Chapter 433: Escape

“What is that?!” As the infernal’s hand melted away, he saw the golden imp unleashing a deadly attack. There was nothing he could do to defend himself as the most holy and mighty of energies stabbed toward his soul, purifying his infernal blood and eating away at his divine abilities and energy arts.

“Dammit! Primeval Heaven-Devil! Infernal Monarch Destroys Hell, All-Encompassing Subjugation!”

The infernal burned his longevity with abandon, causing immense flames that contained projections of a devil-god and an infernal monarch to erupt.

Unfortunately, the golden imp didn’t care about that.


The devil-god and the infernal monarch exploded, and the golden imp’s attack continued into the infernal patriarch.

The infernal screamed as it was inundated with holy sagelight, filling it with incredible pain.

“I have to go all out! Heaven-Devil Body Dissolution; Blood Sacrifice to the Divine Netherworld. Let my King Come through the Hellish Vortex!”

He recklessly burned even more...

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