Chapter 440: Grand Emperor Rich-Lush

Just when Yang Qi was about to be overwhelmed by a whole host of imperial snakecharms, a powerful individual came and, with the mere sweep of his whisk, sent the talismans flying off to the side.

As a result, Yang Qi and Sword Seventeen were both freed from the impasse.

However, after moving some distance away, they turned and looked back to see that although the newcomer had dealt a significant blow to the imperial snakecharms, he hadn’t fully defeated them.

Meanwhile, the black-robed figure noticed their retreat and turned to look at them. 

“Eee? Two nobodies?”

It took only a moment for this Demi-Immortal to come to the realization that Yang Qi and Sword Seventeen were only Great Sages. To Demi-Immortals, Great Sages were like nothing.

When he realized that Yang Qi and Sword Seventeen wanted to stay and watch him fight the imperial snakecharms, he snorted coldly and said, “Listen, brats. You should be glad an emperor like me was willing to save you from the imperial snakecharms. Are you really going to try to take further advantage...

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