Chapter 449: Complete Success

Roughly a dozen enormous hands of vital energy smashed into the greyspace of the nest, shaking the mother godworm so badly that she let loose an agonized shriek.

Spatial flames erupted, turning the entire area into a kingdom of fire.


Yang Qi immediately absorbed as much of it as he could, causing his meridians and sea of energy to grow even stronger than before, and his true energy capacity to increase. Even his Blood of the One God was benefiting.

After reaching the soul enlightenment level of a Demi-Immortal, the God Legion Seal had stirred.

Yang Qi had known for a long time now that the seal was fragmented, and that other parts of it existed in other places. Perhaps they were in the mortal world, perhaps in the immortal planes. Maybe some of them had even fallen into hell. There was also the possibility that they were in the kingdom of the gods.

Eventually, Yang Qi hoped to gather all of the God Legion Seal fragments, which would indicate that he could exercise control over the legion of gods and that he was the boundless and supreme Sovereign Lord.


“Come on, everyone. This mother godworm is nearly done for. Stick to the agreement and share those eggs!”

“That’s right. Stop bickering, Empress Netherdark and Guru Army-Smasher. Cooperating is the only way to succeed here. We’ve been waiting for tens of thousands of years to get some godworm eggs, and we're never going to get another opportunity like this.”

Howling, the group of experts focused their attacks on the greyspace of the godworm nest.

From the fluctuations rolling out, Yang Qi could tell that the nest was weakening, and was about to break open.

“Everyone join forces and unleash the Doomsday War-Dragon!”


The vital energy of all of the experts present fused together, creating an enormous dragon formed from magical laws. Baring its claws, it shot toward the godworm nest.


The dragon was an ancient spell formation called the Doomsday War-Dragon, and it was mighty enough to destroy heaven and crush the earth. When that dragon of war appeared, it meant the end of days had come.

Howling, the mother godworm shrank her nest down, yet that didn’t seem like it would do anything to save it from the deadly attacks of the Doomsday War-Dragon.

Suddenly, the mother godworm opened her mouth and spat out a sparkling and translucent internal pellet. It was fully fifty kilometers in diameter and immediately threw the godly laws of space into chaos, causing dazzling light to shine out.

Within that dazzling internal pellet was a daoist painting.

“A Space-Time Retroconversion Painting!” Sword Seventeen said. “The godworm mother is putting everything on the line! Junior Brother, now’s the time to act. If she gets killed, the shock wave will probably take us out!”

“I know,” Yang Qi replied. “We're on the razor's edge here.”

Without any hesitation, he began singing the Eternal Heavenly Aria and a halo of blessing appeared on the mother godworm.


The godworm had no idea what exactly was going on, but all of a sudden she felt herself tremble and her energy and blood began to recover from its previous losses. In the blink of an eye, she was stronger than she had ever been before, by double.

The internal pellet raced forth like a shooting star and slammed directly into the Doomsday War-Dragon. Blinding light exploded out in all directions and everything trembled violently.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi shrank the God Legion Paradise down to the size of a piece of dust and sent it flying into the depths of the godworm nest.

Opening his Lord's Eye, he looked back outside and saw that the impact between the Doomsday War-Dragon and the godworm’s internal pellet had been catastrophic. Space had been shredded in devastating fashion, and the experts were all coughing up mouthfuls of blood.

As for the mother godworm, her internal pellet was severely weakened. She had been slashed apart into several pieces, which caused blood to flow like rivers.

‘This is it! They’re both hurt!’

Without any hesitation, Yang Qi reached out with the Hand of the One God, grabbed the mother godworm and the more than one hundred eggs, and threw them into a magical treasure bag. Then he expanded the God Legion Paradise.


The Eternal Heavenly Aria echoed out again, and in the blink of an eye the God Legion Paradise had devoured the entire godworm nest.

As it turned out, having a primal-chaos elder-snake that could devour anything was turning out to be very useful.

Next, Yang Qi shrank the God Legion Paradise down to the size of a dust mote and it vanished without a trace. All of this happened before the shockwaves from the explosion had even died away.

The attacking experts had just felt a sudden power surge from the godworm, then watched as a spectacular attack defeated their Doomsday War-Dragon. They all suffered significant damage to their vital energy and were forced to retreat, coughing up mouthfuls of blood.

However, as they recovered they looked around to see that the surrounding space was completely empty. There was no mother godworm, no nest, and no eggs.

“What's going on here?” Empress Netherdark shouted angrily. “Where’s the mother godworm? Where’s the nest? Where’s the eggs? They’re all gone? How could they have vanished?”

“Gone,” murmured another of the experts, his eyes turning blank, “all gone. Were we hallucinating? This was our hope to finally get out of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. Now we’re all going to die in here.”

“Someone must have snatched them during that explosion just now. That was obviously a primeval god skill on display. That was how the mother godworm got so powerful all of a sudden. Whoever it was, he was the fisherman and we were the sandpiper and the clam. Damnation! Come on, let’s track him down.”

These were clever people, and they quickly pieced together the clues to figure out what had occurred. But by that time, Yang Qi and Sword Seventeen were long gone.

After snatching the treasure, they headed deeper into the world junction, using the power of the third stage godworm to conceal themselves in the labyrinthine aspects of space that existed there.

After fleeing for a few hours, they stopped and looked around to make sure they were safe.

“We’re rich, Junior Brother!” Sword Seventeen exclaimed, nearly leaping with joy. “So many primeval godworm eggs! Not even the Titan Emperor Collegium has one of these things. If we took even a single one out and handed it to the Hall of Feats and Virtues, we could take away any treasure we wanted. The elders would personally pass on energy arts to us, and we would receive physical and mental baptisms!”

Yang Qi laughed. “Yeah, but who cares about techniques from the elders? And besides, what better baptism could there be than my Eternal Heavenly Aria? Forget about stuff from the collegium, Elder Brother. We’re the type of people who get stronger on our own, right? Come on, let’s rest for a bit. I’ll set up a spell formation to keep us safe, then I’ll help you hatch one of those godworm eggs. In total, we have a hundred and thirty of them.”

“A hundred and thirty?! My god! We're so rich!” Sword Seventeen suddenly slapped himself on the cheek to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

Eggs like these were incalculably valuable. Even Paragon Demi-Immortals could only dream of getting one. After all, a Demi-Immortal of that level could use a godworm they raised to reach the Demolishing level.

“I need a drop of your blood!” Yang Qi said. Sword Seventeen’s eyes turned serious and sharp.

Extending his hand out, he squeezed a drop of blood from his heart out through the tip of his finger. Shockingly, the drop was actually the shape of a sword! As soon as it entered the egg, the egg began to vibrate. Spatial power began rolling off of it, and tiny wormholes even appeared around it, which led to the Dark True Void.

Eventually, cracks appeared on the surface of the egg, then a faint howl echoed out as the godworm larva appeared.

“Hurry! Use your animadestiny nascent divinity to fuse with it! That will turn it into a clone of yours.”

“Alright. Invincible Heart!”

A stream of nascent divinity energy shot out of Sword Seventeen’s forehead and hit the godworm, wrapped it up, and dragged it back into his forehead. A moment later, Sword Seventeen’s sword will grew even more grand and magnificent. Now it seemed like the type of thing that could slice apart space-time.

“What energy art was that? It seemed like….” Yang Qi said.

“It’s Master’s secret legacy, a godly-class energy art,” Sword Seventeen said. “The Prodigious Proto-Epoch, Invincible War-Steppe!”

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