Chapter 448: Primeval God Skills

‘Such intense magical laws of space…’ Sword Seventeen thought, shivering as the godworm rose to the third stage. As the magical laws in the God Legion Paradise became the Eternal Heavenly Aria, he was blessed, and hundreds of halos appeared around his head.

They were halos of blessing, calmness, prayer, glory, protection and simplicity….

“God skills!” he blurted. “These are primeval god skills….” The sensation he was experiencing was indescribable, and he couldn’t help but give voice to his astonishment.

Thanks to the blessing of the Eternal Heavenly Aria, his sword technique was actually improving, and he was fully twice as strong as before.

One of the halos that had sprung up was platinum and contained the image of a metallic white tiger, which poured immeasurable sharpness into his sword bones. Sword Seventeen recognized it immediately. It was an ancient god skill called the Light of the Cutting Edge, something that sword cultivators and sword immortals dreamed of acquiring.

It was said that the Light of the Cutting Edge was a daoist skill passed down by the legion of gods that could significantly improve the might of one’s sword technique. Even a Great Sage who cultivated sword techniques that was blessed by the Light of the Cutting Edge would be capable of felling Demi-Immortals. Of course, the benefit was only to the sword technique, and did not improve one's inherent strength.

However, there was also a blood-colored halo that was imbuing raw power directly into him.

It was the Light of Power, another primeval god skill.

As Sword Seventeen continued examining the numerous halos, he recognized others, such as the rock-colored Light of Protection, which would boost his defenses and make them impenetrable, even to Lesser Demi-Immortals.

It was a terrifying thought.

There were numerous other halos which he didn’t recognize by name, but that he knew represented god skills that were rare even in ancient times. Even back then, the blessings being provided by Yang Qi would have been considered heaven-shaking and earth-toppling.

If the Titan Emperor Collegium and the Megaplexus Collegium went to war and Yang Qi gave the Light of Power, the Light of the Cutting Edge, and the Light of Protection to his fellow students, they would become an unstoppable force in the fighting.

They might even be able to take out entities like Empress Netherdark and Guru Army-Smasher.

After a bit of time, the Eternal Heavenly Aria faded away and the halos surrounding Sword Seventeen’s head disappeared.

Yang Qi sighed. “I never realized that the Eternal Heavenly Aria would provide such incredible benefits. Unfortunately, my cultivation base is still a bit too low. All I have is soul enlightenment of the Demi-Immortal level. As a Nirvanic Resurrection Sage, the most I can do is use a bit of the power of the aria. Right now, the halos of blessing can only provide a double increase in power, energy, perception, foundation, and the like.”

“Double is strong enough as it is!” Sword Seventeen said. “You’ll be able to do more eventually?”

Yang Qi probed himself inwardly, then said, “I can keep the song going for about eighteen breaths of time before I have to stop. Each time I give the blessing, it significantly drains my true energy. If I tried to do it three or four times, I would damage my vital energy.”

All of a sudden, Sword Seventeen’s eyes lit up. “Hey, can your Eternal Heavenly Aria produce halos of damnification? For example, there’s a primeval god skill called the Light of Weakness.”

Yang Qi waved his hand and another halo appeared around Sword Seventeen’s head, along with echoes of obscene music. This halo emanated a noxious aroma and was pitch black. In the blink of an eye, Sword Seventeen began weakening significantly, and even felt dizzy. His thinking slowed, and both his mind and his eyes went completely blank.

A moment later, Sword Seventeen shook his head and shouted, “Sword Will Ascendant: One Sword to Destroy Myriad Laws!”

Sword energy erupted from his nascent divinity and smashed into the Light of Weakness. However, he couldn’t drive the light away; primeval god skills could only be dispelled in a specific way. For example, the Light of Weakness could only be counteracted with the Light of Benediction. Other daoist techniques and energy arts would be useless.

Yang Qi quickly dispelled the Light of Weakness. Thankfully, it wasn’t deadly. That said, it was a technique that had long since been lost in the sands of time, making it a complete surprise that it showed up in Yang Qi’s hands. The Eternal Heavenly Aria didn’t just contain light that offered blessings, it also contained halos of damnification.

Already recovered, Sword Seventeen laughed heartily. “Incredible. So strong! If you told the supreme rector of the Titan Emperor Collegium that you could do this, he would be overjoyed.”

“Let’s keep it between us for now,” Yang Qi said. “I don’t know this supreme rector, and you can never be too careful. Anyone could turn out to be a villain.”

“Of course, Junior Brother,” Sword Seventeen replied, his eyes flashing. “This matter is important. Extremely important. The infighting between societies in the Titan Emperor Collegium is nothing to take lightly. Conspiracies and plots abound, and the only people you can trust are in the Invincible Society. You definitely can’t let anyone know about this ability of yours until you’re much stronger. Otherwise, it’s just going to cause a lot of trouble.”

“Exactly.” Yang Qi had benefited greatly just now. He had reached the soul enlightenment of a Demi-Immortal and pushed his godworm to the third stage. And because of the Eternal Heavenly Aria, he was now four or five times stronger than before.

He was still leeching off of the fiery greyspace of the godworm nest and had not been detected by either the other cultivators or the mother godworm.

One of the types of light that he had access to now was the Light of Emptiness, which he could use to move out of the three realms and the five phases. In other words, it made him impossible to detect.

And of course, he had applied that effect to the God Legion Paradise as a whole.

“Hey, look… the fighting out there is getting even more intense.”


Vital energy shockwaves continued rolling out from the attacks of the powerful experts. However, they weren’t fighting each other any longer. They had apparently come to an agreement and were turning their attacks onto the fiery greyspace of the godworm nest.

“So they’re working together now,” Yang Qi said. “That mother godworm is in trouble, but if we want to benefit the most, we need to make sure that both sides get weak and hurt, just like we did with King Langya and Grand Emperor Rich-Lush.”

“We’re stronger now, Junior Brother, but there’s no way we can fight so many enemies. Look, they're all third, fourth, and fifth order Demi-Immortals. A few of them are even in the sixth order. Maybe we should just play it safe and wait until they break into the nest. Then we can slip in and grab a couple eggs.”

“No way,” Yang Qi said. “This is too good of an opportunity. We’re gonna get all those eggs, plus the mother godworm, and even whatever other treasures there are to be had.”

“Alright, Junior Brother. I’ll follow your lead. What’s the plan?”

“When they think they finally have the upper hand against the mother godworm, I’ll make my move. I’ll bless her with my Eternal Heavenly Aria, giving her far more power than before. Then, after both sides are hurt and injured, we’ll grab the godworm and the eggs. Look, we’re not going to get another opportunity like this, are we? So let’s seize the moment!”  

Sword Seventeen’s blood started boiling with excitement. “You’re right. Let’s do this!”

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