Chapter 441: The Fisherman


The fighting in the depths of the world junction continued to grow more intense as Grand Emperor Rich-Lush and King Langya went all out, trying to defeat and capture the twenty-seven imperial snakecharms. They weren’t holding anything back in their attacks and were using their deadliest techniques.

Unfortunately, they were two of the most powerful figures in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and were perfectly matched up. Even more relevant, the presence of the imperial snakecharms made it impossible for them to fight as freely as they normally would have.

As the battle progressed, their true energy began to wane, making them increasingly desperate.

As for the imperial snakecharms, they also seemed to be weakening. They were magical treasures, not humans or even devil-ghosts. They had no intelligence and operated solely on instinct. If either of the two experts could get control of them and power them with true energy, they would be thousands of times stronger in the blink of an eye.

In some ways, they were like a consummate divine sword that would do little good without an expert swordsman to wield it. Once in the hands of such an expert, though, such a sword could unleash unlimited slaughter.

As the fierce fighting raged outside, Yang Qi and Sword Seventeen remained hidden in the darkness. Interestingly, Sword Seventeen wasn't paying any attention to the fight between Grand Emperor Rich-Lush and King Langya. Instead, he was watching Yang Qi.

Yang Qi sat there cross-legged in his God Legion Paradise, sending streams of quintessence energy into his imperial snakecharm. As he did, puffs of empyrean energy emerged from it, forming the projection of an enormous snake that was trying to devour the godmammoth true energy that existed in Yang Qi.

Even Sword Seventeen could sense that the imperial snakecharm had immense power brewing in it.

Soon, voices began to echo out from the talisman. “Snakes devour mammoths. Snakes devour mammoths….” 

Deep in the talisman, scales swirled wildly to form a huge snake.

The aura of the ancient King Heaven-Devourer was domineering and peerless, and was actually very different from that of King Immortal-Slayer.

The legacy medallions of King Immortal-Slayer had the aura of massacre and slaughter. It was an aura of incomparable sharpness, like that of the most unparalleled of swordsmen.

In contrast, King Heaven-Devourer’s aura conformed to the dao of demons, like that of a consummate and august patriarch.

One was piercing and the other was overbearing, but both belonged to outstanding immortals.

As for King Heaven-Devourer’s imperial snakecharms, they seemed to want to do battle with godmammoths. And they contained profound truths regarding the saying ‘snakes devour mammoths’.

All of a sudden, the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth reached a peak level of power and a clear, ear-piercing sound erupted in the depths of the imperial snakecharm, almost like an immortal plucking a zither. Then a domineering voice spoke out. 

“Heaven-Devourer… Heaven-Devourer… three thousand imperial snakes… achieve the great dao, combine them into King Heaven-Devourer’s Talisman… a primal-chaos elder-snake.”

‘So, that's how it is,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘The true energy of my Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth tapped into the most primal state of the imperial snakecharm and unlocked a message from King Heaven-Devourer. If I can collect all three thousand imperial snakecharms and put them together, it will turn into King Heaven-Devourer’s Talisman, the ultimate primal-chaos elder-snake.’

As of this point, Yang Qi was now certain that King Heaven-Devourer had been an ancient primal-chaos elder-snake, a being formed out of primal-chaos itself. He had been an entity even more powerful than a primeval godworm. After all, primal-chaos elder-snakes were comparable to actual god-spirits.

‘I don’t think there’s anyone better equipped to deal with these three thousand imperial snakecharms than me. With my godmammoth true energy, I can feed the talismans the energy they need to release the true potential of the primal-chaos elder-snake that was King Heaven-Devourer.’

To Yang Qi’s eyes, the snakecharm was now an enormous snake swirling about in his God Legion Paradise. As he fed godmammoth true energy into it, it continued growing larger and fiercer, and, from what he could tell, as long as he didn’t run out of true energy its potential was limitless.

The talisman wasn’t just mighty. It was beyond mighty! In fact, Yang Qi’s current level of true energy wasn't enough to fully power it. That was telling, considering that he could already operate broken, defective, and counterfeit immortal items.

Unfortunately, this talisman of King Heaven-Devourer was different. After all, King Heaven-Devourer was a person who defied the legion of gods. As such, he must have been stronger than the Godmyth level.

The world of cultivation consisted of the nine phases of the Energy Arts level, the nine seizings of the Lifeseizing level, the nine transformations of the Legendary level, the nine steps of the Great Sage level, the nine orders of the Demi-Immortal level, the nine stages of the Demolishing level, and the nine divisions of the Godmyth level. As for what came after that, Yang Qi wasn’t sure.

In the mortal world, the highest level possible was the ninth order Demi-Immortal. As for Demolishers and Godmyths, they only appeared in the immortal worlds. The level after Godmyth was approaching the territory of the legion of gods; no information about it had ever spread beyond the immortal worlds.

Yang Qi had no way of understanding such things as that. After all, he was still only a second step Great Sage. He was far, far away from even the Demolishing level, let alone the Godmyth level.

As Yang Qi continued pouring godmammoth true energy into the imperial snakecharm, the battle raged outside. Grand Emperor Rich-Lush and King Langya were both coughing up blood, but at the same time unleashing their most vicious and deadly moves. Both of them were putting their lives on the line to get those twenty-seven talismans.

“Alright, watch this King Langya. Macrocosm’s Rigor; Grand Emperor’s Vigor!” Blood sprayed out of his mouth and bloody wounds opened up all over him as he drew upon some mighty entity to bless himself with power. Instantly, the animadestiny nascent divinity that was his grand pagoda transformed into something made purely from blood.

Then intense rumbling sounds echoed out as the pagoda shot toward King Langya.

“Looking to die? Fine. Nine Heavens of Langya: Myriad Army-Slaughtering Grand Battle Energy!”

King Langya also coughed up blood as an enormous blood cloud appeared above him, filled with an army of chariots and warriors which seemed to be celestial soldiers from an immortal world, ready to carry out mass slaughter.

The heaven-supporting clouds crusade against all; the troops of the immortal world can level demons and devils!” King Langya was leading an army of bloodthirsty heavenly soldiers against Grand Emperor Rich-Lush in what seemed to be the climactic moment where victory and defeat would be determined. If the battle wasn’t concluded in this moment, whoever came out on the bottom of this clash would be incapable of winning in the end.

‘The perfect opportunity!’ It was in that moment that Yang Qi decided to make his move. However, he didn't interfere with the fighting between Grand Emperor Rich-Lush and King Langya. Nothing he did would have any major influence on the outcome. Not even detonating his primeval godworm would do anything. Yet, even termites can destroy a dam.

‘Prepare to consume a godmammoth, primal-chaos elder-snake!’ Yang Qi pushed his Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth to the ultimate limit, summoning a massive amount of true energy to form the image of a godmammoth, which he then sent into the talisman.


The talisman responded by bursting with a strange power and energy that transformed it into an enormous snake formed of primal-chaos, which immediately shot toward the fight.

Yang Qi hadn’t held anything back, and the result was an attack power equivalent to a sixth order Demi-Immortal.

That level of power couldn’t hurt the imperial snakecharms.

Not even a Demolisher could harm the talismans created by King Heaven-Devourer, and in fact, neither could Godmyths.

As for the twenty-seven other talismans, they weren’t powerful enough to truly cause problems for Grand Emperor Rich-Lush or King Langya. But….


Yang Qi’s talisman entered the battlefield and joined the other twenty-seven talismans, which caused them all to suddenly pulse with the will of the ancient King Heaven-Devourer.

Now the talismans were filled with the energy of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, which caused an enormous primal-chaos elder-snake to appear right in the middle of the fight. The snake instantly shot high up above the battlefield, simultaneously transforming into twenty-eight enormous stars. These were not ordinary stars, but rather, immortal stars.

Each of those stars represented an immortal world, and in total they created the ancient Twenty-Eight Mansions. It was an immense, deadly spell formation.

King Langya and Grand Emperor Rich-Lush immediately sensed that something was happening. 

“What’s that? Why is this happening?”

“Crap, those are the Twenty-Eight Mansions from the immortal worlds! There’s no way I can defend against that! Somebody activated the imperial snakecharms!”


A tempest of destruction began sweeping through the world junction, exerting such force that the entire place trembled on the verge of collapse.


Back in his God Legion Paradise, Yang Qi pulled out a handful of immortal pills and began popping them into his mouth.

Never before had he drained himself as severely as this. He felt like his cultivation base and meridians were completely dried up. Thankfully he had the godworm to continue powering his God Legion Paradise, otherwise the shock wave from the blast would have killed him.

Sword Seventeen also helped shield him from the blow, simultaneously shouting, “Get ready!”

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