Chapter 428: It Appears

Of course, considering that Yang Qi had power over the godly laws of space, it was a foregone conclusion that he would eavesdrop on the royal students’ conversation. He was aware of everything happening on the entire mountain, and was now privy to all of their plots and schemes.

As he sat there, he smiled coldly. These royal students were no weaklings; they were Lesser Demi-Immortals, and in fact, one of them was even a Greater Demi-Immortal.

As for the Lesser Demi-Immortals, he could kill them all easily. Even the Greater Demi-Immortal was probably within the realm of his capability to handle.

That said, he had no desire to take things that far. In the Titan Emperor Collegium, killing fellow disciples generally came with a harsh punishment, unless you had extremely powerful backing. Although he had the Invincible Society to rely on, he was alone in this situation and didn’t want to do anything reckless.

His plan was to just wait until he could get into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart; he needed its power to get to the Hell of Mahānata....

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