Chapter 428: It Appears

Of course, considering that Yang Qi had power over the godly laws of space, it was a foregone conclusion that he would eavesdrop on the royal students’ conversation. He was aware of everything happening on the entire mountain, and was now privy to all of their plots and schemes.

As he sat there, he smiled coldly. These royal students were no weaklings; they were Lesser Demi-Immortals, and in fact, one of them was even a Greater Demi-Immortal.

As for the Lesser Demi-Immortals, he could kill them all easily. Even the Greater Demi-Immortal was probably within the realm of his capability to handle.

That said, he had no desire to take things that far. In the Titan Emperor Collegium, killing fellow disciples generally came with a harsh punishment, unless you had extremely powerful backing. Although he had the Invincible Society to rely on, he was alone in this situation and didn’t want to do anything reckless.

His plan was to just wait until he could get into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart; he needed its power to get to the Hell of Mahānata. Then he would experience a whole string of breakthroughs.

Right now, he was sifting through the memories of the primeval godworm and its genetic legacy information. There were all sorts of profound and mysterious energy arts there, things which could break all sorts of barriers and lead to longevity similar to heaven’s. All of those things were of the Demi-Immortal level, which meant that Yang Qi’s soul enlightenment was reaching that point.

‘Just wait. I'm strong enough right now to kill Lesser Demi-Immortals, and can hold my own against Greater Demi-Immortals. However, that’s nothing compared to what will happen later. Once I gain Demi-Immortal enlightenment and get into the Hell of Mahānata, my cultivation base is going to rise so high that I honestly can’t predict who I’ll be able to fight.’

As he continued with his work, he kept an eye on the situation around him. He soon noticed the enormous space-time wormhole in the depths of the planet and the violet energy that swirled within it. It was clearly a dangerous location, and not even his Lord's Eye could see all the way into it.

Just as the royal students had said, that was where the spatial nexuses leading to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart would appear.

The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart was an immense thing. The truth was that the Coiling Arc planetary system, Titan Emperor planetary system, and Megaplexus planetary system wouldn't count as even a tiny corner of the chart as a whole. It was for that reason that when people said that the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart would ‘appear in the world’, it was only a figure of speech. What would actually appear would be the spatial nexuses that led to it.

The appearance of the nexuses would coincide with the release of treasures. Supposedly, it was even possible for the nexuses to emit preheaven god vitality, among other extremely rare things. After the nexuses fully formed, cultivators could fuse with them, which would then allow passage into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. [1]

Throughout history, everyone who entered the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, then successfully left it, became famous people, such as patriarchs of huge sects. Many of them even reached immortal ascension. That said, not everyone who went inside came out alive, and those who did rarely shared the secrets of what went on inside.

Considering that the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart only appeared once every ten thousand years or so, it obviously represented an amazing opportunity.

Days passed. Occasionally, more students from the Titan Emperor Collegium would slip into the impoverished kingdom that was the rendezvous point. There were representatives from many organizations, such as the Righteous Energy Society, Grand Noble Society, Sword Society, Saber Society and more. There were even people from the Hall of Beheadings and Executions.

However, no one else from the Invincible Society came. They were really living up to their reputation of doing things on their own.

Yang Qi eventually noticed students from the Everlasting Society, who would glare at him with open hatred.

As his Elder Second Brother had explained, Yang Qi was now in a blood feud with the Everlasting Society, a conflict that could only end with either his death or theirs. After all, he had killed all of their potential recruits during the entrance ceremony, which had been a huge blow to them. They had lost geniuses who possessed the Bright Sun Truebronze Body, Nascent Divinity Starlight Body, and more. A host of eighth and ninth step Great Sages had all been slaughtered.

‘Well, the Everlasting Society singled me out to begin with, and, in the end, they all died because of it. If they target me again, more of them are going to die. Considering I'm a member of the Invincible Society, I have backup. And my Elder Brothers and Sisters are all fiendish monsters. If anybody tries to hold the law over my head, they’ll find themselves on death’s door.’

As he was quietly sitting there, the godworm in his God Legion Paradise suddenly let out a strange cry.

Yang Qi shivered and looked in the direction of the enormous space-time wormhole in the depths of the planet. Inside of it, a grand and majestic burst of godpower had appeared.

‘The spatial nexuses are about to appear. Such power! Even my God Legion Seal is shaking because of it!’

It was true; his God Legion Seal was reacting to what was obviously the imminent appearance of the nexuses.

The God Legion Seal was an exceedingly powerful thing, but the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart had supposedly been created by countless immortals all working together for the express purpose of fighting the legion of gods. Perhaps it had even been designed with the God Legion Seal in mind.

‘It’s time. Strike first, achieve lethality. Strike second, meet calamity. There’s no way I’ll let these other people take advantage of the spatial nexus before me!’

Yang Qi rose to his feet and prepared to make his move.

However, in that very moment, an immense gravitational force erupted from the throne he had just been sitting on, making it impossible to move.

Elder Brother Hua laughed uproariously. Looking over at Yang Qi, he said, “The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart is about to appear, so be a good boy and wait right there. In a moment, the warding spell hiding us will collapse and you’ll be revealed to the planet, which will be the perfect diversion for us. Soon, all of the experts in the area will come over and crush you to death. Well, see you later! Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, here we come! It might be a bit dangerous in that space-time wormhole, but we—”


Right in the middle of his speech, the mountain exploded, and all of the thrones and mansion grottos that had been set up inside collapsed into dust. At the same time, Elder Brother Hua was hit in the chest with sledgehammer-like force. Blood sprayed out of his mouth like a geyser as a figure blurred passed him, moving so quickly it was impossible to see clearly.

Simultaneously, a blast of vital energy destroyed the warding magic that had been protecting the area, then shot high into the air to create an enormous character that read ‘Titan’.

‘Not good!’ Elder Brother Hua thought, looking up at the ‘Titan’ character.

The students present all turned pale from fright. 

“Dammit, he got away! And he shot a Titan Emperor Collegium signal up into the air. Everyone on this planet is going to realize we’re here. This is really bad!!”

“Go, go, go! Get out of here!”

“There’s already plenty of divine will heading our way! If we don't get out of here, our lives will be in danger! Go, go, go!”

One of the royal students stepped forward, a burly young man who thrust his hand out to unleash a powerful attack that pierced down into the planet itself.

“Die!” he growled.


His attack was blocked by an unknown force, causing shockwaves to roll out and forcing him to stagger backward.

Visibly surprised, he said, “Yang Qi from the Invincible Society! I'm not going to forget this. The Martial Duelist Society won't let you off the hook for ruining our plans!”

With that, he waved his sleeve, sweeping up all of the other students and then vanishing.

That burly young man was actually the leader of the entire group, and he’d managed to unleash an attack just as Yang Qi fled. However, it failed and he was forced to simply flee with his cohorts.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi had already reached the edge of the violet wormhole. 

‘Martial Duelist Society…? They’re a very mysterious group back in the Titan Emperor Collegium who practice shockingly powerful martial arts. So one of them was here all along. Seems to me he’s close to being a Profound Demi-Immortal and was strong enough to overcome my metadimensional godpower. Thankfully, I was fast enough to get away. Any slower, and I would have been killed by a “fellow student”.’

At this point, Yang Qi looked back at the kingdom he had just left.

Numerous streams of divine will were already converging on the sprawling place. As a result, mountains, lands, rivers, and other terrain features were blasted into dust. Countless humans were killed, including the emperor himself, along with all his generals and armies, and the clans, cultivators, and elite fighters that made up the nation.

It was a large and complicated country, similar to the old Rich-Lush Continent in many ways, with a rich history and countless marvelous legends.

Sadly, the arrival of numerous powerful experts ended up destroying it.

In the blink of an eye, it became nothing but a memory. All of a sudden, Yang Qi thought back to the fighting he had witnessed and participated in back home. If a whole group of Demi-Immortals had come to the Rich-Lush Continent, it would likely have been destroyed just like this nation.

“Students from the Titan Emperor Collegium have infiltrated us!” one of the local experts shouted. “How did we not notice this? Dammit! They’re obviously hoping to get into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.”


Just as the words left the man’s mouth, an immense force erupted from the violet wormhole. There was no time for Yang Qi to sit around thinking about what to do. Without any hesitation, he blurred into motion.

1. This “god vitality” is a new term which will be defined and explained later in the story. For the sake of simplicity, think of it as a type of higher-level energy. The reason I'm using “vitality” is because the term shares a character with “vital energy”.  

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