Chapter 429: Explosion

‘This Proterozoic Violet Energy is so strong,’ Yang Qi thought as he entered the wormhole. ‘And to think it could be converted into heavenly-grade spirit stones. It’s like I'm in a never-ending treasure storehouse.’

Actually, if it were converted into spirit stones, some of the resulting stones would probably be better than heavenly-grade, and would verge on godly-grade. Unfortunately, Yang Qi’s cultivation base was too low. As a mere Nirvanic Resurrection Sage, he had no way to converge immortal energy to form godly-grade spirit stones. That said, even being able to make heavenly-grade spirit stones was already incredible.

Normally speaking, it would take the strength of a low-level Demi-Immortal to convert the power of an immortal world into heavenly-grade spirit stones. Godly-grade spirit stones would be the realm of Universal and Paragon Demi-Immortals.

Yang Qi knew that this wormhole was considered a very dangerous location in the Coiling Arc planetary system. Although it continuously emitted Proterozoic Violet Energy, there were other dangerous things mixed in with it. He had even heard stories of Universal Demi-Immortals being killed here.

It made sense that a spatial nexus of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart would appear in a place like this.

As he proceeded along, the Proterozoic Violet Energy grew so strong that tempests began to rage. He saw enormous axes, sabers, and swords made of the magical laws of space, things so deadly they could slice a Demi-Immortal’s minor world into pieces. He even saw chains that whipped about like fierce dragons, things so powerful that they could slaughter Lesser Demi-Immortals, much less Great Sages. However, those chains were the perfect food for his godworm, and thus, it was without any hesitation that he latched onto them and threw them into his God Legion Paradise.

The godworm’s compound eyes glittered brightly as it voraciously gobbled up the spatial elements. Normally speaking, godworms ate away slowly at space, but the quality of the spatial elements here was so intense that it was almost as if there were an immortal pouring power into the godworm.

Each moment that passed here was like an entire year outside.

Over the course of the next few breaths of time, Yang Qi could sense a massive force of expulsion from within the violet wormhole. Were it not for his primeval godworm, and his Angel Wings, there would be no way for him to continue on.

Many hundreds of thousands of kilometers into the wormhole, it became so dangerous that not even Profound or Potent Demi-Immortals would survive.

Exerting maximum effort, Yang Qi shrank his Angel Wings and God Legion Paradise down as small as they would go, making him like a bullet, shooting through the spatial tempests.

At one point, an endless field of twisting light streams appeared, accompanied by the power of time.

As the light hit him and his God Legion Paradise, Yang Qi was shocked to find that his longevity and life force immediately began to decline.

It was as if time were flowing millions upon millions faster than normal. In fact, in the briefest of moments, he had already lost thousands of years of lifespan!

Considering he had cultivated the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth all the way to the second step of the Great Sage level, his longevity was already beyond the realm of a hundred thousand years. Unless something unexpected happened, he would essentially live forever.

But now these godly laws of time were eating away at that longevity, and the God Legion Paradise couldn’t do anything to protect him from it.

‘Each of these strands of light can cut away thousands of years of longevity. If I don't do something, I'm going to get killed!’

The level of danger was immense.

“Godworm, space is like time, and time is like space. Time for you to start feeding!” He waved his finger and sent a drop of the Blood of the One God into the godworm, causing it to immediately grow ten times larger. At the same time, it began to gobble up the streams of light, resulting in strange designs appearing on its skin.

Normally speaking, it wouldn’t have been able to digest the raw power of time, but with the Blood of the One God, it could.

Adult godworms could eat space, time, or anything else, but usually, the young versions could only consume space. With Yang Qi’s help, this godworm was consuming time and converting it into power that he could benefit from. As a result, his longevity was quickly restored.

In fact, his longevity was even refined, and he began to gain further enlightenment of how it worked, and how it was connected to heaven and earth.

Yet again, he was edging closer to full enlightenment of the Demi-Immortal level.

“Amazing. The combination of the Blood of the One God and the godworm is providing significant enlightenment. Time, and space. The universe is literally made of the combination of those two things.” Yet again, Yang Qi’s level of enlightenment deepened as he sank into the light. [1]

Meanwhile, shadowy figures appeared above, radiating the aura of Demi-Immortals. The experts of the Coiling Arc planetary system had finally arrived.

Almost as soon as they entered the light, a young Lesser Demi-Immortal who was too slow to react was hit, and transformed into a stooped old man with a full head of white hair and profoundly wrinkled skin.

Even as he began screaming, he crumbled into ash.

“Stop!” called out the leader, and the Demi-Immortals halted outside the border of the rays of light.

“These are godly laws and the godpower of time. Don’t touch anything, otherwise your longevity will be eaten away before you know what's happening. The light can even pierce into our minor worlds. Without items equipped with the magical laws of immortals, you can’t defend against light like this. This violet wormhole is a very dangerous place to be in. Everyone, proceed with caution, and stay within the protection of my immortal item. Limitless Mirror!”

The leader pulled out an immortal mirror which sent light streaming out to protect them. He was a third order Profound Demi-Immortal, yet even he had to be extremely careful in their current situation.

After they entered the sea of light, other experts appeared. One of them, a fifth order Tyrant Demi-Immortal, snorted coldly and waved his finger, unleashing an attack that parted the light and allowed him to enter it directly.

As time passed, more experts appeared. Most of them were from the Coiling Arc Collegium, although there were some from the Megaplexus Collegium and a few from other, unknown locations.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi was proceeding like a fish in water, when something suddenly caught his attention. Opening his Lord's Eye, he looked up to see numerous spots of light, shining like suns and moons. Those were the experts who had just recently appeared.

‘They’re strong. Even stronger than mother. That one is a seventh order Revered Demi-Immortal! If I ended up fighting people like that in a dangerous location like here, it would be difficult to escape. I need to get deeper into this sea of light and find the spatial nexus! Once I'm in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, not even an immortal will be able to catch me.’

A tremor passed through him as he produced another drop of the Blood of the One God and fed it to the godworm. Instantly, the godworm began to gobble up the dangerous light at an even faster pace.

A moment later, the godworm suddenly shivered and howled. Unexpectedly, it was beginning to shed, indicating that it was entering the second stage of its life cycle.

The skin it shed was actually composed of raw time and space, and was similar to the God Legion Battle Robe in some ways. The main difference was that the God Legion Battle Robe was actually illusory, whereas the shed skin of the godworm was real.

Yang Qi waved his hand, dragging each bit of shed skin into his God Legion Battle Robe, making it even stronger and giving him direct protection against the dangerous light around him.


After an hour, the godworm had finished shedding. Now it had an exoskeleton that looked like white jade, and at the same time, could consume the light even more quickly.

It was completely different from before, but at the same time it had experienced an awakening of memories from within its genes. Instantly, more power and knowledge flowed into Yang Qi and his enlightenment grew more profound.

He was now on the very verge of reaching Demi-Immortal enlightenment! That was when the sound of an explosion from deeper within the sea of light interrupted his thoughts.

All of a sudden, he sensed dozens of immortal items flying up toward him from below.

1. This passage makes sense in a way in Chinese that is impossible to convey in English. In Chinese, there are two characters which make up the word “universe” 宇宙. The first character 宇 actually does have the definition of “space” and the second character 宙 means “time”. Of course, those characters can mean other things depending on how they’re used, and they’re also very literary. In any case, in Chinese, the universe literally is space + time.

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