Chapter 442: Getting the Talismans

By pouring all of the godmammoth true energy he could muster into the imperial snakecharm, Yang Qi had provoked a most startling transformation. The will of the ancient King Heaven-Devourer was fully tapped into, and all of the twenty-eight talismans released their ultimate level of power.

As a result, the talismans transformed into the Twenty-Eight Mansions of the immortal world and Grand Emperor Rich-Lush and King Langya were caught within their power. However, the two Demi-Immortals attacked back with everything they could muster and the formation was broken.

Primal-chaos raged, destroying countless planes in the world junction.

Screams rang out as both Grand Emperor Rich-Lush and King Langya were severely injured and pushed to the point of near-death.

‘It’s go time!’ Yang Qi thought. Having recovered some of his energy, he knew that now was the perfect time to sweep in and make his move.

“Hand of the One God: Worldly Capturing!”


This was...

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