Chapter 426: Fellow Disciples

After killing the students from the Megaplexus Collegium, Yang Qi relieved them of their magical treasures and spirit stones. There were no immortal items, but he did find a few immortal stones which he immediately fed into the God Legion Paradise.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Regardless of which educational establishment they came from, Demi-Immortals were always elite figures. And people like that always had precious treasures. 

Sure enough, Yang Qi recovered five magical treasure bags filled with spirit energy and the aura of treasures, as if each of them were a minor world unto itself. They were also decorated like Go boards. In the Megaplexus Collegium, all of the major divine abilities conformed to the dao of Go, including their spell formations and varieties of vital energy.

One by one, Yang Qi searched through the magical treasure bags, gaining enough spirit stones, magical treasures, and crafting materials to form mountains.

He also found five daoist texts.

They were written in immortal script, and after studying them for a moment Yang Qi realized that they were five deadly techniques.

One of them was titled Sinking Oblivion, and another was Six Beasts. Obviously, these were the techniques the Demi-Immortals had used against him moments ago. They were immortal skills, although that just meant that they were compilations of heavenly-class energy arts.

The other three books were entitled, VoidationTwo Realms, and Lifelessness.

If they were combined, it seemed that they would make a consummate technique that could rival the Holy Mother’s Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao. Although the combined technique wasn’t a true godly-class energy art, it came close.

Yang Qi could think of two uses for techniques like this. For one, he could use them to impersonate a student from the Megaplexus Collegium. Second, he could distribute them in the Sage Monarch Continent.

He had really benefited from this encounter.

“And now to see exactly what this Coiling Arc planetary system is like. Part for me, Dark True Void.” With that, his gaze pierced through the various barriers that made up the Dark True Void, until he caught sight of a planetary system that looked very different from the Yore-Wilds, Proto-Wilds, Brute-Wilds, and Waste-Wilds. In fact, it even had different constellations. Some of them looked like arcs, whereas others looked like centaurs, vortexes, and other mysterious things.

The world was opening up to Yang Qi, making him feel like he had always been a frog in a well, unable to leap high enough to see what existed beyond.

The magical laws in the Coiling Arc planetary system were different from those in the Four Wilds. In fact, in the depths of the planetary system there was a violet-colored energy flow that was different from anything Yang Qi had ever seen before.

Waving his hand, he summoned some of the energy and studied it. Clearly, this was a type of energy that could provoke profound transformations in anyone who absorbed it.

“Proterozoic Violet Energy!” [1]

Yang Qi murmured. “The ancient records I’ve read only mention Proterozoic Violet Energy, and yet the Coiling Arc planetary system is full of it. The people are actually born in this type of energy! They must be incredibly strong.”

From that, it could be seen how the Coiling Arc planetary system was fundamentally stronger than the Titan Emperor planetary system. Of course, much of that was because of the severe blow that the Yore-Wilds had suffered because of the invasion of the Hell of Euphoria and the resulting loss of spirit energy.

The Coiling Arc planetary system was filled with planets of human cultivators and had numerous human kingdoms. There weren’t any Demonfolk present at all. Obviously, humans ruled the place, and had established a flourishing civilization.

After all, human civilizations were unlike those of demon-devils, as they emphasized education, organization, rules, and laws. Demon-devil civilizations were rarely united, and were rife with infighting.

Keeping himself hidden, Yang Qi began absorbing the Proterozoic Violet Energy, then forming it into physical liquid. Before long he was crystallizing the liquid to create stones.

They were proterozoic violet stones, which were equivalent to heavenly-grade spirit stones.

The Coiling Arc planetary system was immense, so much so that even Yang Qi would require weeks or months to cross it. Considering that, the idea of finding the spatial nexuses leading into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart seemed like a daunting task. Thankfully, Yang Qi had captured the primeval godworm larva, which originally came from the monarch chart. Therefore, he could rely on its energy and aura to do the work for him.

He had been occupied for nearly a year in all of his recent endeavors, and the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart was sure to appear very soon. If he didn't do his best to find a nexus like his Elder Second Brother had asked him to, how could he ever face his ambitious and proud fellow disciples ever again?

The Invincible Society was full of consummate experts who were bound together in spirit and action, and Yang Qi felt much more of a sense of belonging to it than he had ever felt toward the cursed Demi-Immortal Institute.

Therefore, he was going to do his best to accomplish the mission assigned him by the Invincible Society and earn face for his Elder Brothers, Elder Sisters, and his Master, the Invincible Dugu.

As he entered the planetary system, he stayed in a metadimension and sent his divine will to scan the area. There were many planets, some of them completely occupied by cultivators and connected with wormholes and teleportation portals. In those places, Lifeseizers were nobodies, with Legendaries being like nobility, and only Great Sages and Demi-Immortals being considered top experts.

In every starry sky, there were Demi-Immortals in charge of large areas. Furthermore, they would have their own divine will spread out, and even had domains set up to prevent people from entering undetected.

Of course, their defense systems were set up to detect other Demi-Immortals, not Great Sages or Legendaries.

Right now, Yang Qi was relying on his Devil-God Seal to make it seem like he was in the Energy Arts level. Obviously, someone like that wouldn’t attract any attention at all.

Besides, considering he was concealed in a metadimension, it seemed unlikely that a Demi-Immortal would ever notice him.

As he proceeded along, he suddenly felt his Titan Emperor Medallion vibrating. Pulling it out, he looked at the star chart inside and saw a planet blinking, and at the same time, pulsing with the fluctuations of fellow disciples.

‘Is someone calling for help? I should go check it out.’

Obviously, it made sense to contact his fellow disciples before beginning his own search of the Coiling Arc planetary system. After all, different planetary systems had different methods of government and were often at odds with each other. The last thing Yang Qi needed was to stumble about in ignorance and reveal his true identity.


Following the information from his medallion, he eventually reached an enormous planet that abounded with violet energy flows. It was millions of times larger than the Quake-Dawn Continent had been and was surrounded by a dense network of space-time wormholes and warding magics. As for all of the teleportation portals leading into the wormholes, they were closely guarded and required rigorous inspections of certain documents before they could be used. Obviously, it would be a very difficult task for intruders to get through.

Sadly for them, Yang Qi had a primeval godworm, which he had been feeding the Blood of the One God. With his newfound command of the godly laws of space, he could move about here as easily as a boat in water.

He easily slipped past the defenses and soon found himself on the planet itself. It was filled with all sorts of cities and locations, as well as numerous cultivators, sects, organizations, and the like. There were also a wide variety of human races. It was almost like an entire collection of worlds, and it actually rivaled the Central Planetary River of the Titan Emperor Heaven.

Yang Qi continued following the tugging of his medallion, which led him into the suburbs of one particularly large city. Those ‘suburbs’ consisted of sprawling mountains with villages of common folk in the Energy Arts level. Lifeseizers were also common here, with Legendaries being less common.

‘This place is really impoverished,’ Yang Qi sighed, landing on the ground.

Upon nearing one particular hamlet, he realized that the place was actually sealed by a spatial warding magic that made its interior impossible to detect from outside. That magic was called the Titan Scholar Chaos Heaven Secret Magic and it was a consummate technique from the Titan Emperor Collegium.

1. “Proterozoic” refers to a specific geological eon in the history of our Earth. I'm appropriating the word and adapting it to this novel to mean “a very early period of time, perhaps the earliest”.

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