Chapter 425: Metadimensions

The students from the Megaplexus Collegium immediately knew what was going on.

They were clever individuals, all of them considered natural-born geniuses who were deeply familiar with the operation of the universe.

This newcomer was obviously from the Titan Emperor Collegium and had acquired a godworm, giving him control of metadimensional godpower.

Of course, the fact that he had acquired the godworm to begin with indicated that he was an elite expert who they would be rewarded greatly for killing.

Yang Qi stepped forward to block their escape and sent a stream of energy out, creating something like a wall within the Dark True Void to prevent any of them from leaving.

It was a manifestation of the godly laws of space provided by the godworm.

The godworm had already benefited from the Blood of the One God that Yang Qi had fed it, which had unlocked even further power from within its genes....

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