Chapter 431: Big Fight

Yang Qi was being attacked by a third order Profound Demi-Immortal from the Coiling Arc Collegium. The explanation of the name of the level was that these were Demi-Immortals who understood the most profound truths about the universe. The level itself was also profoundly mysterious, and involved blurring the lines between what was illusory and what was real.

As the man’s Timeless Age move sliced forward, Yang Qi flapped his Angel Wings, which kicked up a deadly tempest. Then he sent his primeval godworm lunging toward the minor world to eat away at its power as he spun and entered the main fighting stance of the Fist of the Halls of Heaven.

Dazzling godlight erupted in all directions as the ancient halls of heaven appeared above him. Instantly, the power of time which had been unleashed on him shattered, and he began to go through a set of stances, moving so smoothly that it almost seemed as if he had invented them: Creation. Destruction. Nature. Undying. He backed up the stances with the Eternal Heavenly Aria.


It was definitely enough to shake a Profound Demi-Immortal. When the two of them collided, Yang Qi staggered backward a few paces toward the minor world surrounding the nexus. As for the Profound Demi-Immortal, he didn’t back up at all, yet his empyrean energy trembled unstably.

Because of that, it allowed the light surrounding him to bypass his defenses.

His life force instantly began degrading and he was forced to shore up his defensive empyrean energy to protect himself. However, that brief moment was all Yang Qi needed to get close to the minor world and pour some of his life force into it.

Instantly, it stopped spitting out magical treasures and he slipped inside.

‘Not good. How did he get into that minor world so quickly? How is it possible? Wait, is that….’ To the shock of the Profound Demi-Immortal, he saw the godworm chewing its way deeper into the minor world.

‘A primeval godworm? He actually captured one of those things? No wonder he got into the minor world so quickly. Once he succeeds, no one will be a match for him.’

Although he was shocked, he quickly recovered and tried to bash his way inside. Unfortunately, it violently repelled him.

With Yang Qi in the minor world, there was no way anyone else would be able to break into it.

According to the information which had been compiled based on past appearances of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, whenever the spatial nexuses appeared, they would be housed inside of powerful minor worlds. Whoever entered one of those minor worlds would gain complete control over it, and would even be protected by it. Normally speaking, the process was very difficult and was something that even fifth order Tyrant Demi-Immortals would have trouble with.

And yet here Yang Qi had entered the minor world with seemingly no effort, something the likes of which nobody had ever heard of.


As the Profound Demi-Immortal was rebuffed by the minor world, other experts arrived, causing the sea of light to part and leaving a massive area completely free and safe.

“My respects, Eldest Brother Ning!” the Profound Demi-Immortal said, kneeling respectfully in front of one of the newly arrived figures.

“What’s going on here?” the man said, sending out streams of powerful energy to cover the minor world. Shockingly, this ‘Eldest Brother Ning’ was a sixth order Prime Demi-Immortal.

“Eldest Brother Ning, some punk Great Sage managed to get here before me, and he has a primeval godworm! That’s how he was able to get down here safely, and so fast.”

“A primeval godworm? Those things are incredible, and very rare. It’s a travesty for an ant-like Great Sage to have one.” Raising his voice, he said, “Set up the Arching Radiance and Light Formation. Use it to take control of the minor world and force that punk out into the open. We need to take his primeval godworm, then make sure nobody from the other sects can get close.”

As they followed his orders, he nodded approvingly then flew up into the air and unleashed millions upon millions of streams of sword energy.

It was like a kingdom of swords that shot high above them to prevent any other enemies from getting close.

Numerous spheres of glowing light stopped just outside of the swords.

They were all Tyrant Demi-Immortals from various factions, including the Megaplexus Collegium, Titan Emperor Collegium, and people from various other planetary systems.

There were even a few sixth order Demi-Immortals. One by one, the most powerful among them stepped forward to establish their authority.

“I'm Yun Leidong from the Titan Emperor Collegium, chief student from the Hegemon’s Society!” This student from the Titan Emperor Collegium was flanked by several of the students who had planned to screw Yang Qi over earlier. [1]

“I'm Dongguo Xian from the Megaplexus Collegium, chief student from the Sun Moon Hall!” The speaker was a young woman who was as beautiful as an immortal. However, her eyes were hard as they stared at the spatial nexus within the minor world. [2]

“I'm Xiyue Shan, chief student from the Profound Reality Collegium.” This person was from the Profound Reality planetary system, a place that Yang Qi had never even heard of. [3] 

In addition to them, there were a few others who called out introductions.

When they were finished, Eldest Brother Ning said, “You’re in the Coiling Arc planetary system right now, and that means this territory belongs to the Coiling Arc Collegium! If you think you're going to get this spatial nexus, you’re crazy.”

Eyes glittering, Yun Leidong from the Hegemon’s Society looked over at the spatial nexus and said, “Ha! That spatial nexus is already occupied by a student from the Titan Emperor Collegium. First come, first served. You know the custom.” 

“What? A student from the Titan Emperor Collegium is in there?” The powerful experts from the other factions looked visibly surprised.

“Hurry up and break into that minor world!” Eldest Brother Ning shouted to his followers.

At this point, the sixth order Demi-Immortal Yun Leidong pulled out his Titan Emperor Medallion, which could do more than just send messages. Such medallions could also allow for control over the nascent divinities of others, assuming they allowed it. Without any hesitation, Yun Leidong used the medallion to contact Yang Qi. 

“Junior Brother, just stay where you are and protect that nexus. We’ll get in there to help you shortly. You might control the minor world, but there’s no way you can fuse with the nexus. But we can! Send your mind into your Titan Emperor Medallion and give me control. When we all get back to the collegium, I’ll reward you handsomely.”


Shortly before….

Yang Qi was deep into the minor world, which was huge and filled with spell formations, warding spells, and all sorts of treasure.

However, he ignored all of those things and followed the godworm, using his Angel Wings to proceed as quickly as possible to the nexus itself. It was a conglomeration of primal vitality, a mass of magical laws which he needed to imprint his soul mark onto in order to fuse with the nexus.

As soon as he reached it, he sent some divine will that contained the true essence of the One God into it. The fusion process immediately began and the core rapidly began to shrink. Compared to the nexus, he was actually as weak as an ant.

That said, the point wasn't to control its power, but to use it to propel himself into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

After he entered the chart, the power would fade from existence. In other words, it was a temporary power, which meant that he couldn’t absorb it and use it to fight seventh or eighth order Demi-Immortals.

Thankfully, he had reached the nexus first, entering the minor world and making it impossible for anyone else to catch up without breaking through the outer layers.

As the fusion process continued, his Titan Emperor Medallion vibrated and he received the message from Yun Leidong.

“Nice try,” Yang Qi replied coldly. “You want to possess me and take control of the spatial nexus? I couldn’t care less that you’re the chief student of the… what was it? The Hegemon’s Society? And I don’t care that you're a sixth order Prime Demi-Immortal. I'm from the Invincible Society, and we don’t have any connections to your Hegemon’s Society. Just go ahead and fight to the death with everybody else out there.” With that, he deactivated the medallion.

When Yun Leidong received the message, he nearly passed out from rage. “Who cares about the Invincible Society? They only have eighteen disciples! And they can all go to hell as far as I'm concerned. I'm Yun Leidong, sixth order Demi-Immortal, a person who can call the wind and summon the rain, a royal student! And you, a mere Great Sage, dare to curse me?! Prepare to die!”

1. Yun Leidong: Yun is a surname which also means “cloud”. Lei means “lightning, thunder” and “Dong” means “to move, displace, touch, use, etc.”

2. Dongguo Xian: Dongguo is a relatively uncommon two-character surname. Xian means “immortal”.

3. Xiyue Shan: Xiyue is a poetic name for Mount Hua in China, a sacred mountain of the west. Shan means “mountain”.

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