Chapter 438: Endless Treasure

Sword Seventeen and Yang Qi made further plans.

Taking into account everything they knew about the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, they made some very specific plans of how to face the dangers of the world junctions.

There was obviously no way to search through all of them.

However, they were all treasure troves, in addition to being locations to escape to the outside world.


As the two of them flew out of the lake, the God Legion Paradise shrank down until it was a thumb-sized bullet that was roughly the same color as the surrounding terrain. As it zipped along with Yang Qi and Sword Seventeen inside, it was virtually impossible for anyone to spot.

At Sword Seventeen’s urging, Yang Qi continued focusing on gaining enlightenment from the primeval godworm.

Although he was still stuck at the pathetically weak second step of the Great Sage level, his enlightenment was on the verge of breaking through to the Demi-Immortal...

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