Chapter 443: Seizing the Grand Emperor

“What? You're from the Rich-Lush Continent? And you have my Grand Emperor's Pagoda?” Grand Emperor Rich-Lush was visibly shocked. Looking closer at Yang Qi, he said, “I made the Rich-Lush Continent from a chunk of the old Yore-Wilds’ Heart. Although it’s small, it's actually very important. It has a base of primal-chaos paleo-energy as well as ancient immortal formations, including teleportation portals. It’s like a springboard, of sorts. The entire thing was only possible because of the severed hand of a primal-chaos elder-immortal. Everyone born there has a special energy flow in them.”

Yang Qi snorted. “Energy flow? I couldn’t care less. I already merged the Rich-Lush Continent with the Western Continent, and even added the Quake-Dawn Continent into it. It’s a new land now, called the Sage Monarch Continent. Listen, Grand Emperor Rich-Lush, you’re strong, and your connection to the essence of the Rich-Lush Continent is very important. You’re going to die today, and later I’ll sacrifice you to improve the essence of my new continent and help it become a planet.”

“Oh, so that's your plan. Not bad. I shed blood, sweat, and tears making the Rich-Lush Continent, yet I was never able to complete the work. Later, I ended up stuck in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.” All of a sudden, his killing intent faded away and he started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Yang Qi asked.

“Your ridiculous waste of resources. The Rich-Lush Continent isn’t supposed to be a planet, and you couldn’t make it one even if you tried. It was created from a special portion of the Yore-Wilds Continent, and if I hadn’t ended up in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart I would have gone back to use it correctly. How about this: I’ll tell you the secret of the Rich-Lush Continent, and you let me go. What do you say?”

‘Are there really other secrets regarding the Rich-Lush Continent?’ Yang Qi thought. He had long since made the continent his own and searched it as thoroughly as he could. He knew about the primal-chaos paleo-energy and the immortal formations. As for the formations, some were broken so badly that not even his mother could fix them. Others were inscribed with extremely ancient spatial coordinates that he couldn’t make sense of.

Eyes flickering, Grand Emperor Rich-Lush continued, “A mortal couldn’t possibly uncover the truth about the Rich-Lush Continent. There’s one damaged spell formation there that, if repaired, could be used to gain access to the immortal worlds. Understand? To put it another way, you could get to an immortal plane without having to become a Demolisher first. It's a formation created by patriarchs in the ancient Yore-Wilds. An immortal formation, something you could never figure out how to repair on your own. However, I have an ancient legacy that will enable me to do just that. Besides, I also have tens of thousands of years of enlightenment from here in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. I could easily repair that formation, as long as I get out of this place…. So, what do you think? Without me, you’re stuck.”

Grand Emperor Rich-Lush was quite impressed with his speech, and was certain it was enough to convince Yang Qi.

‘The formation has the power to send someone to the immortal worlds before becoming a Demolisher?’ Yang Qi thought.

“That’s impressive,” Sword Seventeen said. “Not even the Titan Emperor Collegium can do something as heaven-defying as that. In fact, I doubt it's true. If a formation like that existed, the Titan Emperor Collegium would be aware of it.”

Grand Emperor Rich-Lush laughed coldly. “You think you’re real smart, don’t you? Well let me explain things for you. In the ancient era, the Titan Emperor Collegium always considered the Yore-Wilds as the most powerful of all the planetary systems. In fact, even though the collegium was said to oversee the Four Wilds, they could never produce as many experts as the Yore-Wilds. So what makes you think your collegium would know all of its secrets? Are you kidding me? There are plenty of ruins within the old Yore-Wilds planetary system that your Titan Emperor Collegium would never dare to enter. Not even immortals. Listen, brats. If we can get to an immortal world together, what’s the point of grudges? The resources available there vastly surpass anything from the mortal world. You can't even imagine. Once you’re there, reaching the Demolishing level would be a simple thing.”

Grand Emperor Rich-Lush wasn’t lying about that; the differences between the mortal and immortal world were vast. The power, resources, magical laws, and everything in the heaven above were such that even ordinary individuals from the mortal world who got there could easily become Great Sages. And in the immortal world, there were many, many times as many Demi-Immortals as there were below.

If Yang Qi could repair that immortal formation and use it to get resources from the immortal worlds, the children of the Yang Clan would achieve spectacular progress. It would probably only take a few hundred years for his clan to outmatch the Titan Emperor Collegium. That said, the idea of going to an immortal world wasn’t particularly attractive to Yang Qi at the moment. What he needed to do was get power from hell.

The energy available in the Hell of Euphoria or the Hell of Yamas might be bad for most people, but as far as he was concerned, it was high-level universal power and actually more beneficial to him than anything from the immortal worlds.

Of course, his friends and family couldn’t enter hell. Going into a hell for temporary training was possible, but the vital energy there would eventually eat away at one's humanity, leading to disastrous consequences.

‘For some reason, I have a feeling that a big storm is about to hit the mortal world. Should I try to repair that formation and take my people to an immortal world?’ Although most people revered and admired the immortal worlds, Yang Qi was different. To him, the cultivation of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth was far superior.

Godmammoths could suppress millions upon millions of hellish planes, therefore the immortal worlds were not particularly impressive.

After thinking about the matter for a moment, he snorted coldly. “Those are some clever and flattering words, Grand Emperor Rich-Lush. Unfortunately, I'm not swayed by things like that. Like I said, I'm going to kill you and extract your magical laws. Then, after I leave the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, I’ll just extract the information about the immortal formation.”

He took a step forward and launched the Hand of the One God directly toward Grand Emperor Rich-Lush’s head.

“Dammit, brat. Do you really think I was blabbering on in the hopes of you letting me go? I just needed to recover a bit.” Grand Emperor Rich-Lush lunged forward to meet Yang Qi’s palm strike. “See if you can take this move. Profound Femina Mother Fist: Heavenly Fight, Earthly Smite; Profound Femina Golden Light!”

Grand Emperor Rich-Lush leaped up, then descended toward Yang Qi with power like that of seas and hells. At the same time, a true energy projection of his Macrocosm Pagoda appeared above his head.

“I was well aware you were using the power of an immortal pill to restore your energy just now. Unfortunately for you, my recovery speed is much faster!” By this point, Yang Qi was already quite proficient in the use of the imperial snakecharms and managed to vanish right into the formation created by the twenty-eight talismans.


A burst of vital energy erupted from the formation as Yang Qi yet again powered them to produce a primal-chaos elder-snake. As Grand Emperor Rich-Lush closed in, the snake opened its mouth and devoured him.

A miserable shriek rang out, which was then swiftly cut off.

Moments later, he was just like King Langya—physically dead and sealed in the God Legion Paradise, reduced to a source of power as his magical laws were extracted. Of course, despite being physically dead, his soul and mind were still active.

“Bastard! I won’t let you get away with this. I'm Grand Emperor Rich-Lush! I created the Rich-Lush Continent! You were born as a citizen of mine! This is regicide!”

“Just be a good boy and help me power my domain. Don’t worry, you won’t truly die in there even if you wanted to. Your essence is too important. Once we're out of here, I’ll drain you dry.” Yang Qi waved his hand, pulling Grand Emperor Rich-Lush’s magical treasure bag and horse whisk out of the God Legion Paradise.

Grand Emperor Rich-Lush had been in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart for many years and had a whole host of valuable treasures. For example, his whisk was filled with immortal energy, and was obviously a true immortal item. Its most casual movement would send silver light streaming out to form a massive net that could capture virtually any opponent.

“That's an Immortal World Dense Cloud Whisk!” Sword Seventeen said, breathing a sigh of admiration. “Back in the Titan Emperor Collegium, only royal students and above would have access to immortal items like that. Let’s see what else this Grand Emperor Rich-Lush had in his magical treasure bag. Oh, what about King Langya’s bag? Both of them were major bigshots in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. They must have incredible stuff.”

“Here, Elder Brother,” Yang Qi said handing over both the bags. “I’ll let you take inventory. Keep anything you want.”

Sword Seventeen did just that. After rummaging through the bags for a moment, he threw his head back and laughed heartily, startling Yang Qi.

“So many immortal pills!” he said. “Magical treasures, immortal items… there are daoist texts too, and immortal stones. These are two treasure troves of immense proportion. My god….” Waving his hand, he produced an immortal item that looked like a mountain. “This is the Heavenking Mountain. I can’t believe it! The Heavenking Mountain! Its powers of suppression are unrivaled, and if you add it to a minor world you can make it incredibly stable. It will even suppress the fluctuations of vital energy in space.”

“You have a sword body, right? And your personal domain has already turned into a sword crypt. Adding that mountain to it would be perfect.” With that, Yang Qi looked in the bags as well. “Hey look, there are some magical swords here; why don’t you add them, too?”

As Yang Qi made the comment, Sword Seventeen sensed a sealing mark of some sort within one of the bags that was fairly bursting with sword energy.

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