Chapter 452: Yellow-Garbed, Buzz Cut

“Bullcrap!” Yang Qi barked. Brandishing his spear, he leaped forward, sliding through space like primal-chaos slipping through the depths of the universe. Without any sound or vibration, he appeared right behind the yellow-garbed young man.

“I’ll show you exactly how powerful King Immortal-Slayer was. You’re the first person in heaven and earth to ever disrespect his name.” The young man spun and unleashed a fist strike onto the tip of the spear. In this case, it didn’t matter how mysterious and enigmatic the spear was; the fist strike smashed into the true energy nodes which held it together and the true energy collapsed.

“Eternal Heavenly Aria!” Yang Qi said, and began singing the song. Instantly, halos of blessing sprang up around him, including the Light of Power, Light of Protection, Light of the Cutting Edge, Light of Dao Enlightenment, Light of Space-Time, Light of Reincarnation, and more…. These were primeval god skills, which immediately elevated numerous aspects of himself to higher levels, including his martial disciplines, his techniques, his defenses, and his overall power.

At the same time, he sent halos of damnification onto the young man in yellow. The Light of Nightmares, Light of Weakness, Light of Blood-Draining, Light of Inversion, Light of Chaos and Disorder, Light of Confusion, and the Light of Enticement. There were dozens of them, and they immediately weakened the young man’s energy and momentum and sent waves of dizziness to assault his mind.

“This…. So many primeval god skills! What energy art is this? That song has hundreds of primeval god skills built into it. So many halos surrounding me. Immortal-Slayer’s Power: Scatter and Disperse!”

He tapped the legacy medallion of King Immortal-Slayer, sending a stream of true energy out that slammed into the halos of damnification and caused them to scatter and disperse.

The sight of it caused Yang Qi’s eyes to widen. Normally speaking, the Eternal Heavenly Aria should have been impossible to defeat in such a way. However, there were two factors at play. First was the fact that he wasn’t truly in the Demi-Immortal level, which meant that he couldn’t unleash the true might of the song.

Second was the fact that the legacy medallion wielded by this yellow-garbed young man was simply too strong. In the distant past, King Immortal-Slayer had conquered three thousand major worlds and was virtually invincible, to the point where he challenged the legion of gods in battle. Therefore, it was little surprise that his legacy medallion could defeat Yang Qi’s incomplete Eternal Heavenly Aria.

“Useless weakling!” Yang Qi said. “We only just started fighting and you already had to use that legacy medallion? Why don’t you fight with your own power? Let me see how strong you really are. Otherwise, what are you going around boasting for?”

Hoping to crush his opponent's confidence, Yang Qi tossed the Infernal Deity Spear into his left hand and drew upon a deadly tactic of the primeval infernal deities. The Nightfall Symphony appeared again, causing the darkness of night to swirl in deadly fashion around the spear.

At the same time, he used the Fist of the Halls of Heaven and the Hand of the One God with his right hand.

Creation. Destruction. Nature. Aeon. He used five attacks in quick succession to unleash a power so deadly that the labyrinth of space around them began collapsing.  Now that he had a seventh stage mother godworm, including access to her memories regarding space-time, his control of space was so high that he could easily defend against the most powerful martial disciplines.

“King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallion belongs to me. It’s part of me. Every ounce of power here is my own! Alright, punk. I guess the time has come to show you what I'm really capable of. Immortal-Slayer's War-Halberd!”


He extended his hand and a dual-crescent-bladed halberd appeared, spattered with the blood of countless god-devils.

Years ago, the Crown Prince had also used the Immortal-Slayer's War-Halberd, only to have it shattered by Yang Qi. As for this version summoned by the yellow-garbed young man, it was many times more profound and powerful. As he brandished it, the power of an immortal-slayer was unleashed, creating a churning, screaming, roiling sea of godpower wreathed in mist. [1]

Immediately, the young man began thrumming with a powerful spirit of battle. “Everlasting Night of Darkness!”

An everlasting night fell, without any sun or moon, a darkness reminiscent of the netherworld itself. Pitch black godpower filled the area, transforming all of heaven and earth into a state of absolute black.

“Begone!” Yang Qi said, slashing his spear out in front of him and shattering everything in the void. Instantly, light sprang out into the darkness of night.

“Reconstruct Reincarnation!”

The young man in yellow didn’t seem fazed at all. He swung his halberd again, causing streams of light to shoot out from the blade, connecting to the surrounding universe as if to control it like a marionette.

He was tapping into numerous strands of reincarnation and using them to attack Yang Qi.

In response, Yang Qi stamped his foot down and a shock wave spread out as the God Legion Paradise expanded around him. “The Legion of Gods Controls All; they Suppress Hell Itself!”

Heaven and Earth Lament!” said the young man in yellow, his eyes gleaming with a very serious light. By this point, he realized that Yang Qi was most likely the strongest opponent he had ever fought, and he knew that he couldn’t afford to slip up. He exhaled, causing a stream of light to erupt from his mouth, filling the area with the sound of weeping and lamentation. All of a sudden, Yang Qi felt as though he had become the enemy of all of heaven and earth and that the universe lamented his existence.

Meanwhile, the Immortal-Slayer’s War-Halberd danced like a dragon or snake as it stabbed toward him.

Remaining calm, Yang Qi swept the Infernal Deity Spear out in concentric circles to meet the incoming attack.

“Heaven and Earth Lament? Fine! If creation rejects me, I’ll destroy it and create a new heaven and earth. The legion of gods created all things, and if heaven and earth defy me it means they rebel against the legion of gods. I hereby sentence this heaven and earth to death! Destroy Heaven, Extinguish Earth! Re-Establish Primal-Chaos!”

A godmammoth of antiquity appeared above Yang Qi’s head, clearer than it had ever been. Godmammoths specialized in dominating the magical laws of the universe, and could easily unravel them and return everything to a state of primal-chaos.

In shocking fashion, Yang Qi simply reached out and grabbed the blade light of the Immortal-Slayer’s War-Halberd.

That light could slice through virtually all living things, yet it didn’t do a single thing to Yang Qi’s hand. The yellow-garbed young man reacted with visible shock, but quickly recovered.

“King Immortal-Slayer’s Legacy Medallion!”

Yet again, he resorted to using the medallion, which sent out a burst of immortal power, creating a shadowy figure that seemed capable of dominating everything under heaven. In fact, it seemed to rival the godmammoth in terms of size and strength.

That shadowy figure was a remnant of a nascent divinity essence sealed into the medallion. It came directly from the animadestiny will of King Immortal-Slayer, and even that scrap was enough to shake Demi-Immortals.


The mere vibrations caused all of the halos around Sword Seventeen to shatter and sent him plummeting into the God Legion Paradise.

Vibration after vibration passed through Yang Qi as he reached the very limits of what his energy arts were capable of. Those vibrations were affecting his soul, and even destroying his godmammoth true energy.

Laughing loudly, the young man in yellow shouted, “Die. DIE! Since you’re not a successor of King Immortal-Slayer, and don’t have his legacy medallion, it makes you that much easier to deal with. The will of King Immortal-Slayer can shake all creation! He created the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart with the help of countless other immortals, and this legacy medallion contains some of that will. How dare you try to fight me! You’re going to die beyond the shadow of a doubt! Then I’ll leave this place and achieve breakthrough after breakthrough!” With that, he dissolved into hearty laughter.

Yang Qi knew that with King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallion in play, the situation had reached a critical point. Years ago, the Crown Prince had only just fused with the legacy medallion when they fought. After killing him, the medallion had flown away and he had been powerless to do anything about it. And right now, this yellow-garbed young man had fully drawn on the will of King Immortal-Slayer, something that was rare in the mortal world. In fact, it was likely that the mortal world had never seen this happen. Even in the countless immortal planes, the will of King Immortal-Slayer was a rare and powerful thing.

However, there was definitely something that could counter it.

“God Legion Seal….”


Without any hesitation, Yang Qi sent some Blood of the One God into the God Legion Seal, causing an immediate eruption of power.

Myriad worlds crumbled, and the monarch chart around them cracked. An immensely powerful figure made of pure gold shot out of Yang Qi’s forehead, causing everything in the area to tremble as though the bane of its existence had appeared. It was as if space had ceased to be, replaced by a palace belonging to the legion of gods. Even the mighty projection of the will of King Immortal-Slayer was completely shocked by what was happening.

Everything seemed to go still, as though the scene were transforming into an eternal painting.

It was impossible to tell how much time passed. Perhaps it was hours, perhaps only a second. However, after a certain time, the projected will of King Immortal-Slayer finally moved his hands as he prepared to fight against the God Legion Seal.

It was a contest of power between kings and gods.

As of this point, neither Yang Qi nor the young man in yellow could actually see what was happening. They could only see boundless golden light and the power of an immortal-slayer slamming into each other.


Yang Qi tumbled backward, head over heels, making it impossible to gain his bearings. As for the yellow-garbed young man, he let out a bloodcurdling scream as he sustained grievous injuries. “I'm going to remember this, Yang Qi. You actually have a God Legion Seal! How did something like that fall onto you? It’s… it’s impossible! Those things are basically mythological! That’s the only thing that could possibly control the will of King Immortal-Slayer. NO! I have to carry on the core teachings and doctrines of King Immortal-Slayer. I will kill you… you just wait….”

His voice seemed to echo from a distant location as he vanished without a trace. At the same time, the God Legion Seal returned to Yang Qi’s forehead.

A bit of blood floated there in space, which was the only thing left behind of the yellow-garbed young man with the buzz cut.

Yang Qi reached out, grabbed it, and opened his Lord's Eye to examine it more closely.

1. You might recall that the Crown Prince actually used two different halberds. The Immortal-Slayer's War-Halberd was what he used in the final showdown. It was his weapon in chapters 328, 329, 331, and it was shattered in 332.

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