Chapter 427: Despicable

Not every location on this enormous planet was equal. There were tiny, poor villages, and enormous bustling cities. It wasn’t like the current Sage Monarch Continent, in which every location abounded with spirit energy and treasure.

There was no fairness here. Some cities were built directly on top of enormous veins of ore, while certain villages were devoid of even ordinary spirit energy, much less Proterozoic Violet Energy. People from those poorer locations rarely reached the Legendary level, much less the Great Sage level.

The disparity between rich and poor was dramatic, even more than it had been in the old Quake-Dawn Continent.

Right now, Yang Qi was in one of the remote, poor locations.

This was where the message from the Titan Emperor Collegium had originated.

After passing through the warding magics, Yang Qi realized that this kingdom made of cities and villages of human cultivators was more populated than he had thought....

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