Chapter 443: Seizing the Grand Emperor

“What? You're from the Rich-Lush Continent? And you have my Grand Emperor's Pagoda?” Grand Emperor Rich-Lush was visibly shocked. Looking closer at Yang Qi, he said, “I made the Rich-Lush Continent from a chunk of the old Yore-Wilds’ Heart. Although it’s small, it's actually very important. It has a base of primal-chaos paleo-energy as well as ancient immortal formations, including teleportation portals. It’s like a springboard, of sorts. The entire thing was only possible because of the severed hand of a primal-chaos elder-immortal. Everyone born there has a special energy flow in them.”

Yang Qi snorted. “Energy flow? I couldn’t care less. I already merged the Rich-Lush Continent with the Western Continent, and even added the Quake-Dawn Continent into it. It’s a new land now, called the Sage Monarch Continent. Listen, Grand Emperor Rich-Lush, you’re strong, and your connection to the essence of the Rich-Lush Continent is very important. You’re going to die today, and later I’ll sacrifice you to improve the essence of my new continent...

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