Chapter 471: Demi-Immortal Tribulation

News was spreading like wildfire. All of the disciples in the Hall of Beheadings and Executions knew that something big was happening.

Plenty of people had been present to witness the results of the Reverse Light Stream technique, which clearly showed Yang Qi killing Unmerciful Beheader and a prime paragon elder. Then, after starting a fight with Kingly Beheader, he took the entire courtroom hall deep into hell.

Within less than an hour, news had spread to countless societies within the collegium. It was even causing a scene amongst the elder kings and prime paragon elders from the other societies. To many people, it actually wasn’t a very big deal. In fact, many of them were reveling in the misfortune being experienced by the Hall of Beheadings and Executions. After all, that hall had the authority to execute people in the collegium, and because of that there was always friction between them and the other organizations.

There were even some elder kings who hoped the conflict would get worse, and that they might be able to benefit as a result.

All sorts of rumors were being spread.

“Did you guys hear? A big fight broke out between the Hall of Beheadings and Executions and the Invincible Society!”

“The Invincible Society? They don't have many members, but every single one is a fiendish monster. But I heard that they all got stuck in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, so how could they be causing problems now?”

“It’s like this: the two weakest members, Sword Seventeen and Yang Qi, somehow managed to get out. Somehow, the Hall of Beheadings and Executions found out that they got their hands on a lot of treasure, including some primeval godworm eggs. So they cooked up an excuse to arrest them. The only thing is that it turned into a real tragedy for them.”

“The people from the Hall of Beheadings and Executions are complete scoundrels. Screw them.”

“Yeah, but think about it. If we had a chance to get some godworm eggs, we would probably do the same thing. Those things are priceless. Not even a thousand immortal items put together would be worth as much as a single one.”

“Hey, how did Yang Qi get such impressive energy arts and divine abilities?”

“Who knows. He’s a strange one. Considering what happened earlier today, he's definitely going to be considered the top genius in the Titan Emperor Collegium. It seems he can even keep the elysian children in check. He’s only an Epic Saga Sage, but he actually killed Mortal Beheader, who’s a prime paragon elder. Afterward, he started fighting with Kingly Beheader, who’s an elder king. Then he used some mysterious divine ability to take the entire courtroom hall into hell. It seems to me that the Hall of Beheadings and Executions is really going to pay the price for what they did.”

“I doubt it. Do you know how big and powerful the Hall of Beheadings and Executions is? They have more disciples than any other organization. That’s why they always tyrannize us students. They’re definitely not going to take this lying down. Didn’t you notice that three of their elder kings went to meet with the vice-rectors?”

“That’s true. Well, either way, it’s like a fight between a dragon and a tiger. Although, at the moment, the Invincible Society is small and pitifully weak. Their Eldest Brother is gone and the Invincible Dugu is in seclusion. I’d say that Yang Qi is actually in a bit of trouble. We’ll see whether he manages to hold out. If he loses, and the Hall of Beheadings and Executions gets their hands on those godworm eggs, they’re going to get even more arrogant. And that will be bad for us.”

“Don't worry. Things aren’t as simple as you’re making them out to be. You think the Invincible Dugu won’t step in eventually? No way. He’s not going to just sit around and watch his disciples die.”

“Let’s just watch the fireworks. Hopefully the Hall of Beheadings and Executions gets beat into the dust like they deserve.”

The entire Titan Emperor Collegium was completely abuzz.

Meanwhile, in the depths of the Hell of Mahānata, Yang Qi was engaged in an epic battle with Kingly Beheader, Heavenly Beheader, and Earthly Beheader.

He wasn’t holding back. He was using his imperial snakecharms, primeval godworm, and the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth to full effect. Every breath he took caused devil energy to blot out the sky. His attacks leveled the surrounding land for hundreds of kilometers and left it pitted with craters.

“You puny monster!” Kingly Beheader shouted, unleashing a bout of true fire. “The Titan Emperor Collegium made a mistake letting you join. How could we allow a villain like you to exist in our ranks? I'm going to rid the world of devils and demons today by completely destroying you!”

Kingly Beheader had a host of immortal skills and was drawing on everything from flame lightning to god-nimbuses to fight Yang Qi. Shockwaves rolled out constantly, causing everything around them to twist and distort.

Universal Demi-Immortals could affect the starry sky as they fought, using teleportations in the middle of combat and setting up deadly spell formations in the blink of an eye. They understood the rotations of the universe and could use just about everything in creation as a tool or weapon.

Unfortunately, this was the Hell of Mahānata.

The magical laws of this plane were so powerful that they defied imagination. Kingly Beheader was having trouble manipulating space and drawing on the power of the heavenly bodies here. And the essence of the place was constantly eating away at his true energy. As a result, all of his energy arts were operating at only seventy to eighty percent of their full potential.

Yang Qi chopped his hand out and hit Heavenly Beheader, whose body began to crack and crumble as a result.

Then he blurred back and forth on the battlefield, cutting down weaker elders and disciples with each movement. Not even Kingly Beheader could protect them.

Yang Qi was like a dragon in the sea, or a tiger in the forest. His enemies simply couldn't do anything against him.

“Aaaiiiieee!” a grand elder screamed as he died.

Shooting through the air like a bullet, Yang Qi returned to Heavenly Beheader and reached out toward him. The man had already suffered a grievous chest wound, therefore Yang Qi just reached in, grabbed his beating heart, and ripped it out into the open.

Blood sprayed out of Heavenly Beheader’s mouth along with a garbled scream. “The agony! Why is my life of cultivation ending in such a nightmare? Was it all for nothing? I refuse to accept this! I refuse!”

“You pissed off the wrong person,” Yang Qi said. “Me.” He struck out, shattering Heavenly Beheader’s body and leaving his head to tumble down. Yang Qi quickly grabbed it and threw it into his God Legion Paradise. After all, he planned to pin it on a spike when he got back to the Invincible Society.

“Heavenly Beheader!” shouted Kingly Beheader, his voice tinged with grief and anger. Worst of all was that Yang Qi was moving so quickly that he couldn’t even keep up.

“It seems I have to use a truly consummate energy art!” Spitting out some blood, he said, “Titan Emperor True Heaven; Five Sacred Mountains and Five Hells; Devastate the Aeon; Shatter the Dome of Heaven. Turn Sorrow to Joy!”


The blood he had just spat out shot up and created an enormous ‘titan’ character, which subsequently locked down the entire area and even caused problems for the God Legion Paradise.

“Watch out, Junior Brother,” said Sword Seventeen, who was safe in the God Legion Paradise. “He’s actually burning Universal Demi-Immortal magical laws to use a forbidden secret magic of the Titan Emperor Collegium. Turn Sorrow to Joy is an immortal skill that originally came from the immortal world above. It's completely terrifying.”

Although Sword Seventeen was a Demi-Immortal now, there was no way he was strong enough to fight people like Prime or Revered Demi-Immortals. And of course, there was no need to mention Universal Demi-Immortals like Kingly Beheader. All Sword Seventeen could do was watch the fighting.

As he did, he felt the urge to prostrate himself in admiration of his Junior Brother Yang Qi.

Of all the people in the Invincible Society, the only ones who would dare to pick a fight with an elder king would be Eldest Brother, Second Elder Brother, and Third Elder Brother. And now, Yang Qi. Although the other Elder Brothers and Sisters were all amazing, none of them would dare to fight a Universal Demi-Immortal.

“Titan Emperor secret magic? Turn Sorrow to Joy? Are you kidding me? Watch and learn as I use a real divine ability.”

Suddenly, he threw his head back and let loose a long cry. “Demi-Immortal level!”


Countless streams of vital energy flowed toward him from every corner of the Hell of Mahānata. As they pierced into his God Legion Paradise, it almost seemed like the surrounding hell shrank. Space-time was thrown into chaos, winds screamed, and projected images of dragons and tigers danced.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom! 

Rumbling sounds rang out as enormous immortals suddenly appeared high in the sky, seated on thrones as they looked down at Yang Qi. Then they leaped off of their thrones and rushed toward him in attack. However, they exploded before they could even get close, turning into raw power that sought to destroy the defenses of the God Legion Paradise.

The true energy fluctuations were so powerful that Yang Qi winced in pain.

And they were so strong that all of the students from the Hall of Beheadings and Executions were instantly killed.

In the blink of an eye, the only enemies left on the battlefield were Kingly Beheader and Earthly Beheader. They were strong enough to survive the initial volley, yet there was still an army of immortals diving downward in suicide attacks. The sight left them completely shaken. 

“That’s… Immortal Army Suicide Tribulation! What is that type of tribulation doing here? That’s the most heaven-defying, deadly tribulation there is! It’s only sent to people that heaven and earth refuse to accept! What’s going on? The only people who have provoked tribulations like this are dead! King Immortal-Slayer. King Mourn-Parting. King Heaven-Devourer. They faced tribulations like this when they reached the Demolishing level! But this beast is getting it as a Demi-Immortal?!”

Crack. Crunch.

Another blast of energy surged out from the dying immortals, and in the blink of an eye the enormous blood-colored ‘titan’ character was wiped out of existence.

In the face of a host of exploding immortals, secret magics like that were like children’s toys.

At this point, heavenly palaces and courts appeared in the tribulation, which subsequently exploded and smashed into the God Legion Paradise and Kingly Beheader.


It was too much to take, and blood sprayed out of Kingly Beheader’s mouth. The cataclysmic forces of destruction were on full display!

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