Chapter 444: Godworm Nest

“That’s not a magical sword, it’s a sword bone!”

The sword energy radiating out of the magical treasure bag wasn't coming from a sword, but a piece of bone. It was white as snow, pulsing with a frigid energy, and covered with complex designs. Sword Seventeen reached out and grabbed it, and as he swished it through the air in front of him, dazzling light shone out from it and the designs on its surface resolved into lines of script. There were numerous types, including bird script, seal script, hieroglyphic script, and even immortal script. [1]

There were thousands of them, but they were all variations of the same character: sword 剑.

The host of sword characters flowed almost like a river. Even more interesting was that they weren’t carved into the surface of the bone, but existed there naturally. Each one carried different meanings, including different aspects of sword will, sword energy, sword divinity, and sword hearts.

“It’s a thousand swords bone!” Sword Seventeen exclaimed in delight. “According to the stories, if someone cultivates the dao of the sword to the ultimate level and gains...

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