Chapter 472: Viciously Shaking the Collegium

Yang Qi was provoking heavenly tribulation right there in the Hell of Mahānata. And this wasn’t any ordinary tribulation—it was his Demi-Immortal tribulation.

He had killed a lot of people from the Hall of Beheadings and Executions, including Demi-Immortals, whose souls he had taken for his own purposes. Two of them were seventh order Revered Demi-Immortals, and also prime paragon elders, people the likes of which he hadn’t even fought back in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

Mortal Beheader, Heavenly Beheader, and Earthly Beheader were all considered major luminaries of their time. That wasn’t even mentioning Kingly Beheader, who was an even more potent figure, someone halfway into the dao of immortals.

The whole reason he had killed Mortal Beheader and Heavenly Beheader was for their Demi-Immortal quintessence energy. In fact, he had brought the entire courtroom hall here to the Hell of Mahānata for the express purpose of facing tribulation.

But this was Immortal Army Suicide Tribulation!

Right now, the only thing visible in the sky were countless tribulation clouds filled with heavenly palaces and immortals, descending like a rain of destructive mountains and rivers, unleashing enough power to shake the universe itself.

Yang Qi threw his arms wide and blasted through a wave of tribulation power, then turned to face the only enemies who remained alive, Earthly Beheader and Kingly Beheader.


A flow of power slammed into Earthly Beheader, causing his entire body to shatter. Before anything else could happen, Yang Qi grabbed his head and threw it into the God Legion Paradise. As for all of the quintessence energy Earthly Beheader had built up over his tens of thousands of years of cultivation, Yang Qi threw it into the Hellfire Crucible to turn into power suitable for himself.

The man’s cultivation base far surpassed that of Grand Emperor Rich-Lush, and as it sizzled and hissed in the crucible Yang Qi felt even more confident about being able to pass the Immortal Army Suicide Tribulation.

As of this moment, Kingly Beheader was the only enemy left standing. An elder king.

He was already having trouble holding out, and was all alone.

He had participated in a meeting with the highest echelons of leadership and been tasked with subjugating Yang Qi and Sword Seventeen. But right when the primeval godworm eggs had been there in front of him, just waiting to be taken, Yang Qi used a spectacular ability to slice the courtroom hall away from the world and take it to hell. If Yang Qi ended up killing him, an elder king, he would definitely become the most ferocious student in the Titan Emperor Collegium.

In fact, rumors were already spreading that he was already the most ferocious student. So if he did kill Kingly Beheader, his reputation would surpass that of his Eldest Brother and there was no way that anyone would ever dare to cause problems for him.

All Eldest Brother had done to the elder kings was give them a few cuffs and kicks, causing them to cough up some blood. He hadn’t dared to go as far as killing them. After all, there was the larger picture to consider. But Yang Qi didn't have any taboos, and would cut down enemies as if he were harvesting wheat.

“Monster! Evil creature! You’ll pay for this!”

Kingly Beheader was so taken aback by the Immortal Army Suicide Tribulation that he was finally just trying to escape. He simply couldn’t take the situation any longer. His vital energy was seeping out and being replaced by devil energy from the Hell of Mahānata, weakening him with every passing moment. If it kept going, Yang Qi would definitely kill him and end up as the first student in the history of the collegium to ever slaughter an elder king.

The Titan Emperor Collegium had been founded at least a million years ago, which was indeed a very long time. Yet no student had ever killed an elder king during that entire time. For Kingly Beheader to become the first would make him a complete laughingstock, and his name would forever be despised by all students.

“I'm not going to let you get away with this, you evil creature. You monster. The Titan Emperor Collegium is overseen by the Titan Emperor Heaven and they won’t let this happen. This is outright rebellion! You’ve killed so many people! It’s an open violation of the law and a clear defiance of heaven!” As he spoke, he was backing away.

“Oh, so you’re finally trying to get away? Sorry, too late.” Yang Qi began singing the Eternal Heavenly Aria, and its profundities actually dispelled the Immortal Army Suicide Tribulation, turning it into something like sweet dew that splashed into the Hellfire Crucible.

As that ‘sweet dew’ fell into the burning sagefire, a violent reaction occurred and dazzling, holy light spilled out in all directions, transforming the surrounding hell from a dark gold color into porcelain.

At the same time, cracking sounds rang out from inside Yang Qi.

The rest of the mammoth tusks crumbled, sending out streams of power to replenish his vital energy, and push him closer to the Demi-Immortal level. At the same time, most of the remaining eight hundred forty million particles within him became dracomammoths, and in that moment he became a Demi-Immortal, with longevity the same as that of heaven.

His power levels were skyrocketing, and they showed no signs of slowing down. As his cultivation level increased, his aura grew stronger and stronger.

He threw his head back and roared, then began sucking in the falling immortals. They howled, but could do nothing as he devoured them, making him seem very much like King Heaven-Devourer. After all, King Heaven-Devourer had actually devoured immortal worlds and high-level planes of the universe, according to the stories.

As Yang Qi continued powering up, he suddenly began chasing after the fleeing Kingly Beheader. As he closed in, Kingly Beheader stopped in his tracks and clenched both of his hands into fists.

“Titan Cauldron Establishes Heaven!” he shouted, unleashing a double fist strike in an attempt to defend himself. However, the only result was that Yang Qi smashed him into the ground, where he was surrounded by countless streams of devil energy.

“Infernal King!” Yang Qi swept his finger through the air and a stream of devil energy swirled into the shape of an infernal king, standing on a lotus of white bones, his hand flickering with gloomy devil light. Looking like the picture of viciousness, the infernal king lunged toward Kingly Beheader.

In the same moment, Yang Qi’s hands slipped into the Hand of the One God, causing a stream of water to flow out that created an endless sea of suffering. Then, civilizations appeared within his palm, one after another after another.

This was the next transformation of the Fist of the Halls of Heaven, Epoch.

As he attacked, a massive wave of energy was unleashed that seemed to contain the histories of countless civilizations. It smashed through everything Kingly Beheader threw in its way. Then Yang Qi’s hand latched onto him, sending streams of true energy into him and rendering him completely immobile.

Climbing through the cultivation levels of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth was a very difficult thing. After all, it seemed very likely that it was not an ordinary godly-class energy art, but rather something that belonged to the Lord.

Because he had eight hundred and forty million particles to deal with, it meant that his breakthroughs were eight hundred and forty million times as difficult as ordinary cultivators. However, that also meant that Yang Qi was like eight hundred forty million Lesser Demi-Immortals all put together. Or perhaps even more fierce than that.

What did that imply?

An army of ants could still hurt an elephant. And eight hundred forty million Lesser Demi-Immortals could definitely cause a problem for a Universal Demi-Immortal, or even kill one.

Holding the famous Kingly Beheader out in front of him, Yang Qi chuckled and said, “Well, what do you think, Kingly Beheader? Didn’t you say you were going to exterminate my clan? Well, I'm right here. Let’s see some exterminating!”

“How dare you!” Kingly Beheader said, nearly passing out from shock and rage. “If you do this, things won’t go well for you. The Titan Emperor Collegium will—"

“You’re still hoping the collegium will help you?” Yang Qi interrupted in a cold voice. “Actually, this is what's going to happen. You represent law and punishment, so I'm not going to kill you here. I’ll take you back with me to the Titan Emperor Collegium. Then, outside the main gate of the Invincible Society, in front of all onlookers, including any elder kings who show up, I’ll execute you. After that, I’ll put your head on a spike. That way everyone will know what happens when you offend the Invincible Society. You want to exterminate my clan? Then that's what I’ll do to you. Everyone related to you is doomed now. I’ll hunt them all down and get rid of them. Cut the weeds and eliminate the roots.”


Kingly Beheader choked up a mouthful of blood because of the sheer terror he felt. If Yang Qi was willing to kill him, an elder king, then what was there that he wouldn’t do? He almost couldn’t take the thought of dying a humiliating death in front of a crowd and his clan being wiped out. However, he still held hope. Glaring venomously at Yang Qi, he said, “You just wait. I refuse to believe that you’ll actually kill me right in the middle of the Titan Emperor Collegium.”

Yang Qi ignored his comment and blurred into motion to leave the Hell of Mahānata, which might as well have been his backyard at this point.

Not even immortals from heaven would be able to enter it as casually as him. This time he just flew directly back to the Titan Emperor Collegium, following a profound and mysterious trajectory.

Back when he had emerged from the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, he had been capable of shocking speed. But that was when he was only a second step Great Sage, and now he was a Demi-Immortal. The difference between the two levels was immense, and that included his speed.

He didn’t try to sneak into the collegium. Instead, he flew right in with his energy surging.


Everything for millions and millions of kilometers around him trembled, causing buildings to sway back and forth. Instead of heading to the Hall of Beheadings and Executions, he went to the Invincible Society.

Everyone who realized what was happening was shaken to the core.

Rumors had already been raging like wildfire, and this only added oil to the fire.

Landing in front of the Invincible Society, he raised his voice and said, “Hear ye, Hall of Beheadings and Executions. Your elder king, Kingly Beheader, tried to overwhelm me with numbers, but I beat him in a fair fight and killed all of his lackeys, including Heavenly Beheader, Earthly Beheader, and Mortal Beheader, all of them prime paragon elders. Now, watch and learn. This is the fate of any who offend the Invincible Society. Their heads will adorn the Invincible Society on spikes, for everyone to see.”

Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh!

Three heads flew up, splashing blood everywhere as they were nailed to the wall above the entrance.

Heavenly Beheader, Earthly Beheader, and Mortal Beheader stared out into the world with vengeful, dead eyes, a shocking sight that many people present initially refused to believe was real.

The Titan Emperor Collegium was thrown into a pandemonium the likes of which had never occurred before in history.

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