Chapter 432: Outstanding Heroes

Yun Leidong was nearly apoplectic.

He was a very important person in the Titan Emperor Collegium. Not only was he a prestigious royal student, he was also a peak sixth order Prime Demi-Immortal, meaning that he was just on the verge of reaching the seventh order. There were few people in the entire collegium who would dare to offend him, even people from other societies.

Yet here, the paltry eighteenth disciple of the Invincible Society, a mere consecrated student, was daring to cross him. It was a virtual defiance of heaven. In fact, the other students from the Titan Emperor Collegium who heard Yang Qi’s response were visibly stunned. It was almost like he was slapping Yun Leidong in the face.

As of this moment, Yun Leidong wanted to kill Yang Qi and everyone close to him, even the Invincible Society.

“Listen up, everyone. From here on out, anyone who’s friends with me, and anyone who’s a member of the Hegemon’s Society, will kill Yang Qi or die trying! Run an investigation and find out who all his friends and family are. Then track them down and bring them to me so I can torture them to death in front of him. He’s going to pay a heavy price for this lunacy!”

Yun Leidong was really going crazy.

The Hegemon’s Society was considered to be one of the top ten societies, with as many experts as the sky has clouds. When they took action, they could destroy mountains and seas, and even create planets and planetary systems.

“Kill him! Everyone, attack together! Break into that minor world and use your Titan Emperor Medallions to identify his precise location! Cut down anyone who gets in our way!”

With that, Yun Leidong became a dazzling streak of light that shot forward with unstoppable momentum, and his fist became a black hole that could consume anything in his path as he resorted to one of his most deadly moves.

“Royal Hegemon’s Ghost-God Dao! Consume Heaven!”


The Royal Hegemon’s Ghost-God Dao had several deadly moves, including Consume Heaven, Devour Earth, Royal Monarch, Hegemon Lord, Nine Ghosts, and Channel Gods!

Each one was as spectacular as a hegemon taking control of the world and slaughtering devils.

Crack! Snap!

In one shocking move, Yun Leidong broke into the spell formation that the students from the Coiling Arc Collegium had set up.

“So, he’s trying to take us on?” Eldest Brother Ning said with a snarl. “Let’s see if this top student from the Titan Emperor Collegium is really a match for Ning Xiyuan! Three Daos of the Slaughtering Sword: Ceaseless Pain!”

Ten thousand swords merged into a single dazzling stream of sword light that shot forward from Ning Xiyuan to slam into Yun Leidong. In the blink of an eye, the two sixth order Demi-Immortals were engaged in fierce fighting.

Suddenly, a burst of laughter erupted from a different direction. “When the sandpiper and the clam fight, the fisherman benefits. Come on, everyone. Kill that brat with the godworm!”

Another expert shot toward the minor world with the spatial nexus in it.

The situation was changing by the moment.

However, a sinister chuckle echoed out, the type that would cause those who heard it to envision a devil-ghost consuming its own soul in hair-raisingly terrifying fashion.

Then a dark golden blur entered the scene, razor-sharp claws visible on its outstretched hands.

Agonized shrieks echoed out as several of the lower-level students were torn to pieces. A moment later, the dark golden figure became clear, allowing Yun Leidong, Ning Xiyuan, and others among the top experts to identify what was happening. They immediately backed away.

“Revered Demi-Immortal! And a follower of the dao of devils! Look, it’s one of the Infernalfolk from hell!”

Sure enough, the newcomer was a dark golden infernal. Among all of the various fiend-devils, infernals were among the most dangerous, and in fact, not a single human cultivator present was capable of dealing with such an enemy.

“That’s right, you bunch of ants. I'm glad you realize who I am. I’m a patriarch among infernals, and I don’t have time to mess with you fools at the moment. After I take control of the spatial nexus, I’ll slaughter the lot of you.”

Considering the level of this infernal’s cultivation base, he definitely deserved to be a patriarch.

Without any further talk, the deadly infernal lunged toward the minor world. Laughing coldly, he said, “Heaven-Devil Energy Field!


A bizarre field of energy sprang out which immediately broke through the outer barriers of the minor world, leaving it wide open for the infernal to enter.

“We can’t let that devil-ghost succeed. Everyone, after it! Don't let it live!”

The humans from the various collegiums temporarily put aside their differences and unleashed a bevy of attacks on the infernal patriarch.

In the blink of an eye, a massive, dazzling array of destructive energies and powers slammed into the Infernal, causing cracks to spread out all over his body.

“This is outrageous!” he shouted, his eyes glittering with terrifying killing intent. “How dare you, you suicidal idiots!”

Heaven-Devil Devastation Incantation!” Massive pillars of devil energy shot out toward the dozen or so top experts among the humans. Like the ancient saying went, to catch brigands, first catch their chief. The infernal knew that if he took out the most powerful of the humans, the rest would scatter.

The fighting couldn't have been fiercer.

‘Perfect!’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Let the fiends fight each other to their heart's content. Compared to them, I'm pitifully weak. The longer they drag things out, the more time I have to fuse with the spatial nexus.’

The truth was that Yang Qi was feeling very nervous at the moment. Although having a second stage godworm made him stronger, it only made him strong enough to defeat third order Demi-Immortals. Enemies in the fifth or sixth order were beyond him, let alone seventh order fiend-devils. Even worse, he was now forced to focus on the spatial nexus and couldn’t divert any attention to fighting.

But thanks to the fact that his enemies were outside fighting amongst themselves, he had the perfect opportunity to go about his task with the utmost effort.

“Glory be to the Legion of Gods, Radiance and Light to Time Indefinite. Eternally Undying is He, the Deathless Sovereign Lord….” Yang Qi continued exhaling streams of milky white true energy containing his life force quintessence, longevity, and vital energy.

The power of nearly a thousand years of his own lifespan caused the spatial nexus to continue shrinking.

“Treasures, come to me!” he murmured. After all, the minor world around him was filled with treasures that had spewed out from the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. They looked like countless stars, except they were actually medicinal pills, ores, daoist texts, and even profound bits of enlightenment regarding the dao of immortality left behind by ancient immortals.

According to the rumors, there were even godly-class energy arts in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

As he went about his work, Yang Qi was able to snag some of the immortal items, medicinal pills, and ores, and throw them into his God Legion Paradise. It was definitely quite a haul.


Outside, the infernal patriarch already had a bad feeling about how things were playing out. However, at a certain point, he cackled and said, “Whatever piece of trash is trying to fuse with that spatial nexus is a complete lunatic! I'm going to destroy you! Heaven-Devil Infernal Monarch Fist!”

In the blink of an eye, he unleashed millions upon millions of dark golden fist strikes, all of which were capable of punching holes in the fabric of the universe itself.

Yun Leidong’s immortal armor shattered and he coughed up blood as he was swept up in the power of the fist strikes. 

“Retreat!” he shouted. “This monster is going crazy!” 

“Get over here! That primeval godworm is mine! It’s my destiny to enter the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart! After I'm out, I’ll be a ninth order Paragon Demi-Immortal, half a step into the Demolishing level. Who will be a match for me then? I’m going to become a devil-immortal, and after that, a Godmyth, then Deathless. My throne will dominate the greatest dao of all when I become part of the legion of gods!”

The infernal patriarch’s power filled the minor world with dazzling light and immediately began wrapping around Yang Qi.

‘Not good!’ Yang Qi thought. This was a level of power that he simply couldn’t fight against. Considering that it was a deadly situation, he decided to throw caution to the wind and sent all of the Blood of the One God that he had into his forehead toward the God Legion Seal. [1]

As the saying went, place someone on a field of death and he will fight to live, and that was exactly what was happening right now.

A dark golden hand bore down on Yang Qi’s head. But then a deadly burst of sagelight erupted from his forehead.

In the most critical of moments, the God Legion Seal provided the life-saving assistance he needed.

Normally speaking, the only outcome of a fight between Yang Qi and a Revered Demi-Immortal infernal would be his death, but the God Legion Seal was turning everything around.

Even as the infernal thought that he was about to crush Yang Qi out of existence, the golden imp appeared. Although he was small, it was obvious that the merest blink of his eyes could affect the entire universe.

“What’s that?” The infernal patriarch said, his hand melting like a snowman in the sun.

1. It was mentioned in chapter 412 that he could control the God Legion Seal. He was about to do so in that chapter when his mother intervened in the fight.

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