Chapter 423: Primeval Godworm

This godworm was clearly a larva. 

It had complex lineaments covering it, but its god motes had not fully formed. That indicated that it was still very young, yet had immense potential. 

The instant it spat out its mouthful of godpower, Yang Qi was surrounded by a powerful seal. Everything he had been able to see before vanished and was replaced by an immense labyrinth of wormholes, almost like a prison with walls of impenetrable iron.

Even a Demi-Immortal would end up trapped in a place like this and would never be able to get out. That was how strong primeval godworms were, which was no surprise considering they were the darlings of the gods.

They were born with the power of Demi-Immortals and could dominate space the way a dragon could play with water. Other godlings, and even immortals, couldn’t come close to their ability to control aspects of space. After all, godworms were born directly out of the void and could eat space to make wormholes.

However, even though this spatial prison was the type that Demi-Immortals couldn't deal with, Yang Qi was different.

After everything he had experienced recently in the Sage Monarch Continent, there was no way that a few wormholes could cause a problem for him.


He burst into motion, bashing through the wormhole labyrinth and shredding the godly laws of space that existed in front of him. With the burning sagelight cast by the Lord's Eye, he locked down onto the godworm itself in order to make sure that it couldn’t escape.

Obviously, considering that godworms were the original creators of wormholes, it was little wonder that they were nearly impossible to capture.

As soon as the godworm realized what was happening, it looked up and its host of eyes locked onto Yang Qi. Godly laws of space erupted from the eyes, creating an image that resembled countless planes and worlds, another seal to lock Yang Qi in place.

However, Yang Qi simply flapped his Angel Wings, becoming a blur that closed in on the godworm.



The worm howled as Yang Qi extended his palm and struck it, causing the thing to shake violently. Instantly, the forming god motes on it faded.

“Creation!” Yang Qi said, unleashing a move from the Hand of the One God. Blinding light erupted, causing the space around the godworm to twist and distort. The cosmos inverted and yin and yang transformed on a substructural level.

The godworm could sense Yang Qi’s immense power, but it was powerless to resist. Therefore, it began to shrink, growing smaller and smaller until it was the size of an earthworm. Finally, it just vanished.

‘This godworm is very crafty. If I hadn’t absorbed the power of a Prime Demi-Immortal through the Sage Monarch Continent, then I probably would have been sealed by it.’ Flapping his Angel Wings, he shot over to the spot where the godworm had disappeared. As he approached, he saw the trail it left as it built and destroyed wormholes at random, making it impossible to lay hands on.

It obviously had perfect innate control of space, and although it was only a larva it could travel anywhere and hide perfectly within the folds of space.


Yang Qi followed the trail through the Dark True Void, a trail that most people would never be able to see. Thankfully, he had made immense progress recently, and had his Angel Wings.

“Nature!” he suddenly said. Having caught up with the godworm, he unleashed the third move from the Hand of the One God, causing the unfathomable power of nature to crush down onto the creature.

Daoist images formed from magical law appeared, depicting burning hells, heavenly palaces, towering mountains, raging rivers, the cycles of the sun and moon, and more. When Nature appeared, all sorts of natural phenomenon would result. After all, the Sovereign Lord had created the universe.

Suddenly, the godworm let out a piercing scream and picked up so much speed that it became almost like a single streak of light piercing through the darkness.

“Nice move!” Yang Qi said, his eyes flashing. He had to admire this worm. Unfortunately, letting it go wasn't an option. He spat out a drop of the Blood of the One God, which ignited into burning flames that pulsed with undying energy.

“Hand of the One God, Fourth Stance: Undying!”


Burning flames erupted from his palm, which surrounded the wriggling, screaming godworm and dragged it back toward him. A moment later, it plopped onto his palm.

“Be sealed!” He quickly used the Devil-God Seal, causing numerous magical symbols to stream out and cover the worm.

The worm didn’t cease its struggles, and each twitch caused immense shockwaves to spread out—the type that could shake mountains and even planets. In fact, it was hard for Yang Qi to keep his energy and blood in check.

“I am the Sovereign Lord, origin of the world, and of the legion of gods! I am the paramount dao, invincible in all respects.” He quickly drew on the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth to send streams of dazzling sagelight into the godworm, which finally caused it to settle down.

“Not bad. Not bad at all. I represent the legion of gods, and you're a godworm. Your kind were created by the legion of gods, and specialize in eating space and creating wormholes. I’ll raise you with Blood of the One God, and when you're an adult you can become a part of me….”

After speaking these words, using Godtongue, into the mind of the godworm, it went still and silent.

With that, he placed a nascent divinity sealing mark onto the godworm, branding it to himself. A moment later, a bubble of immortal energy spread out into the Dark True Void, surrounding both him and the worm. Now that the godworm had submitted to Yang Qi, it was unleashing its power to distort the space around them. Viewed with the naked eye, it would almost seem like space was dough that it could knead at will.


Yang Qi waved his hand, and a burst of energy shot into his God Legion Paradise. Thick chains appeared within the domain, which the godworm burrowed into to make a home.

The God Legion Paradise trembled, then began thrumming with the aura of a Demi-Immortal. At the same time, the legacy memories contained within the very genes of the primeval godworm poured into Yang Qi’s mind with mountain-like force.

Common devillings had legacies in their genes, thus they naturally understood certain things like equipment forging, cultivation, and how to form demon cores. Considering that, how much more would a godling like a godworm benefit from such memories? Its genes contained enlightenment regarding how the legion of gods dealt with space and magical laws.

As this information poured into Yang Qi, an ancient aura filled the God Legion Paradise and his soul reached a peak level of enlightenment regarding the Epic Saga Step.

At the same time, the powers of the God Legion Paradise’s Superlative Defense increased, thanks to the godly laws of space. As of this moment, it would be able to stand fast against the assault of even a Lesser Demi-Immortal.

Far off in the Sage Monarch Continent, his immortal clone underwent another tribulation, a deluge of lightning, earth, water, fire, and wind. In the end, he passed it and reached the ninth step of the Great Sage level. Then he began thrumming with immortal energy. All it would take would be one more step to reach the Demi-Immortal level!

Yang Qi’s true self could sense what had occurred and he nodded in approval. Before long, he would have the Demi-Immortal enlightenment, and then he could hopefully use the primeval godworm to enter the Hell of Mahānata.

When that happened, it would cause a huge stir. Whether in the Hanging Mountain or in the Titan Emperor Collegium, he would become an extremely important person.

Staring out into the darkness, he was fairly certain that he could see the golden glow of the Hell of Mahānata’s defenses. However, he knew he couldn’t break through them yet. He needed to grow his godworm and use it to eat through the hell’s greyspace.

‘It can’t be a coincidence that a primeval godworm appeared here. Could it be because of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart?’ After all, primeval godworms were supposed to be extinct, and the fact that he had found a newborn out in the middle of the Dark True Void seemed completely beyond expectation.

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