Chapter 468: Weaklings

Yang Qi had made up his mind to cause a huge scene. The moment they went so far as to threaten his family, he knew that the situation had reached the point where it couldn’t be resolved in a simple fashion. Therefore, he would cause havoc and make sure that these lowlifes knew exactly how spectacular the Invincible Society was.

He bitterly detested anyone who threatened his family and would never show such people mercy. Worst case scenario, he could just use the God Legion Paradise to take Planet Sage Monarch off to another location.

“Well, I suppose I’ll just kill you all.”

As he spoke the words, he suddenly began thrumming with the most fiendish and deadly aura imaginable. The Hall of Beheadings and Executions had as many experts as the sky had clouds, yet not a single one of them could see Yang Qi clearly as he unexpectedly blurred into motion.


Unmerciful Beheader had just been standing there looking very pleased with himself, but as of this moment, his evil-looking smile was suddenly frozen in place and his cheeks began turning scarlet.

A hand was now wrapped around his throat and he felt himself being lifted up into the air. He kicked. He struggled. And yet, he was unable to draw on a single energy art. Unmerciful Beheader was a fifth order Demi-Immortal, an expert whose most casual move could destroy planets and create planes of existence. He could pierce through space-time as easily as taking a stroll through the park. But now that Yang Qi had grabbed him, he felt as weak as a baby chicken.

“You….” Unmerciful Beheader could never in his wildest dreams have guessed that Yang Qi would suddenly make such a ruthless move. He had been burning with the desire to cut Yang Qi down, only to suddenly realize how far apart they were in terms of strength. How could a punk Great Sage be doing this? Unfortunately for him, it was only in this moment that he realized that it really was possible for Great Sages to kill Demi-Immortals.

He was surrounded by a veritable army of allies in this particular courtroom hall. But struggling there in Yang Qi’s grasp, he felt completely alone and helpless.

Terror bubbled up in his heart.

“What's the meaning of this!?” someone shouted.

“Put Unmerciful Beheader down this instant! You still have a chance to leave here alive, but if you kill him then you and your entire clan are all dead.”

Many of the onlookers erupted in rage, but the majority were too shocked to do anything other than stare at what was happening.

Meanwhile, Mortal Beheader slapped the table, shot to his feet, and stared at Yang Qi. He realized that the situation was out of hand, but still felt confident in being able to deal with Yang Qi. “You’d better not harm a hair on Unmerciful Beheader’s head, Yang Qi. If you do, we won’t let you and your clan off—”

Before he could even finish speaking, Unmerciful Beheader suddenly shrieked, “No, don’t—” 


Unmerciful Beheader exploded, with his soul, sea of energy, quintessence-blood, and bones crumbling into a jewel-like manifestation of true energy that was a śarīra. The only thing left behind other than that was his skin, which flopped onto the ground like a pile of cloth. [1]

“What a lovely śarīra,” Yang Qi said. “It’ll make a great decoration for my God Legion Paradise. Or maybe I’ll send it to Planet Sage Monarch to become a satellite planet.” Looking down at the pile of skin, he said, “The Invincible Society isn't decorated very well. Once Master is out of seclusion, I think I’ll suggest using more human skin as rugs for the floor.”

Although his tone of voice was rather calm, everyone who could hear him felt their hearts turning as cold as ice. A powerful expert of the Hall of Beheadings and Executions had been reduced to a pile of skin. The mere thought was spine-tingling.

“You monster!” Earthly Beheader shouted. “You’ve just signed your own death warrant! Unmerciful Beheader was a spectacular genius and was just about to become an elysian child. You just murdered him! This has never happened before! No one has ever killed an officer of the Hall of Beheadings and Executions in cold blood!”

The three prime paragon elders were reeling in shock. They all knew that the disciples of the Invincible Society were ruthless and difficult to deal with, but they had never seen anything like this.

Unmerciful Beheader was a genius in their organization, one of their most important disciples. Now he was a pile of skin and his killer was talking about turning him into a rug. It was the most horrific of humiliations.

There was no need for the three patriarchs to even think about what to do next. Without any hesitation, they attacked, sending out three heavenly god nimbuses rumbling toward Yang Qi and Sword Seventeen.

Destroy All Living Things. Cosmic Dharma Fist!” they shouted as the courtroom hall trembled around them.

“You three weaklings don’t even have a godly-class energy art? Just an immortal skill? And yet you dare to go crazy in my presence? You really are looking to die.” The God Legion Paradise sprang out around Yang Qi, filling a sixty-square-meter area, and the attack slammed into it. Not even a crack appeared as a result.

The combined move of three prime paragon elders dissipated as surely as a spring breeze.

Yang Qi was already strong enough to kill Revered Demi-Immortals who cultivated godly-class energy arts. He could even survive the assault of a Universal Demi-Immortal. Considering that, these three prime paragon elders were definitely not a match for him.

From what Yang Qi understood, in all of the Titan Emperor Collegium, only the Invincible Dugu cultivated a godly-class energy art.

Killing intent surging, Yang Qi said, “You people from the Hall of Beheadings and Executions are all weaklings who don’t know the difference between right and wrong. I tried to give you some face, but you wouldn’t back down. No more. I'm going to kill all of you and turn your skin into rugs for the Invincible Society.”


Singing the Eternal Heavenly Aria, he unleashed a deadly move from the Hand of the One God, Reincarnation. The three elders immediately staggered backward, their energy and blood in chaos. Then screams rang out as Yang Qi took advantage of the time he had bought to slaughter some of the nearby elders and disciples.

“No! You can’t kill me! This is rebellion! Rebell— AIIIEEE!” A fourth order Potent Demi-Immortal, a royal student, had become nothing but a pile of skin that flopped down on the ground.

“No! I refuse to accept this! I'm an elder! I have years of longevity left! Nobody in the Hall of Beheadings and Executions would dare to defy me! How could I die like—” An elder was chopped to pieces, his soul crushed out of existence.

“I'm a prime elder! I kill people, not the other way around. How could a nobody like you possibly—” The prime elder tried to flee, but Yang Qi was too fast and crushed his soul and sea of consciousness out of existence, as dead as dead could be.

In a flash, scores of elders and students had met their end. There was absolutely no way any of them could stand up to Yang Qi.

The sight of it caused the eyes of Heavenly Beheader, Earthly Beheader, and Mortal Beheader to turn completely bloodshot, to the point where tears of blood began dripping down their cheeks. In all the tens of thousands of years that the Hall of Beheadings and Executions had existed, no one had ever had the outrageous gall to do something like this.

Even the Invincible Society’s Eldest Brother had only cursed them, not gone on a killing spree. As far as they were concerned, Yang Qi was definitely a monster that anyone had the right to punish.

“He’s killing so many people!” Heavenly Beheader said in mute shock. “He’s a monster! Quick, notify the elder kings and the elysian children. In fact, send messages to the vice-rectors. The Invincible Society is outright rebelling! Send people to the Yore-Wilds Continent to wipe out his clan.”

Then he leaped forward to try to stop Yang Qi’s massacre.

“You three old codgers are all about to die,” Yang Qi said, pulling out his Infernal Deity Spear, which was already surrounded by halos of blessing from the Eternal Heavenly Aria. After all of the tribulations he had passed through recently, his energy arts had reached a level that was completely enigmatic and impossible to predict. As he brandished the spear, the Concluding Elegy of the Nightfall Symphony spread out, making the entire area like the netherworld itself.


The weakest of the three elders, Mortal Beheader, had his defensive true energy completely disregarded by the spear, and his minor world was completely shattered in the blink of an eye.

“My minor world! It’s supposed to be invincible! I created it with the ultimate power of beheadings and executions!” He immediately began falling back.

Yang Qi just smiled coldly and said, “Die.” 

Using the Blood of the One God, he unleashed the Hand of the One God directly at Mortal Beheader.


The blow hit the man’s chest, destroying the final bits of his defensive true energy and severely damaging his sea of energy and meridians.

“You're not going anywhere,” Yang Qi said, grabbing the top of Mortal Beheader’s head and digging his fingers into his skull until they were just touching his brain. “Nobody move, otherwise your Mortal Beheader is dead.”

“What? He captured Elder Mortal Beheader?! But he’s a seventh order Revered Demi-Immortal! He’s almost on the same level as the elder kings!”

“What exactly is going on here?”

“How is that Yang Qi so strong?”

1. In real life, a śarīra is a bead-like object that is supposedly the cremated ashes of a Buddhist spiritual master. In this novel, they are used similarly. More info on real-life śarīras here.

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