Chapter 429: Explosion

‘This Proterozoic Violet Energy is so strong,’ Yang Qi thought as he entered the wormhole. ‘And to think it could be converted into heavenly-grade spirit stones. It’s like I'm in a never-ending treasure storehouse.’

Actually, if it were converted into spirit stones, some of the resulting stones would probably be better than heavenly-grade, and would verge on godly-grade. Unfortunately, Yang Qi’s cultivation base was too low. As a mere Nirvanic Resurrection Sage, he had no way to converge immortal energy to form godly-grade spirit stones. That said, even being able to make heavenly-grade spirit stones was already incredible.

Normally speaking, it would take the strength of a low-level Demi-Immortal to convert the power of an immortal world into heavenly-grade spirit stones. Godly-grade spirit stones would be the realm of Universal and Paragon Demi-Immortals.

Yang Qi knew that this wormhole was considered...

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