Chapter 433: Escape

“What is that?!” As the infernal’s hand melted away, he saw the golden imp unleashing a deadly attack. There was nothing he could do to defend himself as the most holy and mighty of energies stabbed toward his soul, purifying his infernal blood and eating away at his divine abilities and energy arts.

“Dammit! Primeval Heaven-Devil! Infernal Monarch Destroys Hell, All-Encompassing Subjugation!”

The infernal burned his longevity with abandon, causing immense flames that contained projections of a devil-god and an infernal monarch to erupt.

Unfortunately, the golden imp didn’t care about that.


The devil-god and the infernal monarch exploded, and the golden imp’s attack continued into the infernal patriarch.

The infernal screamed as it was inundated with holy sagelight, filling it with incredible pain.

“I have to go all out! Heaven-Devil Body Dissolution; Blood Sacrifice to the Divine Netherworld. Let my King Come through the Hellish Vortex!”

He recklessly burned even more longevity, even destroying his heaven motes. As a result, he was able to unleash a consummate energy art that actually stopped the incursion of the God Legion Seal.

Because of his technique of Heaven-Devil Body Dissolution; Blood Sacrifice to the Divine Netherworld, his cultivation level actually dropped, reverting him from a seventh order Demi-Immortal to a sixth order, a permanent regression that he would never recover from. He would eventually die as a sixth order Prime Demi-Immortal.

That said, dying later was better than dying now, and right now this was his only hope of surviving.

The infernal exploded into a mass of blood, transforming into a blood dragon that broke through the sagelight and began fleeing at top speed.

The eruption of power from the God Legion Seal also served to shove away the other experts on the outside. As of this moment, Yang Qi was alone with the spatial nexus.

‘Damnation!’ he thought. ‘I just lost all of my Blood of the One God, and my dracomammoth particles are back to being megamammoths. I must be at one tenth the level I was at before. I doubt I could take out a ninth step Great Sage right now, let alone a Demi-Immortal. It's a good thing I still have my primeval godworm.’

He was currently covered in numerous bloody wounds; this was by far the worst he had ever been injured in a fight.

This was the first time he had ever proactively used the God Legion Seal instead of waiting for it to defend him. Unfortunately, it had to be fueled with the Blood of the One God, the loss of which was a big setback to his cultivation.

‘At least I'm surrounded by a host of treasures, including immortal pills and immortal items. They’ll help me recover eventually. Right now, I have to fuse with this spatial nexus and get into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. My gains there will make up for my losses here.’

With that, he focused fully on the godworm and the work of fusing with the nexus.



The nexus shrank down, causing deafening rumbling sounds to echo out. Then it vanished, taking Yang Qi with it.

“Damnation!” Yun Leidong growled. “We were too slow, and he was too strong. I can’t believe he actually defeated that infernal patriarch. He must have some powerful treasure or something.” He suddenly threw his head back and roared furiously. “I won’t ever forgive you, Invincible Society!”

The other experts were similarly frustrated, but there was nothing they could do.

“Let’s go. When the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart appears, there are always thousands of spatial nexuses. We still have a chance. That evil creature is already in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart by now. If we can find another nexus in time, we’ll still have a chance to track him down and kill him.”

“That’s right. He must have used some taboo secret magic to beat that infernal. If he’s injured, I doubt he’ll last long in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.”

“I've heard that there’s always a lot of fighting and killing in that chart. It's hard to say how many experts have died inside over the years. The more arrogant you act, the more dangerous it will be.”

“He just got lucky with that spatial nexus. The harder thing will be to survive in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.”

The experts departed, hoping to find another nexus to struggle over.


‘Where am I?’ Yang Qi thought, forcing his eyes open and sitting up to find himself surrounded by sprawling, forested mountains. The air was crisp and clear, and as he inhaled he felt immortal energy coursing through him, revitalizing his meridians and filling him with power.

He sent some divine will out and found that the lands extended far beyond his ability to sense.

That was actually very telling. After all, with his Lord's Eye, he could stand in the Central Planetary River of the Titan Emperor planetary system and see all the way to the Yore-Wilds, Brute-Wilds, Proto-Wilds, and Waste-Wilds planetary systems. He could even see the details of the planets in those systems, right down to the vital energy of Great Sages.

As for the Energy Artists, Lifeseizers, and Legendaries, they were too minuscule for him to detect. Normally speaking, that was a level that was possible only for eighth order Universal Demi-Immortals, who could, by their very nature, see the rotations of the universe.

If Yang Qi was on a planet, he could sense all of the life forms on it, and even the individual grains of sand.

Considering that he could see through entire planetary systems, how could he not be surprised at the sight that met his eyes now. Essentially, this place was larger than an entire planetary system!

‘Is this the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart?’ Thinking back, he remembered the spatial nexus shrinking down and down, until finally there was an explosion. Eventually, the force of the explosion faded away and he woke up to find himself in this location.

The only thing that made sense was that he was in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

‘Let's see what the magical laws of space are like here….’ He waved his hand, and light shot out from his fingers to slice at space itself.

However, to his surprise, nothing happened. He tried again, even harder, and this time a backlash hit him that left his arm tingling.

Apparently, there was no way for him to slice open space, and in fact, if he pushed too hard he would suffer a destructive reprisal from the magical laws.

‘The space here is so durable…. Not even the Hell of Mahānata was like this. So, this really is a different heaven and earth. This Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart really is miraculous.’

Rising to his feet, he checked himself and confirmed that he really had suffered a grievous blow to his energy arts. His dracomammoths were back to being megamammoths, and he was barely as strong as a Lesser Demi-Immortal. At least he still had the primeval godworm. As the saying went, a starving camel is still bigger than a horse.

‘How am I supposed to get out of here if I can’t slice open space?’ He jumped into the air to start flying, only to find to his surprise that he just dropped back down to the ground. Shockingly, the magical laws of space made it impossible for him to fly.

When he leapt into the air, it felt like millions of ancient mountains were crushing him back down onto the ground.

‘Well, isn’t this great. I can’t even fly. The magical laws here are so strong!’ Eyes flickering, he sat back down onto the ground. ‘Well, in that case, I need to see how badly I'm injured. The spirit energy here is perfect for cultivation, and I have plenty of immortal pills….’

He took a deep breath, pulling some nearby streams of immortal energy into his palm to form a pill. Looking at it, he could sense pure and terrifying energy fluctuations that were an expression of some form of universal power that he was unfamiliar with.

From the look of the energy, it seemed cultivation would progress more quickly here than even back in the Titan Emperor Collegium.

Looking into his God Legion Paradise, he saw a whole host of immortal pills floating about like stars.

He immediately began identifying certain pills that he had read about in ancient records. 

‘This is an Immortal-Spirit Life-Death Pill, perfect for restoring vital energy and recovering from wounds.’

It was shaped like a burly fighter, except without facial features. It contained rumblings, as if it were made of thunder, and pulsed with the energies of both life and death.

From what he remembered, the pill was created by immortals, using some of the most mysterious immortal energies that existed in the universe—those of life and death. It was a holy remedy that could help even a wounded Demi-Immortal recover from wounds.

Without any hesitation, he consumed it and immediately felt warm currents of energy flowing through him. He drew on the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth and felt like he was in the halls of heaven. The God Legion Seal immediately leaped to life and began producing drops of the Blood of the One God.

Yet again, the one hundred million awakened particles inside him transformed back into dracomammoths.

However, the power of the immortal pill was not enough to completely heal him.

Therefore, he moved on to the other pills he had acquired, which included many that he recognized from his various studies. Five Phases Holy Pilgrimage Pill. Immortal Emperor Reincarnation Pill. Eight Treasures Monarch Cultivation Pill. Eighty-Eight Paragons Pill. Myriad Immortals Congregation Pill….

It took him about twenty hours to go through all of the pills he had collected. He also used the Hellfire Crucible to break down the immortal items he had gathered and use their immortal motes to fuel more Blood of the One God.

A day and night passed, and he opened his eyes. His particles were jumping with power and he was as good as new. 

‘I'm back….’

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