Chapter 459: Very, Very Hard


Yang Qi was like a needle piercing into the greyspace of the Hell of Mahānata. He had shrunk the God Legion Paradise down as far as it would go and was using the power of two primeval godworms to devour the space in front of him.

The spatial power at play was incredible. Even the godworms found the dark golden devil energy here to be formidable, and that was with Yang Qi helping with his Hellfire Crucible. Thankfully, the nine demon-immortal mammoth tusks in his sea of energy provided him with a seemingly inexhaustible source of true energy. The work was unprecedentedly tiring.

Yang Qi was soon deep into the greyspace, but he was already exhausted. Every moment that passed felt like a life-or-death battle.

Even worse was the pressure weighing down on him. Based on his calculations, even a sixth order Prime Demi-Immortal in this situation would already be dead, consumed by the greyspace itself. The only thing that was keeping him going was the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

However, he was making progress. And, in some ways, it was beneficial, with his true energy receiving incredible tempering and his nascent divinity growing stronger. Also, the fact that his nascent divinity was ensconced in this hell had ensured that the forces of expulsion being levied against him were less than they would be for other cultivators.

Days passed. Yang Qi allowed himself to grow a bit larger, and the godworms were working faster than ever. Yet the greyspace was no less tough than before.

Yang Qi felt like a mortal man trying to move a mountain by scooping out one handful of dirt at a time.


Suddenly, the greyspace stirred, sending streams of devil energy to pierce into the God Legion Paradise. His godworms let out piercing screams as the devil energy entered them, causing scales to ripple out over their surfaces as though they were about to be devilized.

“Eternal Heavenly Aria! Be Blessed!”

Halos sprang up around the godworms, driving out the devil energy. Meanwhile, Yang Qi summoned his Infernal Deity Spear and began to personally dig at the greyspace.

Gasping for breath, he sent some blood into the godworms and, at the same time, drew on power from the nine mammoth tusks.

He was very lucky to have those mammoth tusks; without them, he would never have gotten this far. After all, they were the remains of dead Demolishers.

The mammoth tusks vibrated, and his mammoth particles stirred as though they might experience another breakthrough. In the blink of an eye, Yang Qi began piercing through the greyspace even faster.

At the same time, his nascent divinity ensconcement mark seemed to be growing stronger.

He stabbed the Infernal Deity Spear into the greyspace, backing it with the will of the primeval infernal deities. The greyspace crumbled, and before it could recover he continued on even deeper.

Bit by bit, he was making progress. The sagelight of the God Legion Paradise was stained dark gold, but that only seemed to purify it. Yang Qi looked up and felt like he could see the halls of heaven looking down on him with approval. In fact, his Blood of the One God even seemed to be getting stronger.

It was almost as if being in the depths of hell made it easier to look up and see the sagelight of the halls of heaven.


He unleashed the Hand of the One God to dig at the dark golden greyspace, and as he made progress, what he had dug away filled in behind him immediately.

‘Mahānata is limitless….’ he thought, suddenly even more aware of how grand and majestic the substructure of the Hell of Mahānata was. It actually seemed possible that it could rival the power of the legion of gods.

It was obviously a place that had grown out of a great dao of fighting against the gods.

Yang Qi knew that of the billions of planes of the universe, and the never-ending worlds that existed, great daos represented magical laws. As for the legion of gods, they existed above all great daos, and could even destroy natural laws if they wished. They had created everything, including those great daos and magical laws. However, after being created, the great daos and magical laws had spurned the constraints of the gods and created hells. That was where the devils arose who resisted the legion of gods. What they claimed to seek was balance. In a sense, hell was what gave birth to freedom.

All of a sudden, Yang Qi came to understand this great dao.


His sagefire grew purer, and in fact, in the depths of the God Legion Paradise, it actually formed into a humanoid figure, complete with long wings and surrounded by fire.

His sagefire had produced a fiery angel.

The Hellfire Crucible appeared again, and it spat out flames filled with fire angels who began to melt the greyspace as surely as if it were tallow. Yang Qi was making even better progress now.

‘Excellent. I think this is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. However, it's good training. After this tempering, I should be able to fully absorb the nine mammoth tusks and awaken all of the eight hundred forty million particles within me. Maybe I’ll even push them to the protomammoth level. At that point, not even Universal Demi-Immortals will be a match for me.’

Yang Qi was safely making his way into the Hell of Mahānata but, considering how difficult it was, it could only be imagined if someone else tried the same thing. Even an immortal would likely have failed.

As the godworms ate away at the greyspace, fueled by the true energy of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, they also grew stronger. The weaker one that was in the third stage began shining with fiery light similar to what Yang Qi had seen back at the godworm nest. Before long, it was in the fourth stage.

As for the seventh stage mother godworm, she also grew more powerful.

Overall, Yang Qi was like a tiger that had grown wings and was now making his way more quickly than ever through the greyspace. By this point, months had passed, and Yang Qi could tell that the greyspace left in front of him was very thin. Knowing that, he pushed forward with more speed than ever.


All of a sudden, the greyspace shattered and he flew out into the open, finding himself in a land of dark gold.

The ground was incredibly sturdy, and stepping on it would cause sonorous echoing to erupt out. Yang Qi took a breath and confirmed that everything around him was dark golden devil energy, the type that would be profoundly useful for fiend-devils.

‘The Hell of Mahānata! This is it! I'm back!’

He had a second order Demi-Immortal infernal in his God Legion Paradise, who suddenly looked around, first in excitement, then in terror.

Yang Qi had captured this infernal in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and intended to use him as a guard for the Sage Monarch Continent. Since he was coming to the depths of hell, it was the perfect opportunity to push the creature to a higher level.

‘It took months of digging, but I got through the greyspace of the Hell of Mahānata. I doubt even heaven-immortals could do something like that. Now I need to find a good place to set up a spell formation and work on my breakthroughs. It's time to benefit from all the enlightenment I received in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.’

“Congratulations, Milord, congratulations!” the infernal said, kowtowing in full sincerity. “Now that you’re in the Hell of Mahānata, you’ll reach untold heights! Your humble servant can hardly wait to see what amazing progress you achieve!”

Yang Qi ignored him. Taking a breath of the local devil energy, he reached out to his nascent divinity ensconcement mark and leaped into the air and began flying. As he sent his divine will out, he could see all of the various monsters for billions of miles in every direction.

He was now vastly more powerful than he had been the last time he was here, and also had a much deeper understanding of hells.

‘I'm on the edge where there aren’t even any Demi-Immortal monsters. The highest are ninth step Great Sages. Well, that's fine. I’ll set up my spell formation and face my tribulations here. Hopefully I’ll reach the Demi-Immortal level, but even if I don't, I’ll definitely advance by leaps and bounds.’

The magical laws of this place conformed perfectly to him, so he knew that achieving his breakthroughs wouldn’t be a problem. However, they would involve incredible surges of power, so he would need to be careful to avoid attracting the attention of powerful fiend-devils. After all, this place was like an immortal world, filled with dangerous entities of all sorts.

There were Infernalfolk here who were Demolishers, and there were even leaders who were Godmyths.

If a Demolisher appeared, they could wipe Yang Qi out of existence as easily as blowing some dust off of their shoulder. And that wasn’t even to mention what a Godmyth could do.

“Arise, god-spirits of the nine heavens!”

He exhaled some vital energy, and it spread out to create a five-hundred-kilometer cage that slammed down securely into the dark golden soil. The Hell of Mahānata was filled with rich veins of ore, and he planned to use them in his breakthrough.

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