Chapter 425: Metadimensions

The students from the Megaplexus Collegium immediately knew what was going on.

They were clever individuals, all of them considered natural-born geniuses who were deeply familiar with the operation of the universe.

This newcomer was obviously from the Titan Emperor Collegium and had acquired a godworm, giving him control of metadimensional godpower.

Of course, the fact that he had acquired the godworm to begin with indicated that he was an elite expert who they would be rewarded greatly for killing.

Yang Qi stepped forward to block their escape and sent a stream of energy out, creating something like a wall within the Dark True Void to prevent any of them from leaving.

It was a manifestation of the godly laws of space provided by the godworm.

The godworm had already benefited from the Blood of the One God that Yang Qi had fed it, which had unlocked even further power from within its genes. It also fed memories into Yang Qi’s sea of consciousness, making him comparable to Demi-Immortals in many respects.

“First of all, you’re not going anywhere,” Yang Qi said. “Second, you should be aware that even having more people on your side won’t do you any good. The Northstar Fleet that invaded the Yore-Wilds planetary system was completely wiped out. Northstar First-Rank, Northstar First-Truth, and Northstar First-Summer were all killed and absorbed. By me. Incidentally, I just heard you calling my people savages. Sorry, that's unforgivable.”

“Listen, you mongrel, do you really think that capturing a godworm means that you can deal with us? You're crazy!”

“Let’s see how you handle this deadly move of mine. Sinking Oblivion!”

One of the Demi-Immortals floated up, his eyes flashing as he waved his hand out. Instantly, a bizarre and mystical stream of power flew out from the Go board design on his garment. At the same time, he clenched his hand into a fist.

Instantly, countless godly nimbuses began slashing at the void, approaching Yang Qi rapidly and causing everything in the area to tremble and sink downward as if it were entering a bottomless abyss. This was a deadly move that was popular in the Megaplexus Collegium, Sinking Oblivion.

With it, Demi-Immortal students could destroy even planets.

However, the consummate deadly move simply passed right through Yang Qi.

As of this moment, it was obvious that he really was in a metadimension.

Only when someone’s control of the godly laws of space reached a pinnacle could they understand the ultimate meaning of metadimensions, which existed on a deeper level than the more common alternate dimensions.

“What’s going on here? Sinking Oblivion can destroy anything, even things that are illusory and shapeless. It can also break through the power of dimensions, yet it can’t even touch this guy?”

Suddenly, the student turned and fled at incredible speed.

Unfortunately for him, Yang Qi was even faster. Blurring into motion, he shot forward like a streak of lightning, moving so quickly that he could turn night into day.


He slashed out with a knifehand from the Undying stance of the Hand of the One God, backing it with metadimensional power.

His opponent had no time to dodge. Before he could do anything, something like a blade sliced through him, cutting him in half and destroying the aura of his soul. Then he exploded, power erupting from him in a dazzling display like fireworks.

A powerful Demi-Immortal had perished.

Yang Qi reached out and grabbed all the scattering quintessence energy, forced it back into the shape of a corpse, and deposited it into his God Legion Paradise. As of now, space was like malleable tofu to him, and it took almost no effort for him to manipulate it.


The next instant, the entire area erupted into activity.

Metadimensional power slashed out in all directions as a massacre began.

Yang Qi appeared in front of another of the Demi-Immortals and reached out with his hand. The student tumbled away from him like a leaf in the wind, then slammed into an invisible barrier, causing all of the blood in his body to spurt out into the open.

Yang Qi had molded space into something like an iron wall, which the student had collided with.

“He killed Elder Brother Southpalace? And Elder Brother Westgate too?” All of a sudden, a wave of terror swept through the other students from the Megaplexus Collegium.

One of the leaders among them, a burly, middle-aged Demi-Immortal, stepped forward with eyes flashing, his killing intent surging. “How dare you kill students from the Megaplexus Collegium! Every one that you kill leaves a psychic imprint on you which will glow like a fire in the middle of the night. Any expert you encounter from the Megaplexus Collegium will know what you’ve done. It doesn’t matter how far you flee, we’ll be able to track you down and kill you. For the rest of your life, you’re gonna have problems with the Megaplexus Collegium. So think things through carefully. What are you going to do next?”

“Bullcrap!” Yang Qi said. Chuckling coldly, he blurred into motion and appeared behind the burly Demi-Immortal, where he unleashed another palm strike.

“Six Beasts!” the Demi-Immortal said, spinning in place. Something like an illusory bell appeared in his arms, which unleashed six different powerful sounds.


Even hidden as he was in the metadimension, Yang Qi was shaken. In fact, he actually stumbled out into the open.

“Great job, Elder Brother Eastwall! You’ve cultivated the Six Beasts God Dao to the level of perfection. Now that you've dragged that brat out of the metadimension, let's kill him. Everyone, attack!”

“Yes, my Six Beasts God Dao energy art is an immortal skill bestowed upon me by an actual immortal. It can break into both alternate dimensions and metadimensions!” He struck the illusory bell again, causing a cacophony of sound to erupt out and numerous projections of bells to pop up in the area.

At the same time, his physical body grew tougher and heavier, beginning to pulse with immense power.


With that, he clenched his hand into a fist and pulled it back in preparation to release a blow. Eyes shining with dazzling light, he said, “Maybe you caught that godworm, but you're not even a Demi-Immortal, are you? You’re just a Great Sage. To me, even ninth step Great Sages are ants. Ever heard of the saying about the mantis trying to stop a war chariot? That’s what’s about to happen to you. Six Beasts God Fist!”

“You’re pretty reckless, you know that?” Yang Qi unleashed his God Legion Paradise, the true energy of which immediately swept over the soundwaves coming from the bell.


The Demi-Immortal's fist landed with the force to explode a planet, yet it didn’t even cause the God Legion Paradise to tremble.

‘Not good!’ the Demi-Immortal thought, suddenly realizing how strong Yang Qi was, and what a bad situation he was in. Backing up, he shouted, “New orders, everyone. Retreat! Get as far away from this guy as possible. He's not human, he’s a monster! I’ll hold him off to buy you some ti— AIIIIEEEE!”

Yang Qi unleashed four moves from the Hand of the One God. 

Creation. Destruction. Nature. Undying.

When they all hit, the Demi-Immortal’s defensive empyrean energy, magical laws, and minor world were all crushed as easily as if they were made from dried mud.

Crack! Snap! 

His expression distorted and he looked down in shock as he suddenly exploded.


In the blink of an eye, he became a pool of blood and gore.

Any Lesser Demi-Immortal who faced those four moves from the Hand of the One God would be killed beyond the shadow of a doubt. Only a Greater Demi-Immortal would stand a chance by shifting into a metadimension.

Yang Qi, a second step Nirvanic Resurrection Sage, could actually kill Demi-Immortals. Although his current limit was Lesser Demi-Immortals, that was still something rare even in the distant past.

When the other students from the Megaplexus Collegium saw that another of their leaders had been killed, they lost all will to act. They simply hovered there, faces ashen, unsure of whether to flee or go on the offensive.

Before any of them could do anything, Yang Qi blurred into motion, plowing into the Megaplexus Collegium students like a demon or devil. Explosions of blood appeared within the Dark True Void and the aura of death began to spread out.

One after another, all of the students died.

Not a single one could stand up to Yang Qi.

Eventually, the final scream rang out. The fight was over, and not even the five Lesser Demi-Immortal students stood a chance of being resurrected. Even having one’s nascent divinity ensconced in an immortal world wouldn’t do any good against the Hand of the One God. It would wipe out the true self, as well as the soul brand which could lead to rebirth.

Yang Qi didn't absorb the corpses into the God Legion Paradise. With the primeval godworm there, he didn't need such things.

Instead, he would turn them in to the Titan Emperor Collegium for a hefty reward.

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