise. Now that he was a Demi-Immortal, he could summon six Hell Portals, which perfectly corresponded to the six daos of reincarnation.

“What’s that?”

“A minor world. It's a minor world!”

“How could his minor world be so strong? Retreat! The magical laws here are going to be different now.”

“Everyone says that he has a primeval godworm, and that means his minor world contains the godly laws of space! We can’t stand up to that!”

“What are those six gates?”

“Look at the devil energy spilling out of them. Those are some sort of summoning portals, but what do they do? Don't tell me he can summon something as strong as the vice-rector?”

It only took moments for the square outside of the Invincible Society to completely empty of spectators as it filled rapidly with devil energy from the six Hell Portals.

Then a massive roar of rage shook the area as an enormous, pitch black entity suddenly appeared, seemingly built out of metal and pulsing with the aura of a seventh order Revered Demi-Immortal. Even as it emerged, halos of blessing surrounded it.

Some distance away, Ascendant Beheader said, “That’s… a black-iron power-devil! And it's a Revered Demi-Immortal! That thing is strong, but it won't be enough to deal with the vice-rector.”

He chuckled coldly. However, a moment later, his eyes went wide.


Countless fiend-devils poured out of the six Hell Portals. There were destruction devil-gods, giant asuras, yama kings, giant snakes, vampire kings, and nightmare devils. Even more shocking, there were Infernalfolk.

Entities abounded which could dominate entire worlds. All of them were Demi-Immortals, with the weakest being in the fifth order and some of them being as strong as the seventh. If even a single seventh order Demi-Immortal fiend-devil appeared in the Central Planetary River, it would cause major problems and would take a large force of powerful experts to deal with. But now, Yang Qi had summoned a veritable army of them.

They were like clouds of wasps or locusts, filling the entire square, each and every one of them vicious and evil to the extreme. Minor worlds popped up everywhere and devil energy surged, shattering many nearby warding magics.

“Not good!” the vice-rector gasped. Pouring power into his own minor world, he turned and tried to flee.

A swarm of ants can bring down an elephant, and in this situation, with so many fifth, sixth, and even seventh order fiend-devils on his hands, the vice-rector knew that, although he could start slaughtering them, his vital energy would drain quickly. That wasn’t to mention what would happen if Yang Qi continued to summon more and more.

Many famous potentates had existed back in the days of the Yore-Wilds, powerful Demolishers who had led the fight against the Hell of Euphoria. In those times, fiend-devils had blotted out the sky and lands alike and had been slaughtered relentlessly. But even then, top experts had run out of energy and fell in battle.

Right now, Yang Qi was casually summoning fiend-devils from the Hell of Mahānata, a place that surpassed the Hell of Euphoria by many times over. He already had hundreds upon hundreds, to the point where some people were having trouble keeping track of them.

Now that Yang Qi was a Demi-Immortal, he could summon seventh order fiend devils. However, there was more to it than that. His overall capacity had increased as well. At this level, he could summon tens of thousands of such creatures. And if he disregarded his own safety, he could summon an even larger army, a sea of fiend-devils that could drown the entire Titan Emperor Collegium.

There were too many fiend-devils in the Hell of Mahānata to count. Even billions or tens of billions would count for nothing there.

“Running? How could you be so weak, Vice-Rector?” Laughing, Yang Qi shot toward him. “Seems to me you shouldn’t be called vice-rector, but rather vice-rat!”


A mouthful of blood erupted from the vice-rector’s mouth.

“Stay your hand!”

“Stop right there!”

“You fiend-devil!”

Whooshing sounds could be heard as the other three vice-rectors flew out to block Yang Qi’s path and defend their compatriot. 

“What energy art is that?” one of them said. “How can you summon so many powerful fiend-devils? Don’t tell me that you’re bringing fiend-devils to attack the Titan Emperor Collegium?”

“You pieces of trash want to keep fighting?” Yang Qi said. “Fine, I’ll tell you what you want to know. These are my Hell Portals, and they can summon an endless stream of fiend-devils. You know what happened when the Hell of Euphoria invaded the Yore-Wilds planetary system. If you piss me off, I’ll bring the same chaos onto your heads.”

Although Yang Qi wasn't making any aggressive moves, he seemed just as fierce as ever.

“Come forth, fiend-devils of the Hell of Mahānata. These people called me a monster, so I'm going to show them what monsters really look like. As virtue raises one foot, the devils raise ten! Let's see how you people deal with this!”


The void seemed to explode as endless masses of dark gold devil energy poured out of the Hell Portals, beyond which were the shadowy forms of endless fiend-devils.

As everyone watched, the Hell Portals grew larger and larger, providing a glimpse of the interior of the Hell of Mahānata and the hordes of fiend-devils that Yang Qi apparently wanted to bring to the Titan Emperor Collegium.

When the four vice-rectors saw what was happening, their faces turned ashen. They weren’t afraid to fight Yang Qi alone, but they had no confidence to be able to face an army like this. In fact, they knew that blood would rain from the sky if they did.

Never in all their lives had they encountered a freak like this Yang Qi.

Yang Qi stood there, ready to summon even more fiend-devils if he had to. He would cause an even bigger scene if these vice-rectors chose to fight him.

Furthermore, he would bless the fiend-devils with his Eternal Heavenly Aria, making them even stronger and more terrifying. After all, there were Infernalfolk who already surpassed humans in every way; if they were augmented with primeval god skills, they would become strong enough to consume worlds.

Certain parts of the ground were already turning dark gold as they were devilized and transformed into wriggling flesh and blood.


In that very moment, a voice rang out. “Yang Qi, stay your hand!”

A rumbling, invincible aura suddenly filled the area, suppressing Yang Qi’s true energy and shoving the fiend-devils back through the Hell Portal. In the blink of an eye, Yang Qi’s energy arts were negated.

This was pure, raw power that surpassed the Demi-Immortal level. It was like the strength of an actual immortal, and the only people who could do such things were Demolishers.

“Who goes there?” Yang Qi said in shock. 

As for Sword Seventeen, he shouted, “It’s Master! Our venerable Master is here!”

At that point, Yang Qi stopped worrying about the situation. Although he had never met his Master, he knew the man could shake heaven and earth.

As the power radiated down, a handsome and refined figure appeared overhead, wearing a green garment that made him look like a scholar.

It was an incarnation of the Invincible Dugu.

As soon as he appeared, everything went completely silent.

Looking down, he said, “Well done, my disciple. You’ve lived up to your reputation. Very overbearing and domineering! It’s too bad you cultivate a unique divine ability of your own, otherwise you could develop an Invincible Heart like mine. In any case, you've done well here. You’ve even surpassed your Eldest Brother! Once everyone is out of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, it will be interesting to see which of the two of you is actually superior.”

“Greetings, Master!” Yang Qi said, now fully confident that he wouldn’t be punished for his actions.

“There’s no need for formal greetings. You did all of this to earn face, which is completely understandable. However, those Hell Portals of yours are too powerful. If you really summoned all those fiend-devils into the collegium, we would be in a terrible situation. Although I could probably keep things in check, word would get back to the immortal worlds. That would be bad.” Turning his head to look deeper into the collegium, he raised his voice and said, “Listen up, you old fogies. I know you’ve always wanted to see me fail, but if I hadn’t interfered right now, the Titan Emperor Collegium would have been destroyed. As you might have noticed, I had to hold back my disciple, not your vice-rectors. In fact, now that I think about it, my disciple was already holding back even before I arrived.”

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