Chapter 437: Various Factions

“Surprised, Elder Brother? Come on, let’s go.” Yang Qi had just killed six top experts without batting an eyelid. Looking over at Sword Seventeen, he waved the sleeve of his God Legion Battle Robe to wrap him up, then vanished.

Before anyone in the area could react, they were gone.

With the godworm in his God Legion Paradise constantly eating away at space, Yang Qi could move around in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart with ease.

When Yang Qi vanished, the people in the area exchanged awkward glances which slowly transformed into expressions of terror.

“The Six Langya Fiends were just killed!?”

“Who did it? Who could possibly be so ferocious? Before we could even blink, the six of them were dead, and not even their bones were left behind! They were all powerful Demi-Immortals.”

“The Six Langya Fiends work for King Langya, who runs this city. And now some mysterious outsider just went and killed them? King Langya isn’t going to let this go. Come on, let’s get out of here. We don't want to be around when King Langya flips out.” [1]

“Get out of here! King Langya is coming!”


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