Chapter 439: Imperial Snakecharm

‘Wait, this emperor snake is an incarnated talisman?’

He had already determined that the snake’s cultivation base was at the level of a Profound Demi-Immortal, which made it vastly stronger than even a Greater Demi-Immortal. That put its fighting capabilities far above his own. However, while he had taken it to be some diabolical monster native to this place, Sword Seventeen was saying that it was actually a talisman.

As Sword Seventeen was looking at it in surprise, Yang Qi opened his Lord's Eye and looked at the talisman itself. It was a strip of paper a meter long and about five fingers wide, covered with an extremely lifelike depiction of a snake.

It wasn’t an ordinary snake, but rather a snake that could command all other snakes in existence.

This talisman had been created by an immortal from the ancient Snakefolk, and was mysterious and powerful to the extreme. It radiated an aura that seemed capable of consuming everything in existence. Clearly, this was a...

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