Chapter 423: Primeval Godworm

This godworm was clearly a larva. 

It had complex lineaments covering it, but its god motes had not fully formed. That indicated that it was still very young, yet had immense potential. 

The instant it spat out its mouthful of godpower, Yang Qi was surrounded by a powerful seal. Everything he had been able to see before vanished and was replaced by an immense labyrinth of wormholes, almost like a prison with walls of impenetrable iron.

Even a Demi-Immortal would end up trapped in a place like this and would never be able to get out. That was how strong primeval godworms were, which was no surprise considering they were the darlings of the gods.

They were born with the power of Demi-Immortals and could dominate space the way a dragon could play with water. Other godlings, and even immortals, couldn’t come close to their...

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