Chapter 455: Devil Sauvastika Assembly

The enormous hand completely ignored the power and strength of space, crushing it like tofu or mud, yet it didn’t snag Yang Qi and Sword Seventeen. After the initial reaction of rage, cracking sounds could be heard as the hand shrank down into a humanoid shape. From its aura alone, it was obvious that it wasn’t human. 

It appeared to be an extremely attractive woman, even seductive, but with a cold, vicious aura. She had long, graceful eyebrows and almond-shaped eyes, with bright-red lips and pure white teeth. A bright red sauvastika could be seen on her forehead, pulsing with a power that seemed capable of entrancing the soul of anyone who looked at it.

“I have to get that primeval godworm! Even if I have to track it to the ends of the earth, it's mine!”

The seductive demon-devil took a step forward and vanished into thin air as she attempted to track Yang Qi and Sword Seventeen.

Surprisingly, she was actually a clone made from vital energy. That said, she was still immensely powerful, being an eighth order Universal Demi-Immortal. The eighth order specialized in observing the rotations of the universe, and, as such, could destroy cosmoses, perform dramatic teleportations, and were invincible even to the sun and moon.

“That was some powerful demon-devil just now,” Sword Seventeen said.

The God Legion Paradise was now the size of a fist, and it shot along like a speeding bullet. Back in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, Yang Qi had learned to use the power of the godworm and its wormholes to traverse space-time labyrinths. The spatial laws of the mortal world were like children's toys, compared to those in the monarch chart.

Therefore, there was little need to even mention the ease with which he could travel in the mortal world.

Space-time tempests and distorted energy fields were no problem, nor were the even rarer phenomena, such as interstellar tempests, primeval hurricanes, yin-yang magnetic fields, and the like.

Demi-Immortals in the third, fourth, and fifth orders would fear the naturally occurring black holes, white holes, and the rarer oblivion holes. There were also ancient pockets of baleful energy or killing intent that could grab Demi-Immortals and kill them. That was why most Demi-Immortals would never dare to travel directly between planetary systems. Of course, Great Sages were even more at risk and could be killed without a moment’s notice.

But Yang Qi didn’t even need to pay attention to such things. 

“It seems we were spotted by the Devil Sauvastika Assembly,” Yang Qi said, “and now we’re being followed. Luckily, you didn’t start your tribulation, otherwise we would have been dead.”

Yang Qi was keeping an eye on what was happening behind them and had noticed how space seemed to be collapsing, as if from the passage of a powerful expert. The Gyroscope planetary system was really turning out to be dangerous.

“I wonder who it is,” Sword Seventeen said, his eyes flickering with a ferocious gleam. “If it’s a clone, maybe we can team up and take him out, whoever he is. Absorb his power.”

“That’s too risky,” Yang Qi replied. “It would definitely take a Universal Demi-Immortal to lock on to us so quickly after we arrived. Even if it’s only a clone, we might not be able to get the upper hand. Right now, a fight between us and a seventh order Revered Demi-Immortal would end in a draw. We definitely need to get out of the Gyroscope planetary system before we decide what to do next. Come on, let’s speed up. Time to call on my primal-chaos elder-snake!”

He exhaled some vital energy that transformed into twenty-eight imperial snakecharms, which then took the shape of a primal-chaos elder-snake. With that additional power, the God Legion Paradise accelerated to a speed multiple times greater than before.

As they passed along, the imperial snakecharms devoured the space in front of and around them, leaving an empty gulch in their wake.

As the chase went on, Yang Qi focused on the nine mammoth tusks, continuing to absorb their true energy, and the godmammoth blood locked in the complex lineaments on their surface. Considering these tusks came from ancient demon-immortals, it was obvious that they surpassed the quality of anything from August Patriarch Mammoth Heaven or any of his ilk, such as Mammoth Manyvoids. If Yang Qi could fully absorb all of the quintessence-blood, it would lead to untold advancement with his cultivation.

He inhaled deeply, and one of the tusks floated over to him and broke out into sagefire. Strands of quintessence energy began flowing off of the surface of the tusk and mixing into Yang Qi’s true energy. Before long, his true energy was pulsing with explosive, deadly power.


As streams of power coursed through him, the particles within him began trembling, then finally exploded into growth and transformation.

Before, he had reached a limit of one hundred million dracomammoths. But with the demon-immortal godpower of these mammoth tusks, more particles were waking up.

One million. Two million. Three million…. Ten million. Fifty million….

One hundred million!

It took about an hour for Yang Qi to absorb most of the godpower from the mammoth tusk and awaken even more megamammoth power within him. He was now at the level of two hundred million!

Unfortunately, the new batch of one hundred million contained only megamammoths. There were no dracomammoths; they would require time and the nutrients of the Blood of the One God.

The demon-immortal godpower from the tusks was extremely pure, meaning that fully absorbing it was very difficult.

“Nine Tusks of Truth; Hellfire Crucible; Eternal Heavenly Aria; Fist of the Halls of Heaven; Hand of the One God….” Yang Qi used all sorts of methods to draw on the tusk and send its power into his Hellfire Crucible. Thanks to the influx, he became almost like a storage tank for true energy, to the point where it seemed unlikely that he would ever run out of it in a fight.

Unfortunately, it would still take some more time to fully break down the tusks and absorb their vital energy. In fact, he would likely have to wait until he was a Demi-Immortal. After all, he was still just a measly second step Great Sage.

Soon, the Dark True Void was just ahead. However, that was when a voice rang out.

“Sauvastika Devil Overhead; Devil Shakes the Nine Provinces!”

All of a sudden a host of monsters descended from above, as well as an enormous sauvastika character powered by a devil embryo. Leading them was a bewitchingly charming woman.

She was the one who had been chasing Yang Qi, and at the moment it wasn't certain who exactly she represented. However, the blood-red sauvastika on her forehead seemed to tug at the souls and quintessence energy of both Yang Qi and Sword Seventeen.

“Where might the two of you be running off to?” she asked. “I'm the third-ranking assembly chief of the Devil Sauvastika Assembly. Call me Dreamy Smoke. Where are you from? I can sense the power of primeval godworms on you. Why don’t you come to our headquarters for a chat?”

‘A monstress? Dreamy Smoke?’ Yang Qi could immediately tell that this woman was incomparably powerful, all the way down to her substructure. She was definitely the type of person who was not to be trifled with.

As for Sword Seventeen, he shivered and said, “Dreamy Smoke? You mean Queen Dream-Devil?”

“Oh? You’ve heard of me, boy?” She suddenly seemed to be very interested in Sword Seventeen.

Lowering his voice to keep the conversation private, Sword Seventeen explained, “She’s nobody to take lightly, Junior Brother. Even in ancient times, her name was feared in many important planetary systems. She started out as a dream-devil from the Hell of Nightmares. During her path of cultivation, she fused with an immortal devil and acquired a human body. It’s impossible to say how many enemies have fallen to her. The truth is that it’s extremely unlucky on our part to have run into her.”

Then he looked at Dreamy Smoke, raised his voice, and said, “Senior, you’re a very famous person, so of course I've heard of you. You’re the primeval Queen Dream-Devil, with the most noble of blood. Surely you won’t cause trouble for two youngsters like us. By the way, you might have heard of our Master. In fact, maybe you’re even friends with him.”

Queen Dream-Devil frowned slightly. “Your Master? And who is he?”

“The Invincible Dugu,” Sword Seventeen said. “Ever heard of him? I'm his seventeenth disciple, and this is his eighteenth. We just got out of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and were called by Master to check in and give our report. Senior, I really hope you won’t cause any delays for us. We’re just following orders, after all.”

“The Invincible Dugu?” she replied, visibly shocked. “You’re his disciples?”

“Indeed we are.” Sword Seventeen waved his hand, causing a bit of true energy to flow out that slowly took the shape of an Invincible Heart. “This is my Master’s godly-class energy art, the Prodigious Proto-Epoch, Invincible War-Steppe….” 

As of this moment, Queen Dream-Devil had no doubts in her mind at all. The Invincible Dugu wasn’t just famous in the Titan Emperor Collegium. He was known in many planetary systems. All of the top figures knew that killing one of his disciples would arouse his wrath and could lead to entire clans being wiped out of existence.

Despite that, Queen Dream-Devil couldn’t get over the fact that these two young men had godworm auras on them….

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